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The wires used to provide heat in an electric blanket are built into the fabric itself. They typically feature a control unit that adjusts the level of warmth emanating from the blanket. Any frigid climate is no match for their ability to provide warmth.

When you plug in an electric blanket, the power travels through the cables and warms the fabric. The temperature of the blanket can be adjusted using the pad’s thermostat. Fixing the heating wire or tightening the connectors is important if one becomes damaged. So, we’ll be talking about electric blanket repairs.

How to Fix an Electric Blanket? - Step by Step Guide

Finding the root of the problem is essential before attempting to fix the blanket. To solve the issue at hand will need less money and time than purchasing a replacement blanket.

How to Check An Electric Blanket

If your electric blanket ever stops working, try the following:

• Step: 1

Unplug your blanket and inspect each and every piece. A piece of the control module or the bead may also become dislodged. This means the blanket isn’t getting enough juice to stay warm. Rebuilding every link is necessary if you want them to last.

• Step: 2

Ensure that the blanket has no pins or other metal things in it. When you turn on the electricity, this could shock you. If there are any metal objects, they must be removed before the blanket can be closed and the resulting hole must be fused.

• Step: 3

A multimeter must be used to ensure that the cable has not been tampered with or is being short-circuited. Connect one end of the multimeter probe to the cord’s terminal and the other end to the plug.

If the continuity test yields a reading of zero on the multimeter, the cable is in perfect condition. However, if the number is particularly high, a new cable will have to be installed.

• Step: 4

To fix a blown fuse in the blanket’s control box, just replace the fuse. Fuses can be blown by overheating or hot spots brought on by power surges. There are other appliances on the circuit that could be damaged if the fuse keeps blowing. The blanket should be plugged into a power socket on a different circuit.

• Step: 5

Using a screwdriver, open the control unit and inspect it for any stray screws or other potential sources of malfunction. There must be a problem with the thermostat if others also have trouble getting the blanket to operate. Connectors inside the thermostat should be tightened up.

• Step: 6

Replace the heating blanket if you can’t figure out the problem. Most of the time, replacing something is more cost-effective than fixing an older model.

Why Electric Blankets Stop Working?

Like any other electrical device, an electric blanket runs the risk of malfunctioning. Having used the blanket for more than five years is the primary cause of this. On average, electric blankets last around five years before they stop working properly after regular use.

The effects of an electric blanket eventually wear off for a variety of other reasons. Like electrical issues, the interaction between liquid and the cloth covering the wires, etc.

Electric blankets, which are useful for providing supplemental heat on cold winter nights, are also very safe to use. Your bed will always be warm and there is no need to warm it up.

If used correctly, electric blankets can help you get a good night’s rest in safety. A properly cared-for electric blanket will continue to function as intended indefinitely. What is the proper way to use an electric blanket?

Spread this out on your bed after you’ve removed it from the packaging. Next, cover your electric blanket with sheets. This prevents you from getting this blanket on your skin.

Put your electric blanket in the outlet at least 30 minutes before you plan to sleep under it. Whenever you get into bed, you should unplug the blanket immediately. You shouldn’t use this electric blanket at bedtime.

For the rest of the night, your body will remain toasty warm if you merely turn it on for 30 minutes before bed.

An electric blanket also comes with its own control panel where you may adjust the temperature to your liking. They help keep you warm at night by storing up heat during the day.

How to Fix an Electric Blanket? - Step by Step Guide

Electric Blanket Using Cautions

Remember to always lay your electric blanket flat to dry after each use. Electrical circuits may become dysfunctional as a result of the folding.

  • Don’t ever squeeze the heating cables or the control cord. This is why even folding chairs and couch beds should never have electric blankets used on them. There will be pinching and damage to the cables.
  • Do not use any kind of liquid on your bed. Keep the water away from your electric blanket.
  • Sick or otherwise uneasy people should avoid using electric blankets. This will make things worse and make them sick.
  • Make sure your electric blanket never comes into contact with anything sharp or piercing. It’s possible to destroy your electric blanket with just light scratching or threading.
  • Using cleaning chemicals on an electric blanket is a bad idea since there won’t be enough room for air to circulate around the chemicals. The heating mechanism is also susceptible to harm from these cleaning agents.
  • If you iron your electric blanket, you will harm the heating mechanism.

In conclusion, using an electric blanket limits your mobility, but provides excellent heat. You need to follow the guidelines for using the electric blanket properly. If you want to use it as per the specs, plug it into a standard wall outlet. Maintain a dry blanket at all times. And stay away from behaviors that could lead to injuries.

How to Fix An Electric Blanket

If winter is not your favorite season, an electric blanket will be your best friend. However, what would happen if it abruptly stopped functioning?

Repairing the electronic components of an electric blanket at home may appear risky. However, there is a way this could work!

If your electric blanket is broken, you must fix it according to these instructions.

Before you can do anything else, though, you’ll need to unplug the blanket.

Additionally, the blanket’s battery will automatically disconnect to stop any additional electrical damage.

Also, make sure all cables are unplugged before attempting to troubleshoot.

It’s common for the issue to arise when the cloth or cables get unattached. Once you figure out what went wrong, all you have to do is locate the disconnect.

If the problem looks to be fixable, reattaching the severed cable is all that is needed. If you’re not up to the task, you’ll need to take your blanket to a pro.

Cleaning and maintaining electric blankets

Experts advise soaking your electric blanket in cold detergent for 15 minutes once a month to keep it in good working order. Then, spend two minutes washing your blanket in water with mild soap. In the end, rinse with fresh water and air dry.

Another option is to run the machine with detergent and warm water for a few minutes.

As soon as the task is over, turn off the machine. Put the blanket on the warming rack and turn on the machine. After that, turn it back on for another two minutes while you clean it.

You can throw your blanket in the dryer if you like. Keep in mind that the lowest setting is optimal while drying. After cooling down after your jog for two minutes, lay your moist blanket out to dry. To dry a blanket without a dryer, simply hang it up and don’t ever use tongs.

Here are some additional tips for cleaning the electric blanket:

When cleaning, never use bleach. Don’t use an iron on your electric blanket, either. Drying in a space with central heating will also damage the electrical cables. The electric battery must never get wet.

Remember that the heating wire needs fixing if it breaks or if the connections become loose. To fix your blanket properly, you must first determine the root cause. Occasionally, replacing a worn out blanket can be less expensive and more efficient than mending the old one.

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When your electric blanket is beyond repair, it’s time to upgrade to a whole new model. Here are some of the greatest electric blankets you can get at a reasonable price.

Wrapping Up!

An electric blanket will undoubtedly be your most trusted friend this winter. However, they are susceptible to malfunctioning just like any other electrical device. Before fixing the blanket, you need to determine the root cause.

Unless the issue is particularly complex, you can probably handle it on your own. In some cases, replacing a worn out blanket can be more cost-effective and time-efficient than mending the current one.