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Adding breadth to a crochet blanket can be done in a variety of ways. What really matters is that you boost everything you’re already using!

What if you have a very fine thread? Use more of it! If you don’t want to squander your first buy, you can double strand it.

Is that a small-sized hook you’re using? It’s time to get a new one!

How are you doing with your strategy? Do you know that by resizing your stitches, you can increase the size of your blanket?

Just keep reading for a more in-depth debate!

Useful Tips On How To Add Width To Crochet Blanket

Finding the perfect pattern for a crochet blanket only to find out it’s too tiny is one of life’s worst disappointments for a crochet enthusiast.

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Some people may be embarrassed to return an item they received as a gift because they are embarrassed to be seen wearing one that does not cover their knees.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some helpful advice for you to follow!

Use a larger hook

Larger hooks are supposed to increase the total breadth of your blanket by increasing the spacing between your stitches.

Sometimes, a few notches above the suggested hook size is enough.

It’s important to keep in mind that larger areas also offer greater room for air to flow.

If being warm isn’t your primary motivation for expanding the size of your blanket, this method isn’t for you.

Don’t worry, though; we still have alternative solutions for you.

Get a thicker yarn

This is exactly the same as raising the weight of your yarn. A blanket made with thicker yarn will be fluffier and more expansive in size.

For thicker or heavier yarn, you may need to change how much yarn you use and which hook size is best suited for the task.

Double-stranding your yarn is another option to avoid wasting your thin materials. Just keep in mind that this option will require more thread than the others.

Scale up your stitches

You can double the number of chains if the original pattern calls for just one. Make sure you keep track of where you are doubling up so you don’t get lost in the shuffle. This is one of the simplest ways to increase the size of your blanket.

Add rows

Add a few extra rows of chains if you’re looking for a simple way to expand your blanket. If your blanket’s pattern is recursive, this method works well.

This method will result in a heavier blanket, but if it keeps you warm in a blizzard, who cares?

Utilize borders

In the case of a blanket, let’s assume you have the perfect pattern, but it is smaller than you had hoped.

There are no repeating rows to worry about here, unlike in the preceding suggestion.

Isn’t it obvious that we’ve reached a dead end?

Thankfully, pre-made crochet borders are readily available. You can get a broader blanket without having to worry about the pattern if you add some yarn of different colors or weight or some ruffles.

Add up on the granny squares

Granny squares, whether they’re pre-made or you’ve produced them yourself, are a great way to add breadth to your blankets.

Keeping the overall pattern in mind is all you need to do with these.

Use math

They undoubtedly drew inspiration from crocheting when they declared that arithmetic is a universal language and can be found in all things.

Math is everywhere in this painting! Everything, from the amount of stitches to the utilization of patterns, has some kind of numerical component.

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To demonstrate this, you can use ratios and proportions to increase the length of your blankets.

As an example, you may increase the blanket’s size to accommodate additional individuals by multiplying the dimensions of your blanket by the same factor. It’s up to you if you want to make it 12″ x 15″ or 36″ x 45″.

What are the crochet blanket sizes?

Following is a list of standard crochet blanket sizes and their associated measurements, which should help you narrow down your search for the perfect size.

How do you make a crochet blanket bigger?

Make a choice from these ways if you want to make a larger crochet blanket than the one in your pattern calls for.

Using a larger hook will result in larger stitches with a greater number of spaces in between. Your crochet blanket will be wider and more open if you use larger stitches.

Crochet the foundation chain of your crochet pattern in accordance with the width you want it to be. Take your measuring tape and work your way up to the amount of chains you need for your larger blanket by measuring the length of the blanket. Crochet rows with the same amount of stitches as your foundation chain to finish the blanket.

Re-sizing your blanket pattern requires writing down the modifications so that the same blanket size can be crocheted again. Consider the modifications you made to the pattern in order to resize your blanket and document them. Additionally, you’ll have an easier time figuring out what went wrong as you’re crocheting your blanket.

You should also be aware that if you use this method, you may need to adjust the amount of yarn and hook size needed.

The yarn should be double stranded. It is also possible to increase the size of your crocheted blanket by using two strands of yarn at once. Create a thicker, more dense, and warmer blanket with this method. You should also keep in mind that this technique requires you to double the amount of yarn you need for your crochet blanket.

However, the original design’s appearance may change when you finish your blanket with a set amount of granny squares. Before you finish your blanket, it’s a good idea to lay out all of your finished granny squares to see how the colors and patterns work together.

Give your blanket a finishing touch by adding a border. In certain cases, the crochet blanket patterns available to you are not large enough for the blanket you want to make. One way to enhance the size of your blanket is to add a decorative border. You can increase the size of your crochet blanket by crocheting a border around it. Changing the design is unnecessary. If you want to extend the length of your blanket, you can crochet an elaborate lacy border. In addition to adding a few inches to your crochet blanket, a border in a contrasting color from the rest of it will provide visual appeal.

How do you adjust the width of a crochet blanket?

Here’s a simple and effective method for making a larger crochet blanket from a smaller one. You can alter the crochet blanket’s width by following these procedures.

    1. Make a swatch of fabric. Gauge swatches are essential before you begin knitting. Considering the fact that each of us crochets in a unique way would be helpful. When crocheting, there are a number of variables to consider, like the yarn’s tension, your own personal crochet style, and more. You must first produce a gauge swatch before you can modify the size of your crochet blanket.
    2. Count the stitches on your gauge swatch to get the correct number of rows. Using a ruler, measure your gauge swatch to get the most precise results. How many stitches are there in four inches of your gauge swatch? Let’s say you counted 16 stitches. In order to determine how many stitches are in one inch, you must first convert your measurement. Stitches per inch in this pattern are four.

In order to determine how many stitches per inch you need for your blanket, use your gauge swatch’s stitches per inch.

In the event that your chosen crochet pattern, say for a baby blanket, is too little, you may always enlarge it. You can convert this pattern into something that can keep you warm after you finish crocheting.

You want to make a gorgeous crochet blanket, but the design is for a baby blanket. It’s possible to turn this pattern into a cozy garment when you’ve finished crocheting.

If you multiply 4 inches per inch by 90, you get 360 stitches for the foundation chain. Make the amount of rows necessary to finish your crochet blanket by counting your row stitches.

Can I fix an uneven crochet blanket?

Crocheting a blanket in rows might make it appear as if the finished product is shrinking. The edges of your nearly finished crochet blanket would make you question if there is any way to make them even.

Rows can be widened to avoid having to tear out stitches that have been worked on for a long time. There are a few yarns that can benefit from this fabric-recovery method. The best fabric yarns are those that come in a variety of colors or have no high-contrast patterns. Recycled denim fabric yarn is a good example. These kinds of textiles don’t have a problem with stitch irregularities.

You don’t have to remove your stitches to straighten your blanket’s edges. Create a border with varying stitches based on the amount of space you need to fill. Crochet two-row double crochets in regions where tall stitches are needed to fill up additional space. If you only need to fill a little gap, you can use a slip stitch or a single crochet stitch.

Rows can be added as many times as necessary to get the required blanket width and to smooth out the edges.

Why does my crochet project get wider?

At some point in your crochet trip, you may also discover that your creation is getting broader than it should be. There is a good chance that you accidentally added stitches to the edges of your crochet work. Crocheting a blanket for a long period of time is likely to lead to this condition.

It’s possible to restore to your project’s initial width if you discover that your work is getting broader. The beginning stitches of the last row you crocheted should be counted. How many more stitches from your foundation chain you made will be clearly visible. The first step is to figure out how many additional stitches you have, and then to rip out that row and count how many stitches are in the following row.

How to Add Width to a Crochet Blanket (6 Methods!) | AllFreeCrochet.com

Remove rows one at a time, until you’ve gotten back to the starting point. Afterwards, you’ll be able to safely crochet back because you’ll know exactly how many stitches you have.

In order to prevent tearing out stitches you’ve worked so hard on, count your stitches at the end of each row. If you use taller stitches, keep in mind that the turning chain is counted as the first stitch, which will help you avoid making an error in row counting.

How do you make a crochet blanket smaller?

Crochet patterns might be beautiful, but they can also be too large for your needs. In order to produce a smaller blanket, you may just alter the pattern.

Crochet a wider blanket by reversing the enlarging processes. A smaller hook and thinner yarn can be used to make a smaller blanket with fewer bulky stitches. If the pattern calls for a double crochet stitch, you can substitute shorter stitches like single crochet or half double crochet stitch. Crochet blankets that are smaller than the original pattern are easily achieved by shortening the stitch height.


With either a premade blanket or a blank canvas, the process of expanding the dimensions of this cozy item is intimidating.

As you can see, changing the tools, materials, or methods used to complete the task makes it easier to complete.

You don’t have to worry about how to increase the breadth of crochet blankets ever again if you follow these instructions.