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The garden, terraces, and balconies transform into a second living space throughout the warm months of the year. People flock to the beach for a variety of reasons, including sunbathing, eating, and socializing. Balinese beds are one type of garden furniture that could look excellent in your outside space. They are summery and comfortable to the core.

Reading or watching a movie in this style of bed is an excellent way to unwind and relax. Additionally, it lends the garden an exotic and contemporary taste. The finest part is that it may be used in any situation. You could put one on your patio, in your attic, or even on the beach.

When it comes to outdoor décor, this form of bed is unquestionably the most in-demand. You can learn all about Balinese beds in this page, so you can get one for yourself this summer.

What Is a Balinese Bed?

Two people can lounge on a Balinese bed, an outdoor daybed that’s big enough for two. SeaDream ships include nine two-person beds on Deck 6 aft, while a big wedge-shaped bed on the forward deck area can accommodate six people. Beds in the Bali collection by SeaDream have hardwood frames, adjustable backs, and thick, firm mattresses.


During the day, the daybeds are used primarily for relaxing, reading, drinking, and napping, but SeaDream passengers can reserve the beds to sleep under the stars at night.

Location and size: what’s the best option?

One of the most important considerations is whether or not you have adequate space for one of these beds before you buy one. Trying to squeeze it into a tight space would make the room appear even smaller than it really is. There are several benefits to having a Balinese bed near a swimming pool, so we recommend that you place it there if you can.

Regardless of where you decide to place it, make sure it’s in a peaceful location. It is critical that the bed is not placed in direct sunlight, no matter where you place it. The bed’s material, of course, plays a role in this as well.

There are a variety of alternatives when it comes to the size. Individual, double, and even larger beds, such as those used in dormitories, are all available. As long as you have enough room for it, you can pick the size you prefer.

Group-sized Balinese beds can be seen in some of the world’s most upscale hotels and mansions. Their generous width allows them to accommodate a large number of guests, who can relax on the bed while sipping cocktails and mingling with one another. The width of these beds is typically between 1.8 and 2 meters.

Of course, these mattresses aren’t accessible to everyone. If this is the case, it could be because of the price and size. As a result, the double bed is the most prevalent type of Balinese bed. These are more manageable in terms of size when compared to the previously mentioned bed. They can be used as a bed, a resting place, a place to converse or a place to read.

The most common materials used in Balinese beds

Your Balinese bed can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the interior design of your home. Metal and wood are the most frequent materials for Balinese beds.

For an industrial or contemporary aesthetic, a metal Balinese bed would be ideal. These decor designs, which are known for their cool, slimline vibe, would be well-suited to the material’s simplicity.

Timber Balinese beds, on the other hand, convey the opposite message. Warmth is added to more rustic and homey designs by using them. If you pair them with lighter-colored textiles and fibers, your home will have a beachy vibe.

However, if you prefer your bed to be made of wicker or bamboo, you may find a wide variety of options. These will give your home’s exterior a unique flair. To make the most of a summer afternoon, add some curtains, such as sheer or transparent ones, and a mosquito net for added privacy.

The perfect accessories for your bed

You may discover a wide variety of Balinese bed accessories in huge design stores. For a calming effect, consider adding silk or cotton curtains in light tones like beige or ivory. It will provide a hint of closeness so that no one will be able to see what you are doing.

Another one of your bed’s essentials is a cushion. Your bed will have more character if you choose a variety of fabrics and textures. Keep in mind, though, that the various items and colors should be balanced out properly.

It’s critical that you get outdoor-specific textiles that can withstand the environment. To avoid having to constantly replace them, you must ensure that they are well-maintained.

Balinese Beds on SeaDream Cruises

The SeaDream Yacht Club sets itself apart from other high-end cruise lines in a number of ways. Sleeping under the stars in a Balinese bed is one of the resort’s distinctive features.

Our Experience

Alfresco overnights go wrong all too frequently on Cruise Critic comment boards. Most of the time, it’s the weather that keeps people up at all hours of the night, whether it’s raining or the air temperature isn’t quite right. Late-night partygoers have complained that the Top of the Yacht Bar (next to top-deck lounge areas with Balinese beds) keeps the noise levels too high for them to fall asleep. Most people we asked about it, whether in person or on message boards, said: “Let’s see whether you truly stay on the deck all night long.”

The Bali Bed - The Perfect Backyard Item - Decor Tips

Because it was the most remote and largest bed, we had heard that it was the greatest place to have a good night’s sleep. Only one other couple had signed up before us, and we did so shortly after checking in on the day of departure. Even though the concierge urged us to book it for a night when we would be sailing rather than moored, our cruise only had a few of those so we settled on our final night anchored off Jost Van Dyke, when we would be going to Tortola first thing in the morning.

After supper, the forward deck is roped off, so we had it all to ourselves until 9:30 p.m. Afterward, we went back to our cabin and brushed our teeth and changed into the embroidered SeaDream pajamas that each traveler receives as a welcome turn-down present on the first night of their cruise. It was then that we grabbed our SeaDream eye masks and headed upstairs.

When we passed into the Top of the Yacht Bar at 11:30 p.m. in our matching jammies, quite a few people were still drinking. Our hosts offered to buy us a drink, but we turned them down in favor of spending the night on our own private deck. The egg crate mattress cushion in the middle of the Balinese bed was overlaid with immaculate white sheets, a duvet, and many pillows by housekeeping. The side beds that formed the enormous lounger were also covered in linen to keep things tidy.

When we arrived, we weren’t sure what to expect, but there was nothing over-the-top about the room—just a bed. The outdoor bed was pleasant, and it didn’t differ significantly from our cabin bed in terms of comfort. Unexpectedly, we discovered that there were still safety lights on the forward deck at night, something we had not expected. Because it was so bright outside, we donned our eye masks. In addition, we could hear some music coming from the Top of the Yacht bar, but it didn’t bother us at all.

Yes, I had the finest sleep I’ve ever experienced. Not in the least. The tenders from Foxy’s Bar on Jost Van Dyke kept waking me up when the wind changed. Getting up around 5:30 a.m. to hear a crew man spray-washing the aft deck precluded me from snoozing the rest of the night. It was delightful to be alone on deck, snuggled under a warm blanket, watching the islands pass by as the sun rose. We didn’t mind waiting till 7 a.m. for the early riser coffee to be served at the bar because it made us feel like we were the only ones on board. We might have stayed in bed all morning if it weren’t for the fear of being discovered with bedhead.

Worth a Try?

If you don’t like it, there’s always a cabin a few decks down. Definitely worth a try. At the very least, you’ll have a memorable experience and a peaceful night’s sleep in the great outdoors. Even if that happens, you can always sneak out of the house in the middle of the night when no one is looking.

Camping under the stars is free, so there’s really nothing to lose.

Things to Note

On some sailings, the Balinese beds can fill up quickly, especially if you wish to sleep in the forward cabin. If light and noise annoy you, consider wearing an eye mask and ear plugs. If you don’t want to take a chance on SeaDream’s one-size-fits-all jammies, bring your own. At night, the bar on Deck 6 has a bathroom just forward of it, so you won’t need a flashlight. Breakfast can be delivered to you if you wish to spend more time in bed.

8 Tips to Create a Balinese-style Bedroom

The island of Bali is Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination. The island’s old culture can also be found here. The foreign culture can be yours without having to travel thousands of miles. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can construct a tropical hideaway bedroom at home. In order to wake up on the beach every day, there are a few simple tricks.

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1. Canopy Bed

A canopy bed is virtually a need in a balinese-themed bedroom. Canopy: The headboard is supported by two panels of gauzy light cloth that droop behind it. The bedroom takes on a tropical vibe thanks to the four slim posts and the fabric panels.

2. Hand Carved Wood Decor

Infuse the bedroom with the culture of Bali by including traditional hand-carved wood decors. The distressed brown medallion wall panel in the photo above gives the wall a traditional look while also adding texture. Carved onto the base of the bedside light are elaborate and filigree carvings that are truly a piece of art. ‘

3. Batik Print Headboard

The asymmetrical blue pendant lighting over the bedside tables and the batik print headboard in grid pattern successfully combine modern and traditional elements in the bedroom. Balinese charm is reimagined in this daring combination of vintage and contemporary.

4. Wooden Furniture

Furniture made of wood has a timeless quality that lends a classy air to a bedroom. The bedroom has a distinct Balinese flavor thanks to the wood’s weathered and aged appearance. To create an airy and romantic atmosphere in the room, the canopy bed is used. The light, silky drapes are hung over the four bamboos that are suspended from the ceiling by threads.

5. Tropical Plants

Tropical vegetation surrounds Bali resorts. Make your bedroom feel like a tropical jungle hideaway by incorporating tropical flora. You can’t go wrong with tropical plants in your bedroom if you want to create a balinese-inspired space.

6. Louver Door or Window

Create a resort-style bedroom with a door and window treatment equipped with louvers. Beach-style internal shutters are a great way to provide a tropical vibe to a bedroom with a balcony that extends out of the room. Uniquely, there are steps that lead up to the canopy bed, and posts that extend from the floor all around this chamber. The room’s balinese elegance is enhanced by the woodwork’s beautiful carvings.

7. Tropical Ceiling Fan

Balinese culture is woven into a contemporary bedroom. Tropical and exotic vibes are emitted via the ceiling fans, while the black paneling lends warmth to the largely white interior. An airy and welcoming atmosphere is created by using white bedding and drapes as well as upholstery for the couch.

8. Batik Wall Art

Hang or lean a piece of Javanese Batik cloth in your bedroom to add a dash of Javanese culture to your space. Batik clothing is an integral part of Javanese culture. An Indonesian batik masterpiece was designated by UNESCO in October 2009 as an example of the world’s oral and intangible heritage. Batik is an essential part of the Balinese cultural experience.

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