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Crocheting a Dallas cowboy blanket is the subject of today’s article. The colors blue, white, and gray are instantly recognizable to any American football fan.

There is a pixelated blue star with “cowboys” underneath it on this blanket.

The Dallas Cowboys Legacy

Finding out why Americans are so devoted to their local football team is an excellent idea in and of itself. After the demise of the All-America Football Conference, the Dallas Cowboys became the first successful NFL franchise.

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The peak of professional football was just around the corner in the 1960s, thanks to Tom Landry, their head coach. It wasn’t until the club’s sixth season in the Cotton Bowl in 1965 that the team finally got its big break. In 1966, the beginning of a 20-season winning streak.

As a member of the league for five years, the team has won two Super Bowls – the sixth in 1972 and the twelfth in 1978. There is no way anyone could have predicted that so many of these players would be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame decades later.

In addition to Roger Staubach, the Dallas Cowboys have produced legendary players like Tony Dorsett, Rayfield Wright, and Mel Renfro (defensive back). In 1976, Murchison, the team’s owner, erected a stadium in Irving, Texas, which increased the team’s popularity.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad helped make the team even more popular in the United States. It wasn’t long until Jimmy Johnson was brought in to replace the original coach.

When Landry retired, he became the third-highest winningest player in the history of the game, with 270 victories. Jason Garrett, who was named head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2011, is currently in his eighth year in that position.

Wade Phillips (2007), Dave Campo (2000), Chan Gailey (1998), and Barry Switzer (1994)—who replaced Johnson and led the team to victory in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers—are the coaches who follow him in the ranks.

Materials Needed

You’ll need a few balls of yarn of your favorite brand. A dark blue, a white, and a grey palette is specified.

Baby Afghan using afghan stitch

You will need three balls of dark blue yarn, two balls of white yarn, and six balls of gray yarn. Keep at least one additional ball of yarn on hand in case something goes wrong.

Since the crochet hooks and yarn may be incompatible, you have the option of switching out the hooks and going with a different type of yarn. Make sure to alter the tightness of your stitches to match the printed pattern.

To make the crochet stitches stand out from afar, choose a lighter color. A last tip for making your blanket stand out is to pick colors that contrast with the area where you intend to place it.

Around the blanket, earth tones work best against furniture.

  • hooks for crochet (6 mm)
  • The tape measures
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Snail trackers

When searching for a pattern online, strive for a grid of 70 by 60. For a 47′′x40′′ blanket, each square will serve as a guide, and you will refer to them frequently to prevent committing any mistakes.

Following the gathering of the necessary materials, follow the crocheting instructions below to get started.

Guide On How To Crochet A Dallas Cowboy Blanket

Step #1. Look for a pattern

It’s easy to find free photographs of the Dallas Cowboys star on the internet. Create a 60×60 grid with a ruler and a pencil after this.

Each pixel is assigned a color and a corresponding row and column number.

Step #2. Crochet each square

A C2C is all it takes to make a square of crocheted fabric, and it uses up roughly an inch of yarn per square. The simplest method is to move from one end to the other, either horizontally or vertically.

Make a checkmark or an X mark on a separate sheet of paper for each completed square.

Step #3. Add borders

By using fur yarn as your border, you’ll draw attention to the pattern. The color chosen must be a near match to the pattern’s primary colors. Make sure the border isn’t too thick, or the blanket will appear messy.

You can add tassels to the corners of your garments. For the same reason, the colors on the base should match. The pom-pom, frayed at the edges or hanging loosely, can be used in place of the tassel.

What are the stitches I can use for edging?

The edge stitch can be replaced with the ones listed below. Each of the following four settings will produce a distinct visual effect:

  • Stitching Crabs
  • Half-Double Crochet in Herringbone Pattern
  • Stitching a Slip Knot
  • All-in-One Crochet (SC)

How can I decorate my blanket?

There are a plethora of embellishments you can add to the blanket if the design is lacking.

Dallas Cowboys - Single Crochet Written Graphghan Pattern - 02 (229x230) - YarnLoveAffair.com

Attachable embellishments such as beads and flowers are essential.


Crocheting a Dallas Cowboys blanket might be a lot of fun if you’re a sports fanatic. You can use it as a blanket on a cold night to keep you warm. You may display your devotion to the football team year-round by hanging it on a wall.