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Learning the art of blanket flower folding is a cool hobby.

The ability to fold a blanket into a variety of forms is a useful one for individuals who entertain guests frequently or who work in the hospitality and management industries.

It’s simple to make a blanket flower. All you need is a blanket.

You can simply grow your own blanket flower at home by following a simple set of instructions.

For what purposes might a blanket flower be employed? When making a blanket flower, what fabric works best? If you want to know the solutions and how to make a beautiful piece of art out of sheets, keep reading!

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Fold A Blanket Into A Flower

Step #1. Lay your blanket flat

Basically, all you need for this activity is a blanket and something heavy to sit on it.

Any blanket will do for this, although larger and thicker ones are ideal.

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With a thicker blanket, the petals will stand out more, and a bigger blanket will be more convenient to work with.

Spread the blanket out on a table or bed.

Fold the blanket into a square. Fold the blanket in half lengthwise if it is rectangular.

To achieve a square, you can also fold the blanket’s edges inside just a little bit.

If the blanket you are using is already square, skip to the next section.

Step #2. Bring corners toward the center twice

When the blanket is a perfect square, you can make it even smaller by pulling the corner flaps in toward the center.

Take care to fold the blanket neatly.

Afterward, fold the corners to the center again to create an even smaller square. Remember the saying “garbage in, garbage out.”

To finish, fold the square in half so that it’s even smaller. The old adage goes something like, “trash in, garbage out.”

Step #3. Flip the blanket over

Hold the blanket together at the center by placing one hand under and the other over it.

Flip the blanket inside out and smooth it out.

Step #4. Bring corners toward the center again

Similar to Step 2, neatly bring the corners toward the center.

This is the point that most heavy blankets begin to unfurl. If you don’t want your blanket to become totally unrolled, try placing something heavy in the middle of it, such a boulder.

Step #5. Pull out petals and leaves

At this point, you should have four corners of the blanket that look like flower petals.

Find a flap by reaching below the corners with your hand. To make the corners resemble flower petals more, pull the flap outward.

Apply this procedure to all four corners.

When that is done, it’s time to make the leaves. Find a flap between the blanket flower’s two petals by reaching underneath it.

To make it look like leaves, just pull it outwards slightly. Finish all four sides in the same way.

Gently pull on each petal to smooth out any wrinkles and you’re done! Make sure the middle is held down so the blanket doesn’t fly apart.

Step #6. Display

Congratulations! Your very own blanket flower has been grown by your own hands.

Spread it out on a bed and be the envy of all your friends and family.

If the petals are falling apart, try putting something substantial in the middle of the blanket.

When Is It Useful To Fold A Blanket Into A Flower?

Mastering the art of the blanket flower is a useful ability to have in general, but it comes in particularly handy for events like family reunions or other gatherings where guests will be staying for an extended period of time.

Of course, this is a decorative fold that shouldn’t be used for storing blankets.

When folded in this manner, a blanket creates a thick flower. Avoid flower blankets if you’re trying to minimize your clothing storage space.

Try the Rolling Method

Unfold the blanket and lay it down flat on your bed or other large surface. To make a smaller rectangle, hold two of the short ends and bring them across to the other two short ends. If there are any creases, smooth them out and repeat the folding process in the same direction to create a narrow rectangle. After ironing out any wrinkles, start rolling the blanket like a Swiss roll from one of the shorter ends. To retain the blankets’ compact rolls, store them on a shelf or in a basket together.

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Fold Blankets Into Squares

As with the rolling procedure, unfold the blanket, pull the short ends together, smooth out any wrinkles, and fold it over again until you have a narrow rectangle. To construct a tidy square fold, start with one of the short ends and fold over just enough to make a square, then repeat.

How to Fold a Bulky Blanket

If you have a large or thick blanket, you should stretch it out on a level area and smooth out the folds. Then fold in one of the long sides toward the center, beginning with one of the long sides. Repeat for the other long side, bringing them together in the middle. The next step is to fold one end over the other end to create a long rectangle. Fold the short ends in toward the center, and then shuffle one end into the other’s opening as far as it will go. Doing so will prevent the bulky blanket from unraveling and will keep it neatly folded.

How to Fold a Thin Blanket

Unfold the blanket and fold the long side over two-thirds of the way. This is the correct method to fold a thin or smaller blanket. It’s time to fold the second long side on top. Then, starting at one of the shorter ends, fold the blanket into a rectangle, smoothing out any creases or wrinkles as you go, and unfolding it to its original size when finished.

Vacuum-Seal Blankets

Invest in some vacuum storage bags if your winter and summer blankets and comforters take up half your closet. They’re space-saving and efficient, keeping your blankets clean and dust-free until next year.

Get Creative With Storage

Blankets can be kept in the linen closet or a dresser, but if you’re pressed for space, you might want to consider other options. Instead of letting your often used blankets take over your living room sofa, try rolling them up and storing them in a woven or other attractive basket. In addition to providing storage where none existed before, this also serves as a lovely ornamental accent and facilitates easy access to the blankets.

Similarly, if you have any visually beautiful blankets, or perhaps picked up any while on vacation overseas, they can be displayed on the lower level of a bookcase folded neatly into squares. Besides making them readily accessible, this is a fantastic opportunity to add some textural variety to your bookcase and strike a nice balance between the various books, picture frames, and other decorative things you may have placed there.

Blanket ladders are another alternative that may be used for both storing and displaying blankets. It’s a beautiful way to display your favorite blankets without taking up too much room on a plain wall, and it’s practical, too, since it allows you to hang multiple blankets at once.

Other Uses

Any material or flat item of the appropriate thickness can be processed using the same method.

Towels, napkins, and handkerchiefs all fit into this category.

Dinner table centerpieces fashioned from napkins are a beautiful addition to any meal.

Towel flowers and blanket flowers make a lovely pair when displayed together.

Any substance can be used to create a flower, although bulkier items are suggested because they will allow for the production of more noticeable petals.

If you want the blanket flower to stand out, avoid using a thin cloth.

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It’s true that there are simpler ways to fold a blanket fashionably, but knowing how to fold a blanket into a flower is a useful talent to have nonetheless.

There’s no need to spend more than 10 minutes learning and making it, yet the impression it leaves on onlookers will remain for quite some time.

A blanket flower transforms something ordinary into a stunning piece of art that will fascinate and impress anybody who sees it.