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Beds get more use than any other piece of furniture in a home or bedroom. A comfortable bed can make all the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a restless one. Therefore, it is crucial that all bedrooms, whether they are posh hotel suites or immaculate hospital rooms, have comfortable beds. In the same way that standard bed frames are ideal for private bedrooms, they may not be the best choice for beds that will be used by hundreds of people each year. It might be challenging to provide the kind of support and durability that guests anticipate when using standard bed frames that were not originally intended for commercial settings. If you run a hotel, B&B, or another commercial establishment, you should probably invest in reinforcing your standard metal bed frames to ensure that they can continue to support guests safely and comfortably for many years to come. If you want a stronger metal bed frame, this article will show you how to do it.

How to make a metal bed frame more sturdy

If you already have a supply of metal bed frames on hand, you can easily reinforce them to make them more durable and sturdy for your guests. Even while it’s ideal to invest in a heavy-duty iron bed made for institutional settings, you can still get great results by reinforcing a metal bed frame on your own. Let’s check out some ways to strengthen a metal bed frame.

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Tighten every screw, bolt and pin

The first piece of advice might seem simple, but you’d be astonished at how many people don’t think about this when they’re trying to strengthen their bed frames. All screws, nuts, and pins should be tightened to their maximum capacity to ensure a sturdy bed. The less likely they are to work loose over time and allow the frame to separate, the tighter they should be.

If your bed frame needs tightening, it’s best to do it before you put anything on it, by removing any bedding and turning the frame on its side. Using the appropriate screwdriver, check that all screws and bolts are tightened to their maximum capacity. Getting new screws or bolts for an old bed frame is a smart idea. Over time, even the strongest screws may lose their ability to hold your bed frame together.

Add slats

Adding more slats in between the metal of the frame is a terrific technique to make an ordinary bed frame into a super-strong one. When weight is put to the bed, the slats will relieve stress on the frame and provide additional support. Slats are widely available at home improvement stores and on the web. Remember to measure the width of your bed frame before purchasing slats to ensure you get the proper size.

The ideal location for slats is across the mattress platform. Even if you’ve previously screwed several slats onto this section, you may always add more to fill up any gaps or replace those that have become worn. If your current frame includes wooden slats, you may want to replace them with metal ones because metal slats are typically far more durable.

It is necessary to drill additional holes into your metal bed frame in order to screw in slats. If you’re replacing some slats, measure them against the old ones to make sure the new ones won’t look too big (as this could make the bed uncomfortable to sleep on). Next, set each slat where it will stay and secure it with a screw.

Replace the support beam

A metal bed’s central support beam may be seen from underneath. These beams are intended to prevent the middle of the bed from collapsing and to add stability to the slats. If the bed’s support beam wears out and can’t do its job properly, the bed will quickly become unstable.

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The best course of action is to get new support beams, which can be done at any number of local hardware stores or furniture outlets. You will also need to replace the support beam’s legs, as they are an integral part of the structure’s overall stability.

Take measurements and remove the present beam of support first. Knowing your correct size before shopping is a huge time saver. Support beams produced from flimsy materials, like cheap wood, should be replaced with stronger ones. It’s easy to replace a support beam; just locate the existing screw holes and align the new beam with them.

Buying a new bed frame

Sometimes it’s better to spend the money on a brand new bed frame instead of fortifying the one you already have. If you run a hotel and find that more beds are being replaced than necessary, it may be time to invest in some commercial-grade, heavy-duty slatted beds.

Heavy-duty bed frames are constructed from more robust materials and feature additional reinforcements to ensure they last for many years of use. Commercial beds, even after years of usage, should continue to provide a high level of support for each and every guest. This will guarantee that visitors have a pleasant stay and are well rested when they go.

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Methods To Make A Bed Frame Stronger

Never again will I tolerate a bed that jiggles when I roll over in my sleep or sit up suddenly.

But you can fix it without buying a new one.

Therefore, we compiled a list of the most effective and useful techniques for reinforcing your bed frame.

It’s important to remember that there are numerous varieties of bed frames, each requiring a unique strategy.

In addition, you may require a drill and screws for these techniques.

And so, the question becomes, how to fortify a bed’s frame

Method #1. Tighten the screws, bolts, or pins

The slats of the bed and other components are attached to the frame with the help of the included screws, nuts, and pins.

Here are the places to start looking for signs of sloppy assembly.

Check out your wobbly bed in a roomy spot where you’ll have plenty of room to move around.

Make sure there are no dangling pieces in any of the frame’s crevices.

Remember these spots so you can strengthen them again in the future.

This will allow you to fasten the necessary places by applying the appropriate-sized screws.

Use a driller if you have one, but a screwdriver will serve in a pinch.

However, if your bed frame doesn’t require screws, make sure to secure the screws or other components securely.

You might also consider adding more screws for reinforcement, but be careful not to overdo it.

Method #2. Increase the number of bed slats

When there are more slats in a bed, both the mattress and your body weight are better supported.

The other slats on your bed frame won’t be as likely to break with the added weight and support of your body.

If you want to put in some bed slats, do as follows:

  • To get the right measurements, just use the current bed slats as a template for both the length (how far apart they are) and the width (how much space there is between each slat).
  • If you’re going to build a bed frame out of wood, consider a thicker species like timber; there’s a wide range of tube diameters and widths available for metal bed frames, which may improve their longevity.
  • You can find the ideal bed slats by shopping at local hardware stores.
  • Use the appropriate size screws or bolts and a drill to secure them in place.

More so, the less support your bed has the more space there is between the slats.

Having bed slats that are closer together is preferable since they can better distribute the weight of the mattress and the sleeper.

Method #3. Replace the support beam in the center

In a bed, the support beam is the piece of wood or metal that runs perpendicular to the slats.

The underside of the mattress will reveal if this is the section that needs repair.

When the weight of the mattress and other items causes the bed slats to arch, a new support beam is required.

The first step is to remove the old beam and use the dimensions to build a new one out of a stronger material.

Be sure to replace not only the beam but also the legs supporting it. To that end, make sure you have accurate measurements written down.

Similarly to the second option, this one will aid the bed slats in keeping the mattress in place while you sleep.

Method #4. For wood bed frames, secure the joints

These instructions are meant for wooden bed frames only.

Wobbling bed frames with loose joints could be contributing to your restless nights.

The joints may have moved over time, so reconnect them.

More damage, including shattered bed rails, could result if this issue isn’t remedied right away.

Because of this, you may need to have a helper lift the joints while you reconnect them, or you may need to turn your bed on its side to get at the joints.

Gently strike the joints with a mallet, then repeat for any gaps.

If, however, your bed frame already has wood glue in the joints, you may just apply extra and spread it about.

The next step is to clamp or otherwise apply pressure and hold it in place until it dries.

If you find any joints that aren’t connected, you should fix them in the same way.

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Today’s article concludes with this paragraph. We’re hoping that you got a lot out of today’s lesson.

We have now supplied the most effective strategies for reinforcing a bed frame.

It’s great that there won’t be any more annoying creaking or shaking from the bedframes.

We raise a glass to better quality slumber and radiant good looks upon waking.

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