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Drapery hooks are a simple and practical way to hang hemmed drapes or curtains. It’s a single wire folded in half, one end of which has a sharp prong, the other of which has been bent into a hook shape. These drapery pins, or hooks, appear more like huge fishing hooks than anything else. Curtain hardware that includes extra, angled or blunt points can be found in a variety of configurations.

There is a simple method for attaching curtain pins and hooks that may be learned quickly. These hooks are the best drapery hardware for a basic window treatment project because you can hang draperies and curtains with them without a lot of time, bother, or tools. To learn how to install drapery hooks in your windows, keep reading.

Hanging Drapery Hooks:

Use the Right Size Hooks

Check the rear of your curtain’s hem. Curtain hooks are inserted into the hemmed panel that runs down the curtain’s width. Determine whether or not the panel’s hem is longer than a hook’s straight part. There’s no use in having the point protrude above the panel’s surface.

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Prepare the Curtain

Lay the curtain face down on the work table in front of you. The hemmed piece has a seam down the bottom.

Insert the Hooks

Insert a drapery or curtain hook into the fabric at the base of the seam, such that the pointed, straight portion of the hook slides into the hemmed portion. Front or top of the panel shouldn’t show it. Make sure the hooks are spaced eight to nine inches apart and have one on either end.

Hang the Curtain

The drapery hook’s curved end should be placed on the curtain rod or in the traverse rod’s tabs. To get the aesthetic you want, spread out the drapery fabric in a fan-like pattern.

Drapery Hanging Tip:

Drapery hook-hung curtains should not be pulled too hard. Despite the fact that the hooks on this form of drapery hardware keep your drapes in place, they aren’t sturdy enough to withstand additional pressure or weight.

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With drapery hooks, how do you hang curtains? If you’re not sure how to do it, you may get step-by-step directions for attaching curtain hooks in the following paragraphs.

Were your curtains ever damaged or broken, and you couldn’t fix them?

Do you know that there is a method to make it right?

There is an easy solution to those tearing issues: curtain hooks.

People who decorate their homes frequently use it, particularly when it is attached to poles.

When it comes to decorating my room and putting curtains to my windows, I prefer to use curtain rods.

But why are these curtain hooks necessary? Why would it be useful to you, and how might it assist you?

Those questions will be answered one by one, but first we’d want to know: What do you think of a curtain hook?

Curtain Hooks

To keep the drapes from tearing, drapery hooks, also known as curtain pins, are employed.

This set of hooks is ideal for curtains that have to be opened and closed frequently.

Types Of Drapery Hooks

These are just a few of the many types of drapery hooks.

#1. Pin hooks

Pin hooks resemble folded metal wire in its design.

One end is sharp and the other features a bent hook.

#2. Sew-on hooks

Pin hooks and sew hooks are related, but the other end of the sew hook is meant to be placed into the cloth and sewn to it.

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#3. S- hooks

S-hooks are just what they sound like.

S-hooks are often constructed of metal, plastic, or wood and have a “S” form.

Shower curtain hooks use this type of hook the most frequently.

#4. Clip rings

To give your curtain a more finished look, you can use clip rings or round rings, which are both available.

The clip is attached to the plastic loop and is attached to the ring base at the top of the curtain.

An eyelet ring is located at the base of the band.

The curtain hook should be put into the curtain’s hole.

How high can you go?

To answer your question, I hang my curtains about a foot above the window frame when it comes to height.

For a high-ceilinged look, set the curtain rods higher up.

Keep the rods away from the window frame to avoid scratching the glass.

Your window will look cluttered and unkempt if you hang rods from the frame.

Allowances are a better option.

Using Drapery Hooks

To hang drapes, drapery hooks are usually attached to a rod. Hooks are considerably more convenient than plain pockets for me.

Use and replacement are a cinch.

These hooks prevent the curtain from being torn by tension and the constant opening and closing of the curtain.

With drapery hooks, how do you hang curtains?

Attaching the curtain to its drapery hooks is as simple as following these few steps.

#1. Rod pockets

Hooks for curtain rods must be compatible with the rods you intend to use.

Rods that are thicker and larger benefit from the use of curtain clips.

One end of the curtain can be clipped, while the other is used to hook it.

#2. Hidden tabs

Hanging panels with hidden tabs is an excellent option because it preserves a clean appearance.

The pleated appearance of your curtains can be achieved with the help of these hidden tabs.

The drapery panel is sewn to the back of the curtains, giving the illusion that they are floating in space.

Looking Good Curtain

In light of this, we’ll now discuss the additional factors you should take into account while deciding which of these hooks is right for you.

#1. Function

Hanging clips or ring clips are the best way to hang curtains in a place where they are frequently opened and closed.

For a soft look, you can use any type of curtain, even if it’s attached to a metal rod.

#2. Curtain weight

You should know the weight of your drapes before you spend a lot of money on clipping them up.

Ring clips may not be able to sustain thick textiles, so be careful.

Clips and hooks can only be used to hang light drapes, such as sheers.

#3. Length

The length of your curtain is a design element that may make or break its appearance.

Longer drapes can give the illusion of more height and space in your space.

#4. Look

To choose a hook that fits your personal style, consider combining colors.

The color scheme of your curtain and space are heavily influenced by the mix of its hues, making it an essential component of aesthetic appeal.

Tips To Hang Curtains With Drapery Hooks

Here are a few pointers for using curtain hooks.

Tip #1. No heavy fabric

Clip hooks, as previously stated, should not be used to hang heavy drapes since they may damage the hooks.

Tip #2. Find what’s suitable

Try to select a less complicated design that matches the curtain’s design when hanging curtains with hooks.

Tip #3. Last hook on the wall

Make sure the last hook is attached to the wall before moving on.

You can disguise the curtain’s opening by attaching the curtain’s final hook to the specific angle iron under your rod.


Tip #4. Drapery wands

Do you know how to use drapery wands?

These wands, on the other hand, allow you to open and close your draperies without ever having to touch them.

The first ring or hook on each panel is all that is needed.

You won’t have a problem concealing them because they’re hidden by the folds.


How to hang drapery hooks could make it easy to change or replace the drapes.

You’ll be able to do a lot more with your rooms now that you have this foundational understanding.