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Where can I get maintenance done on my Comfortaire bed frame? is the topic we’ll be covering in this article. Wait right here, good friend; luckily, you can call them at 1-800-759-0594. [email protected] is another option for contacting the company. However, I’m aware that you’re eager to find out where you can go for assistance with your electric bed. Sorry to have to keep you waiting. You can continue reading this article by scrolling down.

Where Can You Get Service For Your Comfortair Adjustable Bed Frame?

Where can I take my Comfortaire bed frame to get fixed? There’s a chance you’re wondering. I understand your concerns about your new bed frame. It’s possible that you have some questions for their company, too. Comfortaire, fortunately, has your back. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to one of their professionals via their round-the-clock live chat service. One can reach them at either 1-888-411-2188 or 1-8000-759-0594 if they have any questions. Please keep in mind that the hotline is staffed at different times throughout the day. They work only 12 hour days (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM CST). Saturday hours are also available between 8:30 AM and 5 PM (Central Standard Time). Their support lines are closed on Sundays, which is a major bummer for customers. Fear not! This is also the address of Comfortaire’s dedicated customer service website. Customers of Comfortaire need not worry about being let down. If you’ve ordered one of their mattresses online, they also offer tracking services. Comfortaire also offers the option to purchase replacement components online. Again, if you have previous experience fixing things, this tactic will be successful. Lastly, keep in mind that Comfortaire is a Sleep Number brand. The company operates 621 outlets across the USA. Go to any of their stores and ask for assistance with your Comfortaire Adjustable Bed Frame if you need it. Comfortaire’s adjustable bed frames are unquestionably available whenever you need them. They’ll be thrilled to hear from you, I know.

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What Are Comfortaire Adjustable Beds?

You have gained knowledge about where to go for support with your recently purchased bed frame. The Comfortaire brand of adjustable beds is the focus of this article. Comfortaire, a manufacturer, is well-known for its flexible bed frames. Original Comfort, Clear Comfort, and Elite, their three top-tier product lines, are all in the running. Now that Sleep Number has taken over, the company is flourishing. Where you can buy a wide variety of beds to suit your needs. Comfortaire’s main office can be found at 6801 Augusta Road, Greenville, SC 29605; this is also the address of the company’s main building. Their phone number is 800-759-0594, so you can call them if you prefer. Nearly thirty years ago, Comfortaire debuted their flagship product: the standard air bed. With such a stellar reputation, they continue to be a go-to brand. Their goods feature airtight latex-cotton construction. This new technology improves the quality of sleep for both the sleeper and their health. They promoted their urethane-enabled air-chamber product as well. That gave them freedom to use other materials besides latex and cotton. Sleeping on one of their mattresses is comfortable and supportive. And they have done things like bowling ball and density tests in the lab to see what happens. Furthermore, the mattresses’ edge support is useful for sleepers who have trouble getting out of bed. With these reassuring additions, the Comfortaire mattress and other products are sure to be hits with shoppers. The use of Comfortaire products consistently pleases the users.

Where Is Comfortaire As A Company Today?

The sale of beds is where Comfortaire first established its impeccable reputation. They were the first to market with an innovative adjustable-support mattress. Recently, Comfortaire has expanded its distribution to cover the entire country. Recently, Comfortaire was acquired by Sleep Number, another manufacturer of beds. In 2013, they acquired the firm. Conversely, Sleep Number bought Comfortaire and introduced new features to its product line. Mattresses designed to alleviate snoring and joint pain are now on sale. In terms of mattress technology, Sleep Number is widely regarded as a pioneer. And most importantly, they invented gadgets for their beds. Products include settings and controls to regulate sleep. However, some buyers are apprehensive because of the short lifespan of their products. The fact that these items contain moving parts is blamed for this. Overall, Sleep Number kept Comfortaire’s good name by helping to develop new products together.

Number Bed Mattress

Wrong size rails, they look too long or too short, they do not fit

Despite the “This Side Up” markings on the side rails, you may have inserted them incorrectly. The fabric tray (the middle section connecting the two side rails) should also have “This Side Up” printed on it. The fabric used to connect the rails in the Advanced and Elegance Series makes this a common problem. If you want to double check that you’ve unrolled your foam rails correctly, take them off and flip them over. It’s recommended to use as much fabric as possible to separate them. The rail won’t be the right height if there are still scraps of fabric folded under it.

Foam decompression time frame

You should give it 30-60 minutes to fully expand. Some of the foam layers in your Personal Comfort mattress will be rolled and compressed to ensure safe transport.

Mattress slopes to the edge or to the middle

Misaligned or misplaced air chambers are usually to blame for this. The air chambers may require relocation. Your mattress should be deflated to about half its original size. To reposition the air chambers toward the center, unzip the cover assembly and pull apart the zipper. Remove any additional foam that might restrict their movement. When they are aligned correctly, they should fit very snugly.

Bulges, or lumps, across the mattress after assembly

It may be necessary to readjust the comfort layers if they become tangled. Mattress comfort layers can be accessed by unzipping the top panel. You should rearrange the padding on your mattress so that it is evenly distributed. To reposition them correctly, you might have to take them off entirely.

One side of mattress is losing air throughout the night

Air leakage from your mattress is not normal. The 25-year limited warranty protects you in the extremely unlikely event that a leaking component was to fail. All connections between the air chambers and the air control unit should be checked as a first step in troubleshooting. Take apart every connection and check the black O-ring for wear. Mineral oil or vegetable oil (NOT VASELINE) are good examples of lubricants that do not contain petroleum. When reassembling parts, check that they click into place.

Switching the hose connections at the air control unit can help you figure out if the leak is the result of a faulty air chamber or the unit itself. Try inflating the mattress again and keeping track of which side (air chamber) gradually loses air (please note that it may take an entire sleep cycle to pinpoint the source of the leak). Your air control unit may need mending or replacement if the leak has spread to the opposite side of the mattress (the other air chamber). A new or repaired air chamber and/or fitting may be necessary if the leak remained on the same side of the mattress. To reach us, dial 800-694-4088, extension 2.

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Body impressions versus under inflation

Do you want your mattress to look fresh and new when you get out of bed in the morning? If you want to make your mattress as firm as possible, you can just pump up the air pressure all the way. If after fully inflating your mattress you still feel like there is a body impression, you should check for leaks (as described above). If there are no leaks, try removing the top panel of the mattress cover, moving the comfort layers around (as described in the section above), and putting the material back down in the spots where you feel the body impression. As with any foam product, there will be some compression over time; this is to be expected and is covered by the limited warranty of 25 years.

The average lifespan of a Personal Comfort Mattress is 25 years. When the air chambers are completely inflated, the Never SagTM guarantee ensures that normal foam compression, body impressions, and air chamber thickness will not cause the mattress to sag by more than 25% of its original thickness.

“New car smell” new fabric and material odors

Mattresses typically have a “new car smell,” so if you have a sensitive nose and notice this, you’re not alone. Your mattress is so new that it might emit an aroma reminiscent of that of a freshly waxed car. This, too, will pass with time. If you don’t plan on using your mattress during the day, you can let it air out by unzipping the center and/or top panels. The “new car smell” will fade away after a few days.

To eliminate any unpleasant odors, we discovered that placing a few dryer sheets on top of the air chambers helped. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 888-260-8767, extension 2.

Mattress feels like it’s losing air

You should unplug the air conditioner’s control unit from the surge protector. Your air conditioner’s control unit’s plug needs to be reconnected to the surge protector after a thirty second delay. Then, repeat the procedures for “one side of mattress is losing air throughout the night” as described above.

Hand Control and Air Control Unit

Only one side of my air control unit is inflating

If, when you’re first putting together your bed, you discover that only one side of the air control unit is inflating, this is almost certainly due to shipping damage to either the hand control or the air control unit. That being said, it is not impossible. We have no say over how your new purchase will be handled by the shipping firm because we do not own them. To that end, they take all necessary precautions to ensure that your mattress arrives undamaged. If this ever happens, there is a simple solution that will allow you to quickly get your bed inflated and onto your new mattress for a good night’s sleep.

If you turn the hand control to a higher number, you can tell which side is expelling air. Starting from the side of the operational air control unit, air will begin to escape. To fill both chambers with air, please use the operational side of your air control unit. Before you can fill the other chamber, you must first disconnect this one from the air control unit. Then, you can find a spot where you feel most at ease and adjust both halves accordingly.

After inflating the mattress to the desired level, it is best to disconnect the faulty air control unit and turn off the power. After you have completed this temporary fix, please get in touch with our warranty service department so that we can send out a replacement component. You can reach our warranty servicing team at 1-888-260-8767 extension 5 or via email at [email protected] from Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern.

Changes and fluctuations of a number bed sleep setting

Inconsistencies in sleep environment are common. Set your sleep mode while you’re in bed for the most accurate results. Weather and temperature fluctuations may have a minor impact on your preferred sleeping environment.

Air control unit doesn’t turn on or has stopped working

It is imperative that both the air control unit and the surge protector have power. Verify that the surge protector is connected to a live outlet and not a wall switch that controls the outlet’s power. Be sure the switch is set to the “ON” position if the outlet requires it. Plugging in the hand control units to the air control unit system is a surefire way to ensure that the system is receiving power. When the system is activated, the hand controls light up. Please call 888-260-8767 extension 2 if the air control unit system still won’t turn on.

Hand control displays do not turn on or are not working

Be certain that both the air conditioner and the surge protector are receiving power. Check the air control unit’s back panel for a fuse if one is present (not all models include fuses). To fix a blown fuse, use a replacement from the same type. Our frequently asked questions page has all the technical details you need to know about changing a fuse. Verify that the air conditioner’s power cord is fully inserted into its socket in the back of the device.

No inflation when air control unit is functioning

Inspect the air hoses that connect the air regulator to the air chambers in the mattress for kinks, twists, or any other impediments to airflow. Turn off the power and disconnect each connection so you can inspect the black O-ring for wear. Mineral oil or vegetable oil (NOT VASELINE) are good examples of lubricants that do not contain petroleum. When reassembling, each connection should make a distinct “click” when tightened.

Air control unit unresponsive when trying to use hand control

Make sure the wires leading from the hand controls to the air unit are not pinched or kinked. See if the air-control unit will react to a different setting on the hand controller. Disconnect the air-control unit from power, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect the power (using a surge protector, of course) if nothing else works. Once the power has been restored, try repositioning your mattress by selecting the “use” option. If the air conditioner is still unresponsive, try testing each remote individually. One of the remote controls could get broken during shipping. You can reach our warranty servicing team at 1-888-260-8767 extension 5 or via email at [email protected] from Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern.

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Only one hand control display works

Make sure the hand controller is wired into the air conditioner. Check to see if any wires have been snipped or damaged. If one of your hand controls isn’t working, try reconnecting it to the air unit from the other side. There will be a need for repair or replacement of the hand control if it remains inoperable. The air control unit may be malfunctioning if one side of the hand control works but the other does not. For assistance, dial (toll-free) 1-888-260-8767, extension 2.

Power outage and mattress functionality

It is important that your air chambers are full and your mattress is at the correct firmness setting in case of a power outage. In the event that you lose power and then get it back on, you may need to reset your air-conditioning system by unplugging the control unit from the surge protector, waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in.

Power outage and hand control memory settings

When the power comes back on after an outage, the hand controls will still be in the same memory state as they were before.

Number bed sleep setting “deflates” or lowers during use

Software controls the air control unit system, which in turn controls how the air chambers are inflated and deflated. If the system is not responding to your commands, it is likely that you will need to perform a power cycle on the air control unit. When things start acting up, this is analogous to restarting your computer. To reset the air conditioner, unplug the control unit from the surge protector, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.

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It’s important to keep in mind that the technology behind each and every electric adjustable bed and power base brand is different, with some being more advanced than others. We have been fixing and diagnosing Adjustable Beds for over 20 years. From replacement remote controls to motors, we have it all for your adjustable bed! Basically, we are obsessed with adjustable beds and think about them constantly.

Please note that because there are so many different makes and models of adjustable beds, WE REQUIRE a PHONE CONVERSATION WITH YOU IN ORDER to confirm the nature of the issue and the specific replacement part required. Because of this, we can guarantee that you will receive the correct component for your bed and provide you with Excellent Service. For this reason, we do not offer our Adjustable Bed Components for sale online.

It’s crucial if you’re in search of replacement components for your Craftmatic bed or Craftmatic Craft 1 adjustable bed.

Finishing Things Up!

Great! If you’re wondering “where can I get service for my comfortaire adjustable bed frame?” you already have the information you need. There are two numbers you can call, 1-8000-759-0594 and 1-888-411-2188, respectively, to get in touch with the appropriate parties. Most of the time, you can only reach them between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. CST on weekdays. You can also email them through [email protected]. If these options do not work, you can freely go to their website and find their support section. You can chat with their customer service representative about your concerns. Comfortaire also has a tracking service for your online orders, so do not hesitate to use it. I also provided you some information regarding Comfortaire as a company. They were recently acquired by Sleep Number in 2013. I hope this article was beneficial in answering your question. I am sharing with you some articles that might answer your other problems. Thank you very much for reading!