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Can you build a poncho out of a blanket? You can get amazing ponchos and drab ponchos alike; however, if you have the talent, you may make a poncho that is distinctively yours from things you already have about the house. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the instructions below will walk you through the process.

Quick Guide On How To Make A Poncho Out Of A Blanket

Here are some simple instructions for turning your blanket into a fashionable poncho.

tutorial - diy blanket poncho

Step #1. Find a blanket that fits your size

When it comes to ponchos, the size you need is all up to personal preference and the design you’re going for. They can be worn in a variety of fashionable lengths, from above the waist to the floor. However, while your arms are down at your sides, the majority of ponchos will fall to your wrists.

Throw-sized fabric is sufficient for most adults. It’s easier to trim the length than sew on extra fabric to make it wider or longer, so err on the side of caution and use more fabric than you think you’ll need.

If you’d rather have a circular poncho, just buy more fabric than you need and trim it to size.

Step #2. Fold the blanket in half

In order to find out how much cloth you need, fold it in half. To make your markings, unfold the cloth and place it on a flat surface. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t fold your fabric where the edges meet if you want your poncho to hang longer in the front or rear. The bottom section should be made longer than the top.

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Make a plan for the fabric cutting if you want a circular poncho. To locate the center of your circle, measure halfway along the folded edge. It’s easiest to measure the length of your poncho if you mark two points on either side of the center. To complete the circle, keep adding points. To create a circle, follow the markings and cut the fabric out.

Step #3. Cut a hole for your head

Make a slit on your blanket’s folded edge. If you want your poncho to rest comfortably on your shoulders, the slit should be placed in the middle of the edge. If you want to avoid having your head fly off your shoulders, the hole needs to be at least 12 inches in diameter.

Step #4. Hem the seams to prevent fraying

Hemming the poncho’s seams to prevent fraying is an optional step, but it’s worth it if you have the time and patience to do it. Unfinished fabric edges are more likely to fray and wear out fast. Hemming your blanket poncho will help the fabric last longer and keep it’s shape.

Step #5. Add some designs for flair

You can be creative with the look of your poncho. Add pockets, patterns, or even fringe if you’re feeling particularly creative. Don’t be afraid to spruce things up here and there, as your imagination is the only thing holding you back.

Are there stylish ways to wear a poncho?

The next step after finishing your poncho is to decide where and when you will wear it. Any poncho can be made fashionable with the right accessories and a little know-how. This is just a starting point, but here are some suggestions.

Over sweater or collared shirt

Instead of a light coat or jacket, a poncho is perfect for the fall season. Wearing a poncho as an outer layer over a light sweater or a long-sleeved, collared shirt is a wonderful option for errand running. Don’t go crazy with the embellishments. Choose a solid-colored top to wear underneath your printed poncho.

With skinny jeans

If your poncho is on the bulkier side, slimming bottoms like leggings or narrow pants are a terrific choice. If you want to seem fashionable throughout the day or on a casual evening out, stick to slimmer bottoms. To counteract the poncho’s excessive volume, slimming darker silhouettes are recommended.

With over-the-knee boots

Jeans look excellent when tucked into tall boots, whether they are riding boots, biker boots, or an above-the-knee design. Wearing a poncho with tall boots is a great way to look both fashionable and comfy. If you want to look polished, wear just neutral hues.

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With a cinch belt

Wrap a cincher belt around your waist to highlight your hourglass shape. This is helpful for women of smaller stature who may feel swallowed up by the volume of cloth on larger ponchos. You may gather all the fabric into a sleeker silhouette by using belts that are wider than your fingers. This is a useful tip for anyone wearing a poncho as a dress.


Knowing how to construct a poncho from a blanket will give you the confidence to give worn clothes a new lease on life while still looking chic. Ponchos are versatile garments that can be worn at any time of day or night. Wearing them over your cocktail dresses and evening gowns is not recommended, but they can be a great way to make a statement when paired with other, more understated pieces.