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If you’ve been wondering how to safely unplug an electric blanket, this four-step tutorial should help. The procedure is simple and can be performed on worn-out or broken electric blankets. Once the power source and cord are removed, the blanket can be used as any other.

We will also go through what to do if your Sunbeam blanket becomes damaged. In the alternative, if you’re feeling really crafty, you may construct your own heated blanket by reading this do-it-yourself instruction.


  • Infrared heating pad
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Needle
  • Thread

How To Wash Your Electric Blanket


If you unplug an electric blanket from an outlet and then attempt to cut the cord, you could be seriously injured or even killed by the electric current.

  1. To be safe, make sure the blanket is unplugged. When an electric blanket is plugged in, cutting the wires might cause serious harm or death.
  2. Spread the blanket out on a flat surface and identify where the electric components are. Usually, they show up clearly on both sides of the blanket.
  3. Make a tiny hole in the blanket at the cord’s entry location. The main cord enters the blanket at this point.
  4. A severed main cable is useless. If you reach in through the hole in the blanket, grab the first set of wires you find. To get the wires out of the blanket, pull and keep tugging. Wait until the wires become stuck and won’t pull free from the blanket before cutting them.
  5. To get rid of as much of the blanket as possible, you should sever the connections connecting it.
  6. Comb the blanket and look for any exposed wires.
  7. Cut a tiny hole with the scissors just above the exposed wires, and start the process of re-pulling the wires through the opening. Repeat this process until no more wires can be removed.
  8. Close the little opening with a hand stitch of thread and needle, then go on to another area of the blanket.
  9. If there are any electrical components or wires still inside the blanket, they can be removed one at a time by carefully locating them, cutting small holes, and drawing them out, and then closing the holes with hand-sewn patchwork.
  10. Get rid of the electrical cords and components.

The Drip Cap

  • When used in conjunction with an electric blanket, turning down the thermostat at night can result in significant savings on heating costs without leaving you cold all night.
  • When an electric blanket is plugged in, cutting the wires might cause serious harm or death.
  • Lay the blanket flat so you can locate the wires and other electrical parts.
  • To get the wires out of the blanket, pull and keep tugging.
  • Get rid of the electrical cords and components.

How To Remove The Wires From An Electric Blanket?

Unplugging the blanket and cutting small holes in the fabric to expose the wire is the recommended way for safely removing the power cord from an electric blanket. Blankets with batting can have holes cut at the top and bottom, and the filling removed. It may take more time than you anticipate to remove the thermostat and snip each wire from the electric blanket.

How To Wash Electric Blankets - Housewife How-Tos

Step 1. Prepare and check the electric blanket

The first and most important step in dismantling the wiring of any electric or heated blanket is to unplug it. If it is still plugged into an outlet, you could be seriously hurt or killed by the electric current. If you want to learn the ins and outs of your electric blanket, it’s advisable to consult the manual.

Step 2. Make a hole to find the main cord and cut it

If you lay the blanket flat on a surface and feel or look for the wiring and electrical components, you’ll be able to find them more quickly. Then, locate the point at where the primary cord attaches to the blanket and create a small opening there. Use the opening you made to access the wires within the blanket you created by cutting this cord.

Start by removing as many cables as you can, and then stop.

Step 3. Remove the wires of the blanket

After you’ve removed the main cord and wires, lay the blanket down flat and smooth it out again to see if there are any lingering electrical components inside. It is usually difficult to access the cables in the upper part of the electric blanket, so a hole will need to be made above them so that they may be removed more easily.

Step 4. Remove all electrical components

Go on smoothing out the blanket and checking for cables you can cut away with improvised holes. Once you’ve checked that there are no wires left in the blanket, you may stitch up the holes and use your electric blanket like you would any other. If you have to remove the filler at an earlier phase, you should restuff it with batting before stitching the holes shut.

How Do You Remove The Cord From A Sunbeam Electric Blanket?

Get in touch with Sunbeam’s customer service department if you want the blanket’s cord cut. It’s possible for folks to assume their Sunbeam blanket is broken when, in fact, it just needs to be adjusted. If you’re having trouble with your Sunbeam blanket, check out the troubleshooting guide first.

Sunbeam also suggests avoiding their heaters if any damage appears. To ensure that your blanket lasts as long as possible, it is important to read the guarantee information and follow the care instructions carefully. Don’t use the blanket in a way that causes the cables to get tangled or pinched by the mattress, wall, or bed frame.

How To Disconnect The Sunbeam Electric Blanket?

If you ever need to remove the control from the blanket, Sunbeam recommends first unplugging it from the wall. Do not plug in the main power wire to an outlet until you have adjusted the electric blanket’s settings. Also, the Sunbeam’s plug is polarized and can only be used with the correct outlet.

Why is it important to know how to safely disconnect an electric blanket? Each user must properly turn off their electric blankets. If you need to clean your heated product, here are some suggestions for washing an electric blanket safely.

Can You Get Electrocuted From An Electric Blanket?

It is true that electric blankets do use some electricity, but their energy output is significantly less than that of conventional space heaters, making them a good choice for people looking to cut costs. In spite of the modest amps used, an electric blanket still poses a risk of electrocution. You should always thoroughly inspect the blanket before using it and read the instructions before doing so.

Avoid using the heated blanket if you’ve kept it for longer than its recommended lifespan of 10 years. With use and age, the materials’ original functionality and safety may be compromised. Don’t ever get the wiring wet or damaged, otherwise risk electrocution or a fire.

Vremi Extra Soft Micro-Thin Wires Electric Blanket

You should try buying different warm blankets if you feel an electric blanket is too unsafe to use. Even though they don’t plug into an electrical source, they’re nonetheless nice and toasty during the colder months.


Have you lost the ability to use your heated blanket? In summary, all you have to do to get rid of the cord from an electric blanket is punch a hole in the middle of the main cord and snip it off. As many cables as you can reach, sever them.

Make sure there are no lingering electrical components in your electric blanket by thoroughly inspecting it and removing any wires or plugs that you find. Once the holes are patched up, the blanket can be used as usual.