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There are three steps to cast off a loom blanket, and we’ve broken it down for you! Binding off or casting off a loom blanket is a simple technique that can be done properly. However, we’ve streamlined the process so that even novices can get it done quickly and easily.

To complete the loom blanket that you started, we will go over how to cast off the stitches. Picking up stitches and knitting them together is all it takes to get the job done. Please read on if you’re still unsure:

How To Cast Off A Loom Blanket For Beginners

1. Pick up stitches with your knitting tool

To pick up your stitches, you’ll need a crochet hook or a knitting needle. Pick the stitch on the leftmost peg of the upper row from the rightmost peg. Having two stitches on your tool, lift the first stitch and place it over the second.

Loom Knit: Cast Off - No Stretch Version | BEGINNER | The Crochet Crowd - YouTube

Next, insert the tool on a different peg to produce a second stitch, then lift the first stitch over it to join them together. Casting off or binding off a loom occurs when you get as near to the yarn tail as possible. Even novices will find the technique simple and straightforward.

2. Knit the stitches together

You’ll be able to continue knitting across the loom as soon as you grasp how to knit the stitches and combine them. After you’ve finished knitting the blanket, you’ll only have one stitch left on the tool. After that, trim the yarn to leave a tail of about 5 inches for tying.

When you remove the last stitch, thread the tail you left through the tool and then wrap it around the loom. To finish, pull the knot tight and weave in all the tails. Casting off the other end of the blanket is now possible.

3. Weave the yarn tails and finish binding off

The process is the same on the other side. Insert the tool on the rightmost stitch, the one furthest from the tail. Bind off by knitting the second stitch into the first one.

Repeat the method until you have one stitch remaining. Once you’ve tied a knot, repeat steps 2 & 3 to finish off the final stitch. Remove the anchor yarn tail by weaving the yarn through the blanket and weaving it through the blanket.

Loom Knit Blanket : 8 Steps - Instructables

How Do You Cast Off A Long Loom?

A long or rectangular loom could be used to weave a blanket. To what do you bind off? The three methods above will make binding off any type of loom a breeze if you grasp the fundamentals of casting off.

Casting off is the same whether you’re using a rectangular or a round loom, so keep that in mind. Because you’re finishing a straight edge, you can use the simple bind off technique we discussed before. The process of binding off is slightly different if you’ve worked on anything that needs to be stretchy, like socks or a hat.

How do you make a stretchy bind off?

Before cutting and threading the needle, wrap the yarn around the loom to get an extra length. To tighten them up, thread the needle through the loop on the left peg and up the loop on the right peg. If you’re not sure which pegs to work on, simply bring the yarn to the left of the stitch you just finished and work on the pegs on both sides of the yarn.

Like the basic cast off, you’ll move the loops over the first peg like so. The old left peg will be replaced with the new right peg, and vice versa. You’ll be able to work your way up the left peg’s loop and down the right peg’s loop with your yarn tucked under the new right peg.

Take your first two loops and continue to bind off. Check to see if the initial right peg has turned into the left peg. To complete the project, knot off the remaining yarn.

How Do You Bind Off A Weaving Loom?

Weaving on the loom would be a great alternative to knitting. It’s as simple to finish binding off a woven item as it is to finish a knitted one. Work on the rear of your weave to do this. Pull a second loop through the first one with a crochet hook after you’ve twisted and tightened the first one against the thread.

Slide the first loop you produced into the base of the second loop, then twist it around the base of the second loop. Pulling a new loop through the preceding one and pressing the latter down the following loop will be a regular occurrence for you. Work your way down the weave, twirling the crochet hook to create a new loop.

Loom Knit: Double Stockinette Twist Stitch with Cast On | BEGINNER | The Crochet Crowd - YouTube

Thread a sewing string through the final loop to keep it in place. When working under the closest thread, make a loop and double knot it. Make sure your weave is secure and neat by tucking and trimming the ends.


If you’ve learned how to loom knit a blanket, you’ll need to learn how to cast off or bind off the blanket. We’ve broken down the process of casting off a loom blanket into three simple steps to make it easier for newcomers to grasp. Picking up stitches and knitting them together is the most important part of the process.