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The question “where to find old bed springs?” may be of interest to you if you have a penchant for collecting vintage items, which may include bed parts.

A bed’s value is reflected in the number of components it has.

However, when it comes to actual comfort, beds are hard to beat.

If you don’t know what a bed spring is, that could be a problem. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back on that one.

One can identify a bed spring by looking under the mattress.

Your weight is distributed evenly across the mattress thanks to this.

However, it’s common knowledge that old bed springs can still be salvaged and put to good use.

Let’s say you have no idea where to look for these.

Don’t fret; we’ll provide you with several viable alternatives.

Options Where You Can Find Old Bed Springs

Bedframes benefit from the addition of bedsprings.

On the other hand, it has a wide variety of applications.

That’s why the question of where to get an old bed spring bothers so many people.

Perhaps they are interested in collecting it, or perhaps they need it for a project.

However, we are here because we recognize that you require our assistance.

We’re here and ready to lend a hand.

We’ll provide multiple paths to the data you require. Where, then, might one procure a set of used bed springs?

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Option #1. Visit boutiques

The first suggestion we have is that you check out some specialized shops.

It’s common knowledge that boutiques sell pre-loved garments.

But every once in a while you can find some genuine antiques in there as well.

If you keep looking, you might.

When you choose an option that is geographically close to you, it’s a fantastic choice.

The proliferation of boutiques is a common sight.

Each city typically has at least one.

Just drop by if you feel like it.

You can also go with our second suggested course of action.

Option #2. Go to antique stores

The second choice is to check out a flea market or antique shop.

Make sure you’re in an actual antique shop.

Discover the wonders that lie within by exploring one.

Your eyes will feast upon some high-priced goods.

And if you’re not careful, you could easily damage or destroy them.

However, you can avoid these waits altogether by heading straight for the cash register.

You could also just ask for assistance from the people you see working.

The time needed to wander aimlessly in search of what you need is simply too great.

There is a wide range of sizes of items available in antique shops.

To avoid wasting time searching for an old bed spring yourself, just ask for assistance.

Option #3. Checkout bed manufacturers

This choice would be superior to the other two.

We have no doubt that the manufacturers make use of recycled bed springs.

Beds that are no longer needed or are too old are sometimes donated to them by owners who have upgraded.

Most used bed springs can be found at mattress factories, so you should be familiar with that fact.

I would say that is a top contender for the best location.

Before going anywhere else, you can give the business a call and see if they have what you need in stock.

You can also go to their website and inquire there about the used bed springs you need.

Sometimes they will give it away to thrift stores, and other times they will reuse it by recycling the various bed components they obtain.

That way, you can inquire as to how they typically get rid of or store their old bed springs.

Option #4. Find online

If you’ve exhausted all of your local options without success, or if you’ve driven all over town without finding any, you could try your luck with an online search.

Stores that only exist online are plentiful today.

That should be one of your primary objectives.

Then you won’t have any problems with it at all.

Contrarily, it will be among the best things in your life.

There are two possible outcomes, and you need to pick the one that works best for you.

Finding one may be less of a hassle when done online.

This is not the time to go on a fruitless search for a cure, as there is still an active pandemic.

After that, it’s up to you to decide.

All we’re saying is that there is another option available to you, and that’s looking for it online.

As a result, you may be able to compare a wide range of retail establishments, merchandise, and customer service levels, increasing the likelihood of finding what you’re looking for.

In the same vein, you can experiment on your own and learn alongside others, as the choices are virtually endless.

What can I do with an old box spring?

Box Spring Disposal

  1. Find out when your area’s garbage will be collected in large quantities.
  2. Transport the box springs to the garbage dump.
  3. You can salvage useful materials from used box springs.
  4. Box springs should be discarded by a professional service.

Do box springs expire?

You shouldn’t feel obligated to swap out your box spring whenever you get a new mattress, but it’s probably for the best if you do. The lifespan of a mattress and box spring is roughly the same. As a general rule, a box spring will outlive a mattress by a few years, clocking in at around 10 years.

Can I use the same box spring?

Even if you buy a new mattress, you can keep using your old box spring. The mattresses’ warranty will be voided if you do this, though. Some mattresses are designed to function without a box spring, and it is recommended that you check the manufacturer’s recommendations before making your purchase. The traditional box spring has numerous modern-day replacements.

What is the point of a box spring mattress?

A boxspring is a foundation for your bed and mattress that is custom-made to fit exactly. The goal is to adjust the height of the bed so that you can get comfortable. To serve as an impact absorber and safeguard the mattress. A cooler mattress is possible thanks to the increased airflow that results from this modification.

Can I get rid of my box spring?

If you want to dispose of your box spring, call your neighborhood dump and ask if you can bring it in. If permitted, bring the box spring there to be discarded. Disposal fees at landfills are common and typically run about $30 USD. There are annual tonnage caps at some landfills for certain waste types, including box springs.

How often do box springs need to be replaced?

approximately every 8–10 years
Boxspring Substitution Boxsprings are the structural components of a bed. On average, they should be replaced after eight to ten years, which is slightly longer than the eight-year lifespan recommended for mattresses. Larger problems, such as sagging or broken slats, necessitate an earlier purchase of a new base.

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How do I know if my box spring is bad?

There Are Four Telltale Indicators That Your Box Spring Is Past Its Prime

  1. When stress or weight is applied, it makes a creaking or squeaking sound.
  2. If there is any sagging or bowing in the platform, please let us know.
  3. If you notice any sagging or dents in the steel support structure.
  4. Over a decade of use may have taken its toll on the steel springs.

Can you sleep on just a box spring?

I can assure you that setting a box spring directly on the floor is acceptable. In fact, it could be more breathable than leaving your mattress on the floor.

What do you need to know about Box Springs?

The origin of the term “box spring” is unclear from the name alone. A box spring is a type of foundation that is used to elevate a mattress. Frames are typically made of wood, with either springs or metal rods underneath to provide support and lift. Reduce your exposure to mite allergens by sleeping on a box spring.

Do you need a box spring for a bed frame?

A box spring is not required with any of the following bed frames (check your warranty for any exceptions): Strong foundational platform structure. It serves the same purpose as a base and ensures your mattress doesn’t sag before its time.

Can a saggy box spring make a mattress saggy?

No matter how comfortable your mattress is, sleep may be disrupted by an old, worn-out box spring. Sagging mattress = sagging box spring. Several alternatives exist for box spring replacement, and I’ll go over them all and then recommend the ones that have done well with my audience.

What to do with old rusty bed springs?

garage sale Horticulturists are recycling old, rusty bed springs into planter holders, sun screens, and trellises. These creative garden uses for discarded springs are a great way to give new life to discarded objects.

Do Box Springs Wear Out and Interfere With Your Sleep?

Is your mattress sagging all of a sudden? Perhaps you aren’t getting a good night’s rest like you used to. Perhaps the foundation your mattress rests upon is the root of your issues. Because the question “Do box springs wear out?” has a definitive yes as an answer, but it’s not always the first thing we consider when trying to address sleep issues or improve the quality of our beds. What follows is a comprehensive guide to box springs.

What Box Springs Are Designed For

So, tell me, what exactly is a box spring? The use of a box spring to support a mattress goes back quite some time. The standard design features a wooden frame covered in coils and cloth on the outside. The box spring serves as a foundation for your mattress.

Typically, they serve three purposes:

  1. To keep the bed from touching the floor, you should raise it.
  2. help the mattress last longer by soaking up shock
  3. give the bed’s mattress something to rest on

What Happens To Box Springs As They Age

The coils in a box spring will sag just like the ones in a mattress will over time. This is due to the fact that your mattress’s coils will lose some of their shock-absorbing and support capabilities as regular use wears them down.

It’s possible for a low-quality box spring to only last a few years, but a high-quality one can last for decades. Typically, they have a lifespan of 8-10 years. Because of this, box springs wear out over time, and you can’t just keep swapping out the mattress on top of them.

Four Signs Your Box Spring Is Worn Out

Some warnings that your box spring has seen better days:

  • When pressure is applied, it makes a creaking or squeaking sound.
  • In the event that you notice any sagging or bowing in the platform
  • If there is visible damage or bending to the steel grid,
  • In most cases, steel springs begin to show signs of wear after 10 years.

There’s information in this article that can help you determine if your mattress is worn out as well.

Don’t Make This Mistake

Many people I know are dissatisfied because they bought a new mattress and it quickly became saggy and lumpy. It’s not always the mattress’s fault that the box spring underneath it is worn out. Most people will go out and purchase a new mattress without giving much thought to the base they will be placing it on.

A $5000 mattress on a worn-out box spring is just as bad as a $350 one. There’s no hope for your mattress, and you’ll be left feeling grouchy and unrefreshed. It’s important to consider whether or not you’ll need a new bed base when shopping for a mattress.

Should I Get A New Box Spring Or Something Else?

So. The condition of your box spring has convinced you that it is time to purchase a new mattress foundation. Should you invest in a box spring, or switch to a different kind of base?

You are probably the best person to answer this question. Although a box spring is not strictly necessary for use with any of the mattresses I have reviewed here at bestmattressforyou.com, many manufacturers do recommend using a platform base instead. They may be trying to sell you something by expressing genuine concern that their mattress won’t work properly on an old box spring, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are just being pushy.

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You won’t have any problems providing you have a brand-new box spring. It’s common to have the following alternatives when shopping for a new box spring:

  • Wooden frames: these look like box springs but are actually just solid wood on the inside. They’re commonly sold in stores alongside mattresses as foundations. I’ve provided a review of a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing wooden bed frame.
  • Metal grid on legs is what this platform will look like made of metal. There will most likely be a reinforcement ridge running through the middle. When evaluating a platform, check to make sure that any openings are no more than three inches wide. Supporting your mattress with anything wider than three inches could cause it to sag. In this piece, I review several Zinus metal platform beds that are currently available.
  • The slats are part of a wooden framework that also includes a central support and horizontal pieces that evoke ribs. Make sure there’s no more than a three-inch gap between the slats, just like on the metal deck above. The mattress we use at home rests on a wooden slat base, and it’s very sturdy and comfortable.

Read my thoughts on the reliable and well-known U.S. Box Spring if you’re just looking to replace your old one at a fair price.

Don’t just throw out the box spring and put the new mattress on the floor. Most mattresses require that they be used on a suitable support base; failure to do so could void the warranty and make your mattress susceptible to mold and other allergens from a lack of air flow.

What Can I Do With My Old Box Spring?

So, you’ve decided to get a new box spring or find another way to support your mattress. You have an unwanted old box spring that needs to be discarded. So, how do you intend to use this? The most obvious solution is to get rid of it, possibly by chopping up the wood. Did you know there are countless ways to repurpose a mattress box? You may find some of these tips useful, given the current trend toward recycling and repurposing. There is a plethora of inspiration on Pinterest, but here are my top four picks:

  • Repurpose an old spring into a picture frame.
  • Make a bulletin board out of the old base.
  • Repurpose the old pedestal, or a portion of it, as a basket rack in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other space where you can benefit from such an arrangement.
  • Create a cute snowman ornament or other craft using just one spring.

Do you know of any other creative ways to reuse an old box spring? Please share your thoughts on them in the comments below.

Check out my frank assessments if you’re thinking about purchasing a new bed and base.


The question “where can I find used bed springs?” has been answered. Your plans to find and buy one may benefit from this.

Keep in mind that there are many paths open to you.

Explore as much as you want; all you need is the willpower to.