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Custom pop up camper curtains make it simple to personalize your RV. You’ll need to learn how to sew from scratch, but you can use your old curtains as a reference.

It’s no secret that we were fed up with the brown in our pop-up camper, so we decided to rebuild it. However, you may also change the dinette table to give your home a contemporary design.

Because I want to keep things simple and save money, I chose to make my camper curtains DIY project by sewing fabric on top of the existing curtains. The new curtains have a variety of colorful patterns on top of them.

How to Make Pop Up Camper Curtains

Cotton is the ideal material for pop-up camper curtains if you utilize this method. For the curtain panels that run the length of our RV, I opted for a flat queen-size sheet. Dark tan drapes with a brown border had been in place previously. Rectangles 1 inch larger all around were cut after measuring the brown region. In order to keep the existing side hem on the bottom of the curtain, I trimmed the fabric. Neither the old curtains nor pop-up curtain clips for the RV curtain track had to be disassembled.

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On each side of the curtain, I cut a piece of turquoise cloth to hide the dark brown. The margins of these were similarly serged. Right sides together, I stitched down the inside edge to secure them. After that, I stitched the strip in place on the exterior after wrapping it around.

The serged edges were used on the other three sides as well. Using a rotary cutter, I cut each piece of cloth in half and pinned the two halves together. Stitching them in place, I left the bottom of the garment unattached.

Finally, I hemmed the bottom border of all of the curtains to finish them up. The top edge of the original curtain may be seen, but the valance covers it.

DIY RV Curtains

I repeated this method for the end curtains of the bunks, but left the mesh top part in place. Because these are so adorable, who cares if they don’t hang completely straight? Because I used a light-weight fabric. The curtains didn’t gain any weight as a result of the addition. Solar bunk end coverings and solar window blinds can help keep your bunk beds cool.

Cute Camping Fabric

The valance was constructed in a unique manner. Because I didn’t have enough of this camping fabric to make a valance with ruffles or to cover the existing fabric, I created one with a straight hanging rod.

To hang, there were hanging strips on the bunk ends and velcro connection on the sides of the existing valance. A ribbon trim concealed these attachments. In order to save time, I snipped off the ruffled fabric trim and attached the new fabric just underneath.

The new valances with the camping theme pattern look great, but they tend to be pushed out of the way when a curtain is opened beneath them. It’s not a huge deal at all. Perfection isn’t necessary for me.

Sewing Pillow Covers

I used two different techniques for making the throw pillow coverings. Some were as simple as the sleeves of pillowcases. More or almost everything else has an opening in its rear. All of them are machine washable and detachable.

Sewing three edges of two rectangles with right sides together and hemming the opening edges was the traditional method for making pillowcases. I don’t hem them if they have a salvage edge, though. Old camping shirts were used to make a variety of creative pillows.

Not just for RV curtains and pillows, but for any other type of curtain or pillow as well.

Our bright new pop-up trailer refurbishment has beyond my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier. Is it something you enjoy? If you’re running a pop-up shop and need more storage, check out this hanging food shelf hack.

Steps To Make Curtains For Pop Up Camper

Where can I find instructions on how to manufacture drapes for a pop-up camper

There’s a problem, though:

It is possible to personalize your curtains in a variety of ways.

Here’s a quick and easy way to do it.

Step #1. Getting the measurements

To figure out what size curtain you’ll need, take a measurement of the space.

Step #2. Cutting the fabric

Make rectangles out of the fabric.

An inch should be added to each of its dimensions.

Make sure the hemming goes toward the bottom of the curtain when cutting the fabric.

Cut a strip of another fabric for the sides of the curtains, and then sew it in place.

Step #3. Stitching the fabric pieces

With the right sides facing each other, sew the fabric pieces together. From the inside out, begin stitching

Step #4. Sewing the strips

From the outside, stitch the strips in place after they’ve been wrapped around the panel.

Clean up the remaining edges with a soft brush. To secure the fabric, align it properly and fold one of the edges under before pinning it in place.

You can now sew them with a straight stitch after pinning them in place with pins.

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Do not attach the curtain’s bottom edge.

Step #5. Hemming the curtains

All of the curtain panels you’ve constructed should have the bottom edges hemmed.

You’ll notice that the valance hides the old curtain on top.

You may do the same thing on the bunk end curtains as well, if you choose.

Just keep the mesh portion on the top.

Despite the fact that they may not be precisely straight, they nevertheless look good.

You won’t have to worry about adding too much weight to the curtains because you’ll be using lightweight cotton.

There are other ways to keep the bunks cool, such as installing solar window shades or solar covers on each end of the bunk.

Helpful Tips To Make Curtains For Pop Up Camper

The following advice will help you get the work done correctly.

Tip #1. Measure twice

To ensure accuracy, measurements should be taken three times, and cuts only need to be made once.

It’s important to measure the area before placing it.

Ask for support if necessary. Be precise with your measurements, as this is the first step to success in this project.

To avoid wasting time and money later on, make sure that the curtains you plan to make for your pop-up camper are the right size.

Tip #2. Decide what seam is the best

Afterwards, you must determine the seams for your curtain.

It is customary to leave a half-inch seam allowance on either side.

The genuine curtain may be wider than this.

Tip #3. Cut the pieces twice the width you measured

To guarantee that you have enough fabric for the width, you should cut the pieces twice the width of the measurement.

In addition, the curtains will look great when you do this.

A valance with an 80-inch length requires a fabric that is 160 inches long in order to offer ample gathering.

Tip #4. Use RV tools

RV hardware must be used to hang the curtains. It’s a touch pricey, but it’s well worth it.

Tip #5. Choose a washable curtain fabric

You know how campers come into contact with dirt while they’re out in nature.

Pop-up campers may not be the greatest place for delicate materials because of this.

It’s A Wrap!

At first, remodeling a pop-up camper can be a daunting task.

Avoid rushing the projects because doing so will make them less enjoyable.

To acquire the greatest outcomes, allocate a suitable amount of time and budget for the job.

Making the curtains for pop-up campers isn’t difficult.

Even if you’re a novice sewer, you can accomplish this task.

As long as you follow the steps and follow the advice given above, the procedure will be completed in no time.

How to make curtains for a pop-up camper is as simple as following these instructions.

Last but not least, remember to stay safe while having fun.


How do you make curtains for a pop up camper?

It’s easy to make your own camper curtains for “pop-up camping.”

  1. In order to make new camper curtains, cut shower curtains in half and stitch the edges together at the seams.
  2. In the second step, attach the curtain panel slider strips that were previously attached to the old drapes.
  3. Hang the new curtains in your camper and have a great time with them!

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What size are the pop up camper curtains?

4 FINISHED panels of 39″ x 51″ each for the privacy bed curtains.

How much fabric do I need for pop up camper curtains?

The Panels of Curtain Rods. 15 yards of cotton duck cloth fabric were purchased for the panels. It’s a lot of weight, but the insulation it provides is excellent. Because I happened upon a local home fabric store that was about to close, I was able to purchase my first 7 yards for about $2.50.

How do you hang curtains on a pop up canopy?

How do you put up a gazebo or a pop-up canopy and how do you hang the curtains or fabric?

  1. Over it, simply drape a large enough piece of fabric to cover the entire canopy.
  2. Apply adhesive velcro over the top of the canopy/gazebo frame and along the fabric’s top edge..
  3. Hooks can be used to attach fabric.

What kind of fabric should I use for camper curtains?

Because an RV is less climate-controlled than a house and your curtains bleach faster than home curtains, we recommend synthetic fibers for RV curtains. As a result, if you’re making RV drapes, you’ll want to go with a durable material like polyester, polypropylene, or acrylic.

How do you clean a canvas on a pop up camper?

Pop-up camper canvas can be cleaned with vinegar. Fill a large bucket halfway with water and the other half with vinegar. Scrub the mildew off the canvas by dipping a scrub brush into the vinegar solution. Rinse off the vinegar and allow the canvas to dry in the sun.