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In the present day, adjustable beds are among the best sleep aids on the market. Because of this, you are free to rest in any position you choose while using them. If you want to take it easy, they can do that, too.

In the present day, adjustable beds are among the best sleep aids on the market. Because of this, you are free to rest in any position you choose while using them. They are capable of relieving back discomfort, increasing circulation, and even decreasing it.

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed, you’ll be able to get one in any size you desire. A bed frame with an adjustable foundation can even be purchased that will fit in your existing bed frame. You are only limited by your creativity when it comes to customizing your adjustable bed!

The dimensions of your adjustable bed foundation are likely to be consistent with the size of your mattress. A twin adjustable bed will have the same proportions as a twin-sized mattress, for example. Likewise However, an adjustable bed may contain an extra inch of length or width in order to accommodate any unexpected changes in size. In fact, it will hardly differ from a regular mattress base.

Generally speaking, adjustable beds come in the same sizes as normal mattresses, but this isn’t always the case.


If you’re a single person with a small bedroom, a twin mattress or single bed is ideal for you. The dimensions of a twin bed are 38 x 75 inches.

Because of this, the twin-sized mattress is a good fit for any small room. You can use it in a college dorm, a kid’s room or a studio apartment, for example.

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Twin XL

The length of a twin XL mattress is five inches longer than the length of a typical twin mattress. Over six-footers can now have a compact bed without their feet hanging over the side.


Due to its capacity to accommodate two people, many people refer to the full-size mattress as a “double bed.” Despite this, the full-size bed, which measures 54 inches broad by 75 inches long, does not provide adequate room for the usual pair. An infant’s crib is the same width as this chair. It’s a good choice for solitary individuals who need a little more room to spread out.


When it comes to bed sizes, the queen is the most common. It’s because a queen mattress can accommodate two people in a bed while still fitting into most master bedrooms and guest rooms of a similar size and style. The 60 by 80-inch queen size bed provides ample space for most couples and is long enough to suit most heights of sleepers.


The regular or eastern king size mattress is approximately 76 by 80 inches. ‘ Couples who like to spread out will love this mattress. In comparison to a queen-sized mattress, king-sized beds have an additional 16 inches of breadth.

The king size mattress offers more width and more sleeping surface by total area than any other standard bed size.

California King

No other standard bed size provides more length and width, as well as more surface area, than a king-sized mattress.

Split King

Among couples who purchase an adjustable bed, the split king mattress is one of the most popular sizes. The split king’s dimensions are identical to those of a regular king. There are two twin XL mattresses inside.

With a split king adjustable bed, couples have the option of selecting from a variety of different adjustable base angles. In addition, they can choose from a variety of stiffness levels and materials. To put it another way, if you have two different beds, you can share a single one. The split king is a great option for couples who wish to share a bed yet have quite different sleeping habits.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

Quick Guide: A 30-Second Summary

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ is available in five different sizes to accommodate a wide range of sleeping preferences and room dimensions.

The Adjustable Bed’s Features and Benefits

  • Massagers can alleviate pain and aches throughout the body.
  • Presets and unfilled slots for programming
  • The nightstand is kept close to the wall thanks to wall-gliding technology.

Those who are interested

  • Weirdos of the night
  • Those that have a medical issue
  • Couples

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ is one of the greatest adjustable bed frames on the market today in terms of additional features, price, and appearance. This adjustable bed with a sleek, contemporary design comes with a slew of extra features.

The rolling wave massage is one of the Adjustable Bed+’s greatest features. Two separate massage motors are included in the Adjustable Bed+ to provide a soothing full-body massage. You may also customize the firmness or softness of the massage with the three different levels of intensity.

The Adjustable Bed+ also has under-bed lighting so that you don’t have to worry about turning on the lights when you get out of bed. To make sure your nightstand is within reach, it incorporates a wall glide feature.

Smart as it is adjustable, the Adjustable Bed+ does it all. If you want to change the settings, activate the massager, or even turn on the lights, all you have to do is press a button. Mobile apps and smart assistant voice commands are also available for those who don’t want to use the bed’s remote control. You can even plug in a USB device while you’re here.

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In addition, the Adjustable Bed+ is reasonably priced. A split king bed with all these capabilities can cost as much as $3,000 from other businesses, while the Adjustable Bed+ costs just $2,100.

Consider the lower-priced Amerisleep Adjustable Bed for budget shoppers. This adjustable bed has fewer functions than the Adjustable Bed+, yet it’s still adequate for the majority of people.



It’s usually a good idea to be able to modify the height of your body parts so that you can better control your circulation, which will benefit your heart. By lifting your legs above your heart, you can immediately address trouble regions such as your lower back. Arthropathy sufferers benefit from this, too.

Pains and aches

Joint pain can be lessened and even eliminated if blood flow is better controlled and stress is removed from the affected areas. In order to alleviate pain in places like the lower back, raising or lowering body parts allows you to transfer your weight.

Snoring and Asthma are linked.

Is snoring a problem for you? It is impossible for oxygen to reach important organs if you sleep flat on your back. Snoring is often caused by blocked airways and sinus congestion, both of which improve with an elevated position. You’ll have less congestion in your sinuses since gravity is doing its thing.

Heartburn with Acid Reflux

Sleeping with your upper body elevated by 6′′ – 8′′ can provide relief if you have acid reflux disease or heartburn. A flat stomach can cause discomfort if the upper body is not elevated, as the acid might enter the esophagus while you sleep.



Adjustable bed bases are more expensive than normal bed frames, simply put. Much more. Adjustable beds start at roughly $800 and quickly rise to more than $2000. Adjustable bed frames might be very pricey, but your alternatives are far broader and you’ll pay much less for them.

Electricity, Components, and Motors

Standard beds do not necessitate the use of motors or electricity to modify their positions, as is the case with adjustable beds. This must be taken into account while comparing prices.

In addition, during power outages, those little and sophisticated motors can malfunction, short out, or require service, replacement, or just waiting for the power to come back on before you can alter your present bed position. Finally, there is the issue of noise.

You guessed it: those engines create a lot of noise. However, not all of their frames have “whisper technology,” which may cause you to wake your companion up every time you shift positions.


The most basic models weigh between 150 lbs and 200 lbs, however the majority of models purchased by consumers weigh between 550 lbs and 700 lbs. You shouldn’t expect to move your physique around much with that much weight. The floor of the room in which the bed will be placed must be capable of supporting a 550-700-pound bed frame, a 100-pound mattress, and at least one or two people.

I hope this information is useful to you in your decision-making. As previously said, all of our mattresses can be used with adjustable frames, and many of our customers adore them. However, before purchasing one, be certain that it is the correct one for you and your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more concerns or questions.

Other Factors to Consider

When it comes to furniture shopping or renovating, don’t let the size of your adjustable bed be your sole concern. When you’re shopping for an adjustable base, there are several more elements to keep in mind.

Bed Weight

Beds that can be moved around are heavy. In the case of twins, the average weight is 150 pounds. And a king or California king will likely exceed 300. Adjustable hospital beds might even go up to 500 or 600 pounds. Most people won’t be springing for a hospital bed. But any adjustable bed setup is going to weigh a lot more than just a simple bed frame.

The weight of an adjustable bed is considerable. Even if you’re a twin, you can put on about 150 pounds. A king or California king, on the other hand, is likely to weigh in at or around 300 pounds. The weight limit on some hospital beds that can be adjusted is as high as 500 or 600 pounds. A hospital bed isn’t something that the majority of people will be willing to pay for. An adjustable bed set-up, on the other hand, will be significantly heavier than a standard bed frame.

Max Weight Capacity

In order to avoid breaking, all adjustable beds have a maximum weight capacity that must be met. Included in this weight are the mattress and each person who will sleep on it. Make sure you know how much your mattress will weigh, as well as the total weight of everyone who will be using it.

Try to get an adjustable bed with a maximum capacity considerably above the final amount after considering all of this. In the event that you wish to swap out your mattress, or your children like to sleep in the same bed with you, you’ll have some wiggle room here.

Ease of Setup

To assemble certain adjustable beds, you’ll need some serious handyman skills. Tools and expertise aren’t necessary for some of these projects. To evaluate if you’re up to the task of setting up your new adjustable bed, you may want to check out the instructions online first.

Mattress Type

With an adjustable bed frame, you can’t just throw any mattress on there. You’ll have to get rid of your innerspring mattress if you want to use a memory foam mattress. The open coil networks of innerspring mattresses are too stiff to be moved by an adjustable base. In this case, the mattress will “float” because the coils remain straight as the bed moves. It’s possible that they’ll break the first time you alter the base.

That implies you’ll need the following for your adjustable bed:

  • Mattresses using memory foam as a primary component
  • Mattresses made of latex.
  • A mattress that is both traditional and modern in design.

All of the mattresses on our list are adaptable enough to transfer with you from one place to another. In addition, they’re substantial enough to stay in place even while the bed shifts.


It’s not uncommon for adjustable bases to cost more than a standard platform bed or bed frame. In contrast to the past, there are now a wide variety of more reasonably priced solutions to choose from. Even so, you should expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,500 for a single one.

The cost might be covered by your insurance or HSA, so keep that in mind. It’s possible to receive a prescription for an adjustable bed if you require one for a medical reason (like sleep apnea or spinal issues). As a result, you’ll be able to afford it. If you think you’re a candidate, talk to your doctor.

Bed Features

The simple benefits of an adjustable bed aren’t enough for many people; they want more. More upmarket features like massagers and under-bed illumination are less prevalent, even though most beds help alleviate symptoms of medical conditions.

Snoring and acid reflux are among the conditions that an adjustable bed might help alleviate.


What sizes do adjustable beds come in?

It is possible to find adjustable beds in a variety of standard sizes. From a twin to a California king, you may get an adjustable bed.

The split king is a popular option for anyone looking for an adjustable size bed. Each person in a couple receives a twin XL-sized adjustable foundation and mattress in this arrangement. Individual adjustments can be made by each of the partners. It also allows consumers to select the firmness and substance of their mattress.

Can I use my existing bed frame with an adjustable bed?

That is determined by the bed’s ability to be adjusted. There are adjustable beds that can stand on their own or be placed into an existing bed frame. There is a possibility that the headboard and footboard will not fit on the adjustable base if the rails are removed. Perhaps the base can be positioned directly within the rails. Anything might happen.

Adjustable beds, on the other hand, have the ability to stand on their own. Even more so if they have their own headboards, storage compartments, or other features.

It’s important for those who wish to use an adjustable base in a bed frame that they pay close attention to the label and directions on any adjustable base they’re considering.

How do I know the weight capacity of my adjustable base?

Heavy foam mattresses and possibly numerous sleepers can be accommodated by most adjustable bases. That means that almost every adjustable base has a fairly high maximum capacity.

While a base can support the combined weight of you and your mattress, it’s a common misconception that it can do more. The only way to be certain is to check the label and check the capacity of each individual bed.

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Do I need box springs on an adjustable bed?

No. On an adjustable bed, there should never be any box springs. Adjustable beds should not be used with a mattress foundation. There should be no gap between the adjustable base and your mattress’s top surface.

The reason for this is the rigidity of the box springs and foundations. They’re not designed to move along with an adjustable bed; rather, they’re meant to hold a flat mattress in place. If you alter the settings on your adjustable bed, you run the risk of destroying your box spring and base, as well as the bed itself.

Are adjustable bases really all that great for your health?

Yes. The spine and joints are relieved of stress when you sleep in a zero-gravity position. Back and joint pain can be alleviated, and sleep can be improved as a result. When you sleep with your head and feet elevated, you’ll find it easier for blood to flow from your limbs back to your heart. Inflammation can be reduced as a result of this.

It is one of the most significant advantages of adjustable bases that they help to alleviate snoring and other symptoms of sleep apnea. Gravity pushes on your throat tissues as you sleep with your head lifted. As a result, the airways are not blocked by collapsing soft tissues in the throat. In addition, it can help treat more serious symptoms of sleep apnea.

Bottom Line

A wide range of sleep and health difficulties can be alleviated by using adjustable bases. There’s no excuse not to get on board the adjustable base bandwagon, especially given the wide variety of sizes and looks available.