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Do you wish you knew the secret to making a hooded blanket that may become your best friend on chilly days?

It is not just a simple blanket, but a trendy, friendly, and fashionable one.

It’s more than just a blanket; it’s cool, cozy, and hip.

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Here we will discuss the most manageable procedures for creating your own unique hooded blanket.

Read on as we break down the six simple steps required to sew your very own hooded blanket.

How To Make A Hooded Blanket?

Creating something as personalized and useful as a hooded blanket may be a rewarding experience. Due to its low cost and simplicity of production, you may start right away.

Step #1. Designing

Feel free to tailor the blanket’s dimensions to your own needs.

Two people can comfortably stretch out on a couch that’s two and a half meters long.

In order to make a blanket using several colors, the cloth should be cut into 500mm squares.

Squares should have 520mm on each side to allow for a border of at least 1 cm.

Covering your feet when lying down is a breeze with this.

The hood is unimportant since you will be able to make your cuts using the squares on each side of it.

Step #2. Preparation

Getting ready to manufacture a blanket involves gathering and preparing several components.

Choose a color palette to serve as inspiration for your blanket.

You should also get your pins, needles, and thread ready, as well as your scissors and ruler.

Fabric selection should be made with your comfort in mind. Most folks I know made their hooded blankets out of fleece.

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Step #3. Cutting

Since you have already decided on the material and color scheme for the blanket, you can move on to taking its measurements.

The squares must be cut precisely and counted in the same way as the rest of the group.

Alternatively, you can use a laser cutter to cut the fabric.

Step #4. Hood design

After the squares for the blanket’s main body have been prepared, it’s time to take measurements for the hood.

If you have a jacket with a hood you like, you can use that as a model for your own hood. Place the hood in the middle of the two squares.

Place the designs you traced at the border between two neighboring squares for optimal results.

Your hood must have an opening large enough for your head to pass through.

Keep in mind that you should only sew the 130 mm away from the corner and double back and forth a few times to avoid unraveling.

Step #5. Sewing

Although hand stitching is possible, using a sewing machine to complete your blanket may be more efficient.

You can begin sewing the squares together. Sew in rows of four, then sew the five rows together.

Align the edges by stacking two squares on top of each other and compressing the material. An edge pin of at least 5 centimeters in length is required.

Next, stitch the length and width using a medium-sized zigzag.

Step #6. Finishing

You should now sew together the two adjacent rows you have.

If you need to zoom in or out, make sure all four squares are in proper alignment.

While finishing the blanket, pin down the entire edge once more, this time a full 5 cm in.

You should be able to wrap yourself in the finished product while lying down on a couch or bed.

How should I clean my hooded blanket?

A hooded blanket can be machine washed or hand washed for cleaning.

On the other hand, remember to use low heat and, more importantly, mild detergents.

You should also hang on to the care label from the fabric you bought in case there are any further instructions on how to prolong the fabric’s suppleness.

If you care about the life of your blanket, you should avoid using chemicals on it and avoid drying it for too long in a dryer.

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What is the best fabric for my hooded blanket?

There is a wide variety of materials suitable for use in blanket construction. But there is one fabric that is excellent for hooded blankets.

If you want a hooded blanket, fleece is a great option. The vibrant colors and potential warmth make this an attractive option.

It is not only inexpensive, but also highly stretchable and adaptable.

Fleece materials are airy and comfortable because they don’t irritate the skin. It is an oil-based synthetic fabric that is both eco-friendly and fashionable.


On chilly days, nothing is better company than a hooded blanket.

But can you make a blanket with a hood? There are only six straightforward steps required to make your own.

How you’ll arrange the colors and the pattern you’ll use are up to you.

Fabric choice and care instructions should also be given some thought.