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You may discover wonderfully attractive beds in any home decor store, catalog, or design magazine. Is it the neatly folded quilt or the piles of soft pillows? Claire Ratliff, a design partner at Cullman & Kravis, says, “We put a lot of effort and energy into the design of our beds, not just because it is always the focal point of every bedroom, but also because we all spend so much time in them.” You might believe it’s difficult to make your own bed appear as good as the professionally made ones, but it’s actually much simpler and quicker than you might imagine. An elegant and attractive bed can be a welcome sight each morning, and it’s time to give your daily routine a boost. Learn Ratliff’s tricks for transforming any bed into a restful haven by reading on.

How To Layer A Bed Like A Designer:

1. Begin with a fitted sheet

Luxurious sheets should be the first layer in your bed. My preferred sheets are composed of Egyptian cotton and have a smooth, silky texture.

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In the first place, you should put a clean, fitted sheet on your mattress.

In terms of fitted sheets, my personal preference goes to those with deep pockets that snuggly and completely envelop the perimeter of the mattress.

White linens are my go-to since they are classic and timeless, as well as easy to care for and bleach-clean.

Ten minutes in the dryer on low heat with a damp towel and some wool dryer balls scented with a few drops of lemongrass essential oil should remove any wrinkles and restore the crispness you desire.

2. Add a top sheet

It’s time to put the top sheet on now.

Put it on the bed inverted and as high as you can drag it up. Then, the attractive finish of the sheet will show when it is folded over the duvet.

Underneath the mattress, tuck the ends under the bed.

If your linens came out of the dryer still wrinkled, you should press them now. It’s easier for me to press out the wrinkles after I’ve made the bed, using a hand steamer.

3. Add a duvet

Over the fitted sheet, I layer on a duvet for further warmth.

My go-to for covering the duvet is a flat sheet or a basic white duvet cover.

In the fall and winter, I like to swap out my heavy duvet cover for a lightweight coverlet, which helps keep me more comfortable.

4. Layer a second duvet at the bottom of the bed

My primary strategy for creating the illusion of a full and fluffy bed is to use two duvet covers instead of one.

That’s when I get out the patterned sheets and blankets for some extra pop.

If the pattern is double-sided, like this one, you can fold the top third over the bottom two thirds to display the design.

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When folding it over the end of the bed, ensure sure it extends past the mattress and covers the raw edges of the other duvets.

An easy way to revive a flat duvet is to give it a good shake with both hands.

5. Add a coverlet loosely across the middle

You should start by placing a coverlet on your bed’s center.

The use of extra pillows is another design method for creating the illusion of a more inviting and comfortable bed.

Typically, I will just bunch it loosely and drape it over the bed, covering the exposed end of the first duvet and part of the second.

Having different blankets to choose from is a popular amenity for wintertime guests, and this is a lovely way to provide that option.

6. Add euro shams

Fix this by attaching a pair of matching euro shams to the rear of the headboard, just like you would a duvet cover.

This completes the look of the bed set and provides additional pattern.

Use three Euro shams on a king or queen size bed. Use anything from one to three shams on a twin bed. These are the normal fillers I use in my euro shams because they are soft but also add volume, preventing the sham from appearing too thin.

7. Layer in standard pillows

Pillows are the next thing I add to my bed. I use all white sheets, so these shams are the ideal complement to my bed’s aesthetic.

These are the usual pillow fills that I prefer the most. They’re fluffy without the risk of irritating your allergies, and they won’t poke you in the skull with loose feathers.

Before you lay down the euro shams, I fluff them up nicely and put them right in front of you.

8. Use decorative pillows

It’s finally time to pile on the throw cushions and make the room look complete.

Lots of people want to know how many pillows are too many, and if you asked my spouse, he’d tell you that any number would be excessive. LOL!

One of my favorite things to do is add a striped or smaller print on the bed so that the colors flow together.

There are three or four pillows on a king or queen size bed, plus a throw pillow for extra comfort.

Have a good time with this because it will be a reflection of who you are.

9. Drape a throw blanket on the end of the bed

One last touch is a small blanket.

A blanket at the foot of the bed is convenient for snuggling up in a chair or throwing over your body while you read.

Sometimes I’ll even have a small basket off to the side with a handful of spares.

Adding layers of soft, comfortable bedding to your bed not only makes it look full but also makes for a toasty sleeping environment.

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The bedroom may truly become a haven once you master the art of layering for comfort.


Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to not only make your bed like a designer, but also to see that you can achieve a variety of designs by simply rearranging the same pieces in new ways. These are some general guidelines for making your bed in any fashion.

  • Consider the placement of colors and how they contrast and complement one another.
  • For a more sumptuous feel (especially if you already own a king size bed), consider upgrading to a comforter that is one size larger.
  • Invest in a plain white duvet cover and swap out the quilt.
  • To reduce the number of pillows in use, you might use a sham instead of a standard pillowcase.

That’s All There Is!

True, companions.

All it takes is a few simple actions, and you can have a stunning bed.

Making a bed in a fashionable fashion is as easy as following a few simple steps.

Just be patient and consistent as you put the advice above into practice.

On that note…

Soak up the slumber.