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Hand-washing etiquette is nothing new, as I’m sure we can all agree. Even so, it’s always a good idea to double-check that we’re doing things correctly.

So here’s some easy instructions to help you out.

These are the materials you’ll need to wash an alpaca or mohair throw by hand:

  1. a huge bathtub
  2. Fresh, tepid water
  3. A gentle shampoo for washing wool
  4. There are a couple clean, dry towels.
  5. An area where towels and a blanket can be placed to dry.
  6. A hairbrush made of natural bristles

Warm water and a moderate wool wash detergent are ideal for cleaning mohair and alpaca blankets by hand.

The blanket may shrink and lose its dye color if you wash it in hot water.

A few minutes in the bath can help soften any stains.

Then, using your hands, gently agitate and swish the mohair in the water to remove dirt.

In my opinion, this is the most critical component. Overworking the wool will result in it matting, stiffening, and eventually ruining it.

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In order to avoid matting the fluffy wool into knots, we recommend hand washing because you have more control over the friction.

Throw blankets made of soft mohair or alpaca can be washed in a machine, yes. A mild wool cycle, on the other hand, may be too much movement for a fluffy blanket of this nature.

Rinse thoroughly with tepid or cool water to remove any residue.

You can either let the surplus water drain naturally or use a very slow wash cycle in your washing machine to get rid of it.

It’ll dry quickly if you spread out the mohair throw flat on some clean towels.

In order to avoid shrinkage and knotting, never dry mohair or alpaca throws in a tumble dryer.

Just a gentle brushing of the wool pile will bring it back to life and make it look like new.

Brushing mohair or alpaca requires a unique technique, and you must determine the perfect direction to brush.

See how to brush mohair in this video.

If you want to wash your mohair, you can use our wool and skin wash shampoo. It will leave your hair soft and lustrous.

Protect & waterproof your natural fibre blankets

Fend Fabric & Footwear Protector is fantastic for repelling liquids, food, and dirt, so if you’re worried about spills or dirt on your mohair, get some when it’s new.

Keep a mohair blanket out of the hands of your grandchild or a nursing care resident.

The spray is non-toxic and does not remove stains, but it does make it easier to launder wool blankets and throws if necessary.

How Do You Wash Alpaca Wool Blankets?

Step 1. Soak the blanket in lukewarm or cold water

Soak alpaca wool blankets in lukewarm or cold water before washing them. Soak the blanket for 30 minutes in water with a small amount of mild detergent. To prevent stains from setting in further, merely allow the soapy water to penetrate the fibers of the blanket. Do not brush or rub the blanket.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never use hot water or harsh cleaners during this process. The alpaca fiber will be ruined if you don’t. In addition, you should only immerse the blanket once the detergent has been entirely dissolved.

Step 2. Rinse the blanket in running water

Rinse the alpaca wool blanket once you’ve finished soaking it. Avoid rubbing or brushing the wool because doing so might weaken the fibers. Make sure there is no soap residue left behind when you wash the alpaca wool blanket.

Rinse the blanket in running water when it has come out of the water. Because alpaca wool is sensitive to heat, it should only be washed in lukewarm or cold water. It’s best not to twist or wring the blanket because the material is too delicate to twist or wring.

Step 3. Remove excess water

Rather than wringing out the blanket to eliminate excess moisture, squeeze it lightly. Water can make the blanket bulky, which can lead to material deformation. As a result, save the mild squeezing for the very end.

How to Clean Your Alpaca Products

The blanket can be placed between two towels to further absorb moisture once soap and water have been removed. The blanket sandwich can also be rolled up and rolled up again to draw the water out. The contour of the blanket can be ruined if you over-stretch it.

Step 4. Dry the alpaca wool blanket

Finally, spread your blanket out on a level surface and allow it to air dry. Alpaca wool blankets should not be hung since the weight of water can cause them to fall and alter their shape. Sunlight or other heat source should not be used to dry the blanket, since this can damage it.

Allow the blanket to dry in an area with adequate ventilation. Depending on the size, it could take up to a day to dry an alpaca wool blanket. Once it’s dry, you can re-use it.

Can You Machine Wash Alpaca Wool?

Check the blanket labeling if you want to know if you can machine wash alpaca wool. When it comes to blankets, some may be washed in a machine, while others prefer to be washed by hand. To avoid agitation damage to machine-washable alpaca wool blankets, follow these washing instructions:

  1. Use the delicate setting on the washing machine at a low temperature.
  2. Disable the spin speed in order to protect the fibers from being harmed by it.
  3. Avoid fading and shedding by using the specified detergent or gentle cleaners.
  4. After the wash, reshape the blanket so that it doesn’t dry wrinkly.

Does Alpaca Wool Shrink?

When alpaca wool is agitated by fiction or exposed to high temperatures, it might shrink. In some cases, the fibers can deform to the point where they resemble felt. If the wool is cleaned with severe detergents, it might also get knotted.

Use the care directions on your blanket’s tag and our washing guidelines. Please softly brush the Alpaca wool after washing to help it regain its fluffiness. These advice can also be applied to materials that are more susceptible to shrinkage.

How To Dry Alpaca Blanket

Never put an alpaca blanket in the dryer. The blanket may shrink or deform as a result of the heat. After air-drying flat, carefully brush the surface of an alpaca blanket to remove excess moisture.

Bonus Tips How To Care For Alpaca Wool Blankets

  1. The fibers of alpaca wool don’t easily collect scents, therefore they don’t need to be cleaned as frequently.
  2. You don’t have to scrub alpaca wool while washing because it has a scale-like shiny exterior that repels liquid.
  3. Outside airing is the best way to keep your alpaca wool blanket fresh and odor-free.


Can you wash alpaca in washing machine?

A washing machine is fine for alpacas. However, because every machine is unique, it’s critical to carefully follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

How do you clean a dirty alpaca?

You can use a moist cloth to clean alpacas if they get a little dirty.

Does alpaca shrink when washed?

When alpaca fiber is washed, it shrinks. To keep your alpaca products looking their best, you should hand-wash them rather than machine wash them.

Is alpaca more expensive than cashmere?

This is because alpaca fiber is more finely spun than cashmere, which makes it more expensive to produce. Alpaca fiber, on the other hand, has a greater quality than many synthetic fibers because it is a natural fiber.

How do you store alpaca fleece?

Alpaca fleece can be stored in a variety of ways. Alternatively, you might hang the fleece in a dry, cool location. A moist towel placed on top of a sealed container with fleece is an additional alternative.

How do you care for alpaca wool?

It is recommended that you hand-wash your alpaca wool in cool water with a light soap. Even if you use a delicate setting, you should not put this in the dryer to dry.

What can I do with alpaca fleece?

Insulation, clothes, and carpets can all be made out of alpaca fleece.

How do you unfelt an alpaca blanket?

These blankets are made of alpaca wool, which is quite soft. The blanket can be machine washed in cold water on a moderate cycle if you don’t want it to feel fuzzy. Low-heat drying is also an option.

Can you Unshrink alpaca?

Because alpaca wool is so fine, removing creases and fabric lines can be difficult after the alpaca has been cleaned. Some people have had luck with a wrinkle remover or steam cleaning, but it’s typically not recommended to attempt to Unshrink an alpaca garment on your own.

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Can you wash an alpaca and wool blanket in the washing machine?

It’s true that a blanket made of alpaca and wool can be washed in the washing machine. A blanket’s care guidelines should be followed to ensure its longevity and that it doesn’t wear out.

How do I stop my blanket from shedding lint?

You can stop your blanket from shedding lint by doing a few simple things. To begin, check to see if you’re using the right kind of blanket for the job. Cotton and polyester are both common materials for blankets. Polyester blankets are less prone to drop lint than cotton blankets, although cotton blankets may. Make sure that your bedding is clean as well.

Can you wear alpaca in the summer?

It will be warm, although not as warm as wool, because alpaca is a woolen fiber. The water resistance and breathability of wool make it ideal for summer clothing.

How can you tell if an alpaca is real?

There is no way to know if an alpaca is real or not just by looking at it. An alpaca is a small, furry canine with long, curly hair.


Wool from alpacas is exceptionally low-maintenance. Even yet, if you want to preserve the shape and texture of your alpaca wool blanket, you should know how to wash it properly. To recap, the safest option is to wash by hand, and avoiding the dryer can help keep your clothing from shrinking..

Also, stay away from harsh detergents and really hot water. Your alpaca blanket should last for many years if you follow these simple care instructions. In the comments section below, please contribute any further information about alpaca wool maintenance.