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We’re frequently asked how many chains are required to complete various sized afghans, so here are some guidelines. Using a crochet hook and measuring tape, I calculated the average chain counts needed to reach near to the desired size of the finished piece.

How Many Chains to Start an Afghan

I’m assuming a 4 ply worsted weight yarn in the Medium 4 category. Yarns like Caron Simply Soft, Caron One Pound, Bernat Super Value, and others fall within this category. Look at the yarn’s ball band to determine its weight.

How many chains does it take to begin a blanket or afghan? | Crochet stitches for beginners, Beginning crochet, Crochet

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The number of stitches per inch I used is listed in the worksheet that follows. You don’t have to do the math. However, if you’d like to do the arithmetic on other yarn and hook types, you may. What you can do is this.

  • Crochet a 3′′ Chain.
  • 1 single stitch Row 2: sc in each chain across from the hook. Turn.
  • In each stitch across, work one hdc. Turn.
  • Step 3 should be repeated three more times.
  • Using a measuring tape, measure how many stitches per inch. It round to nearly 1/4 inch.


Stitch count per inch can be determined with a measuring tape. It has a diameter of about a quarter of an inch.

Worksheet Below

If you want this worksheet, you can get it by clicking the button above.

  • I’ve included hooks in four common sizes, ranging from 5 mm / H Hook to 6.5 mm / J Hook, which is the conventional recommendation for yarn of this weight.

How Many Chain Stitches For A Blanket: How To Find Out Your Chain Number

Chain stitches for a blanket range from 90 to 225 chains, to give you an idea. This is due to the fact that each blanket style is different in size, and the yarn thickness and personal gauge must be taken into account. A larger hook will also reduce the number of chains you’ll be able to complete.

Keep in mind that the question of how many stitches a blanket should have is one that will never have a simple answer. Those who inquire about the pattern and the factors we discussed must be more explicit. You’ll also want to verify the weight of the yarn and the amount of stitches in the blanket stitch pattern.

Chain count estimates to start different kinds of blankets

A baby blanket that is 24 inches wide has a starting chain of 90, whereas a blanket that is 30 inches wide has a chain of 113. A 60-inch wide throw blanket will require a beginning chain length of 225. And for a 54-inch wide Afghan blanket, the starting chain is 203.

These estimations are for blankets with no draperies, so keep that in mind. Your hook size is 5mm or H, and your yarn weight is medium 4. Knowing how many chains you’ll need for your blanket is beneficial, but it would be better if you knew how long your chain will be for the blanket to avoid problems.

How Many Stitches Are In A Throw Blanket?

Cast on anywhere from 30 to 300 stitches if you want to make a throw blanket. Throw blankets come in a variety of sizes, and the stitches you need will depend on the pattern and the type of yarn you use. Keep in mind that the yarn label will tell you how many stitches are in an inch of yarn after knitting, so keep an eye out for that.

This will help you figure out how many stitches you’ll need to cast on to make the blanket. Make a simple calculation: multiply the number of stitches per inch by the length of your throw. You’ll need to cast on 160 stitches for a 40-inch throw blanket that uses yarn capable of knitting four stitches each inch.

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What Is The Best Crochet Stitch For A Blanket?

1. Moss stitch for beginners

A blanket made with the moss stitch is appropriate for novices who are just beginning to crochet. The moss stitch’s pattern is rather straightforward, with rows 1 and 2 being knit one, purl one, and rows 3 and 4 being purl one, knit one. Making your first blanket won’t be overwhelming if you follow the pattern and only make these four rows.

2. Waffle stitch for a cozy blanket

The waffle stitch is the ideal crochet technique for individuals who need a blanket that is both soft and cozy. In addition to being soft and cushy, the finished blanket will have a cold-weather-appropriate texture. Waffle stitch blanket patterns are readily available online.

3. C2C stitch for solid colors or colorwork

Crocheting a blanket using the C2C or corner-to-corner stitch is another reasonably simple option. One of the most common stitches for blankets is this one. In addition, the C2C stitch is the best option if you want to produce a solid-colored or more colorful blanket.

4. Double crochet to finish fast

Due of the size of blankets, most people find them difficult to complete. For those who wish to finish their blankets quickly, the double crochet stitch is a suitable option. Your blanket won’t get boring because of the repetitive nature of the music.

What Is A Good Size For A Crochet Blanket?

The Afghan blanket is one of the most popular crocheted blankets. Typically, a full-size Afghan measures 50 by 65 inches, so you’ll have plenty of room to work with. Crocheting a baby blanket, which is 25 by 30 inches, is another popular choice if you’re looking for something smaller.

Crocheting a blanket gives you a lot of creative leeway. However, the sizes shown are simply a guideline because the pattern and gauge can alter the dimensions of the knitted garment. Make the blanket in a way that’s enjoyable for you, and you’ll like making it more.

What is the best yarn for a baby blanket?

Most knitters prefer using a cotton/bamboo or cotton/acrylic combination of yarn for baby blanket patterns, although there are many more options. It is easy to clean, stain resistant, cuddly, and devoid of allergens.

What size should a baby blanket be?

Comforters for baby’s bed The blanket should be devoid of any loose threads, buttons, yarns, or major holes that could endanger a child’s safety in their crib (or, eventually, toddler bed). This blanket is usually rectangular in shape and measures roughly 40 inches by 60 inches.

Is acrylic yarn okay for babies?

The fiber content of acrylic, cotton, or bamboo should not be a consideration when selecting a material. Make sure that the yarn is both pliable and easy to care for. Mohair and alpaca are luxurious to the touch, but they might irritate a baby’s skin and aren’t well-suited for machine washing.

How many inches should a crochet baby blanket be?

The dimension spans from 36 inches x 54 inches to 45 inches x 60 inches, which is made up of rectangles. Crocheting a baby blanket allows you to choose the size, color, and stitching technique.

What crochet stitch uses the least amount of yarn?

The least amount of yarn is commonly used in openwork stitch patterns. It is because of these openwork spaces that a double crochet mesh uses less yarn than a standard double crochet cloth.

How do I make a baby blanket for beginners?

What is the easiest thing to crochet for beginners?

Crochet Patterns for Beginners: 22 Quick & Easy Patterns

  • The Moss Stitch Crochet Scarf.
  • Crochet Pattern for a 1.5-Hour Beanie.
  • The 5-Hour Baby Blanket.
  • Decorative Crochet Potholders.
  • Cotton Balls or Spa Scrubbies that can be reused.
  • How to Make an Easy Crochet Cowl in a Flash.
  • Simple Market Tote
  • Pattern for a simple crochet hat.

Can babies sleep with crochet blankets?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under the age of 12 months have nothing soft in their cribs. These include crocheted blankets. A crib or bassinet is not a secure place for a baby to sleep with these items.

Is it faster to knit or crochet?

Crochet takes less time than knitting to make an item. If you’re interested in learning how to knit, this course is for you. Granny squares, amigurumi, and yarn bombing are all great examples of multidirectional projects that can be made with crochet because there is only one live stitch each row.

Which crochet stitch uses most yarn?

Single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet are the basic crochet stitches that use the most yarn.

How long should a crochet blanket be?

A 6in by 6in swatch is standard for me. Crochet until your swatch is 6 inches in length. As a last step, determine how many stitches are in four inches.

What is the hardest thing to crochet?

You’ve never seen anything like these ten crochet items before.

  • Hat made with frosted strawberries.
  • It’s a Hexipuff unicorn blanket.
  • Say hello to your new baby’s deer blanket…
  • In Joana’s case, her mandala
  • A Casa Kahlo throw blanket.
  • the dromedary Pedro…
  • Dream blossom in full bloom…
  • F*ck up that beanie.

How many chains do you need for a blanket?

Round to the nearest whole number if you get a number with a decimal point. To get the 146.25 stitch count, multiply the 39-inch length by the 3.75-inch stitch width. Round to 146 stitches, then decrease by one stitch. So, there you have it.

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How much yarn do I need to crochet a blanket?

In order to make a full-sized blanket, you will need between 13 and 18 balls of yarn. It’s common for afghans to be highly multicolored, so you may need to buy one skein of each color. Only 10 skeins may be needed for a blanket with just one or a few colors.

What yarn should I use for a blanket?

Synthetic fibers


Is crocheting a blanket on your list of projects? It’s nearly impossible to calculate how many chain stitches you’ll need for a blanket because you have to take into account the gauge, the yarn, and the hook. Starting chains can range from 90 to 225 in length.