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It’s not difficult to find curtains that match yellow walls in a living room. Choose the curtain color that best fits your unique style from a vast range of options! Whether you want to create a warm atmosphere or a more formal one, curtains can play an important role in transforming a room.

Curtains Color Ideas for Yellow Walls


These curtains are often light in color, which makes the room appear larger and brighter. This is the greatest option if you want to keep your yellow walls from being too overpowering.

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Light gray curtain

The curtains should be light gray if you have blue or green furniture in your living room. These hues will look great with this!

White patterned curtain

These drapes fit well with just about any color scheme and can provide the impression of extra space while also creating a warm atmosphere.

Purple patterned curtain

If you’re looking for a fresh contrast to the yellow walls in your room, this color is ideal.

Blue curtains

Despite their strong appearance, yellow is a terrific color option for these curtains. They can also open up the space in your living room or bedroom compared to other color schemes.


With cool blues and greens in your area, these curtains are a fantastic match for your decor. Make the area feel more unified and modern by including these pieces into the mix!


For rooms with a lot of natural light, these curtains are an excellent choice. They’ll brighten up the atmosphere in your home!

Red/orange curtain

These hues are ideal for creating a sense of warmth or coziness in your home. Also, with lots of natural light, these colors look great.

White Embroidered curtains

With mustard yellow walls, these curtains are a perfect match. They’re breezy, vibrant, and breathable! So if you want to create a more open space by moving your furniture against the wall, they’ll work in your room.

Navy Blue curtains

The combination of navy blue curtains and pale yellow walls works well in areas that require a sense of seclusion and intimacy. Navy has the ability to create a welcoming ambiance with its soothing hues. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a classy but not overpowering color palette for their room.

white stripes and Teal

Incorporating a dash of blue into your decor will make you feel more relaxed. Make your home feel like you’re relaxing on the beach without sacrificing flair or elegance by using sea salt and teal and white stripes!

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Blue Chevron curtains

It’s possible to create an energetic, playful vibe in a room by pairing blue chevron drapes with bright yellow patterns on the walls. Then again, if you’re decorating a child’s room or a nursery, this combination might be ideal! Accents like pillows and children’s artwork on the wall can make your room both enjoyable and fashionable.

Sheer White Curtains

With this, you may bring some color and warmth to your room. Because the curtains are so thin, they allow a lot of light into the room, but they still have that patterned effect!

Sample White Patterned Curtains

Make your room feel like you’re in a castle by using this type of curtain. This is going to make your yellow walls stand out even more, thanks to the curtains!

Yellow Chevron curtains

If the blue chevron curtains aren’t your style, consider yellow ones instead for a fun, energetic look. If you’re looking for anything other than white or black furniture, this is a nice alternative for you to consider.

Black and White

Using white and black patterned curtains over yellow walls with an all-over design is a terrific option. Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult to match patterns with more complex designs. To achieve a simple yet unique style, you can use these colors.

Dark Green Curtains With Yellow Walls

This combination of dark green drapes and yellow walls is an intriguing one, yet it’s still suited for the room. The color is fantastic since it can brighten up any other hue.

Beige Curtains

Beige curtains with yellow walls are a terrific alternative if you’re not sure what color to go with. The richer, more traditional look that this room achieves with the use of darker hues is something you may achieve for your own home. In any home or apartment, this won’t look out of place!

White patterned and Grey Curtains

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look that will suit the room well, grey and white patterned curtains with yellow walls are an excellent option. Make your home appear bright and airy with the help of these brighter hues, which will also offer a sense of warmth to any room!

Mocha patterned Curtains

Black and other dark hues are the greatest choice for making your design pop. A great illustration of this is the combination of mocha curtains and yellow walls! Darker hues really stand out and appear lively.

White Sheer curtains

translucent white panels with yellow walls are perfect for a bohemian appearance in your home office or bedroom. There’s an airy sensation to this curtain because it barely covers half of the window!

What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Walls? (Our Top Picks)

It’s no secret that yellow is one of the world’s most upbeat and jovial color choices for home design. It’s a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and nurseries since it conveys a sense of coziness, enthusiasm, and joy.

In the event that you’ve decided to paint your walls yellow but aren’t sure what color curtains to go with, we’ve got you covered with some terrific suggestions. Take a look at the following two examples:

Best Curtain Colors that Go With Yellow Walls

Classic Dark Brown Curtains With Bright Yellow Walls

When it comes to modern living rooms, yellow walls and dark brown drapes work exceptionally well. Warm yellows and chocolate or coffee browns look great together, regardless of how dark or light they are. The darkness of your curtains will be influenced by the color intensity of the walls. Try varied hues of yellow on the walls so that dark and deep brown tones can be paired beautifully with both light and bold backgrounds.

Sea Blue for a Coastal Vibe

If you’re decorating your living room or bedroom, pairing yellow and blue is a great idea because yellow is so welcoming. The only thing you need to think about is how bright your yellow paint is. With azure and turquoise, mustard yellow and lemon are a match made in heaven, while saffron and golden colours work well with darker blues.

In a room with yellow walls, avoid using patterned blue curtains to prevent making the space feel cramped. The contrast between the dark and bright yellows in these drapes is softened by the pale blue.

Your yellow walls in the bedroom or living area will look great with this thick blackout curtain. During the summer, blackout curtains help keep the room cool by blocking out the sun.

Navy Blue for a Soft Contrast

Navy blue is another complementary color for walls painted in a mustard yellow hue. Due to the fact that yellow and blue are complementary colors, the combination of these two hues works exceptionally well. Living rooms and bedrooms can be decorated with pale yellow walls and navy blue curtains.

A yellow walled dining room, living room, or bedroom would benefit from this blue curtain’s basic style. Light from your windows will be efficiently blocked by the fabric’s high-density interlaced yarn and triple-layer technology.

Black and White Striped Curtains

Consider a black-and-white striped curtain to complement your room’s bright yellow walls. This color combination works well with a gold yellow, for example. The combination of black and white with bright yellow is a great way to create a cohesive aesthetic in any space. In addition, the golden tone of your yellow walls will be highlighted by your curtains.

A black and white striped curtain like the one pictured above will look great in any area of the house. This curtain has a smooth feel to it and provides excellent privacy protection because to its use of long-lasting, soft satin fabric. We recommend adding blackout liners to the curtain because it is already unlined (up to 95 percent ).

Green Curtain With Soft Yellow Walls

Because they are both in the same hue family, any shade of green goes well with yellow. Because of their comparable tones, these colors are safe to mix. When paired with light yellow walls, a deep shade of green will exude sophistication. You can try with any shade of pale yellow to create a striking contrast with the green curtain.

Curtain and rug in pistachio green are so overpowering that you don’t even perceive the yellow walls. The orange furnishings and green draperies instantly pique the eye. Brighter yellow paint would be necessary to make a more dramatic impression, but that would simply serve to darken the area further when paired with the dark green curtains.

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Sheer Beige Curtain With Muted Yellow Walls

For a neutral aesthetic, use a yellowish hue on the walls and beige drapes. Similarly to the green and yellow color spectrum, beige and yellow complement each other and function well. If used in the living room or bedroom, this color scheme will provide a sense of depth.

The subdued yellow walls in this brilliantly colored room work well with the red bedding, which is the primary focus of the space.

Hot Pink Curtain with Bright Yellow Wall

Colorful bathrooms can be brightened up with the addition of pink curtains. Incorporating yellow into the area can make it feel warm and welcoming. When paired with a vivid yellow, any shade of pink, such as salmon, peach, or coral, looks great. These colors will bring a grin to any girl’s face, no matter if you use them for their bedroom or bathroom decor.

Tips on Choosing the Best Curtains for Yellow Walls

A good rule of thumb is to keep your curtains from being too white: white goes with any bright color—even yellow. However, if your yellow walls are painted in a snow-white hue, they will appear lifeless and uninteresting. For a more serene look, go with subdued white curtains against your sunny yellow walls.

– What color curtains should you choose? – Warm or cold? Despite the fact that yellow goes well with both warm and cool colors, you need consider whether you want to make a statement or soothe the senses. Cold color palettes are a great place to experiment with rich, deep tones of the color spectrum. To match your walls with curtains, opt for pastel or warm tones of curtain fabric in order to create a cohesive look.

When designing a minimalist space, it’s important to play around with textures. For example, warm yellow walls with monochromatic curtains can look drab and uninteresting. To provide some contrast to your yellow walls, hang blue or red drapes in front of them. To match with your yellow walls, consider adding metallic fixtures like silver or gold-framed mirrors or copper-hued lighting.

With the use of patterned drapes and yellow walls, an interior design scheme that fits in both modern and traditional homes may be created. To make your room pop, coordinate the wall color with the throw pillows and the floor covering with the curtain patterns.

Dusty Yellow

Rather of opting for white walls, this buttery yellow colour is a popular choice. A romantic or bohemian vibe can be achieved in the room by using vibrant curtain colors.

Muted Yellow

Muted yellows pair well with vibrant curtain colors if you’d rather stay away from very saturated yellows. In order to maintain a sense of harmony in the room, this color will not compete with other bright colors.

Sunny Yellow

If you’re looking to give your living room or dining room a nostalgic vibe, consider painting the walls a bright yellow. This tint brightens up the space and makes it feel more open.

Classic Yellow

A classic yellow shade for the walls will keep the overall effect from being too overwhelming if your curtains are in a more neutral color.


Even if the weather outside is dreary, you’ll still be upbeat when wearing this cheerful shade of yellow.

Banana Yellow

Even the rafters and the fireplace mantel can be painted this bright yellow color. Warm the space up with light blue or beige curtains.


Any room can benefit from this light and elegant yellow color. Saffron walls can be used to provide warmth to a room if the curtains are the primary color. This color is ideal for the bedroom because it has a calming impact.


Gold yellow has never gone out of style as a refined color. Non-metallic gold is considered less flashy with an earthy undertone when it comes to painting your walls. You can’t go wrong with grey or beige drapes paired with this. In formal dining rooms and living rooms, gold yellow works particularly nicely.


If you were wondering what color curtains work with yellow walls, our article should have hopefully given you some inspiration. If you’re redecorating a room, don’t be afraid to try out different shades of yellow on the walls. Choosing darker-colored curtains for your bedroom if your walls are yellow, for example, will give you the most seclusion and darkness. Lighter-colored curtains in the living room will help keep the space feeling spacious and airy.

If you were stumped as to what color curtains go best with yellow walls, we hope this article provided some ideas. It’s important to play around with different colors of yellow on the walls depending on the room you’re redecorating. If you’re painting your walls yellow, for example, you’ll want to choose darker-colored curtains to provide maximum privacy and darkness. For the living room, however, choose lighter-colored curtain shades to maintain the space feeling spacious and light.