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Pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different people. Aside from providing a restful night’s sleep, they can also be used as ornamental objects that bring color and interest to a place.

Filling for Bolster pillows might be cotton, down, or fiber. Its origins can be traced back to South and Southeast Asia, where you’ll find them in almost every home.

In addition to helping you sleep better at night when cuddled or slung between your legs if you’re a side sleeper, bolster pillows have other benefits.

Using a bolster pillow is a good idea for a number of reasons, including:

  1. They are used for orthopedic purposes.
  2. In order to improve posture, bolster pillows can be used.
  3. Increase the level of comfort.
  4. Give babies a layer of defense.
  5. Tummy time will be a breeze thanks to this.
  6. Propped up in the gym
  7. Stop a stomachache in its tracks
  8. a method of enhancing a home’s aesthetic appeal.
  9. a physiotherapist’s tool

The bolster pillow can be used for a variety of purposes, from medicinal to everyday use. Using them in each application, as well as the optimal places to place them, will be discussed.

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Physiological Benefits of a Sleeping With a Bolster Pillow

Back pain sufferers, those with sleep apnea, and those who simply want to improve their posture would all benefit from owning a bolster pillow.

Westerners don't usually use this pillow bolster? It is a common, cheap and therapeutic inclusion in bedsets in asia. - 9GAG

1. Orthopedic function

Pillows that are bolstered are stiffer than those that are used for sleeping. This means that it provides a solid foundation for the entire body. Your back will be relieved of pressure and stiff muscles if a bolster is placed under your knees when sleeping on your back. Back pain can be relieved by sleeping in this position. Also helpful for patients with shoulder and hip issues.

Back pain can be alleviated by using a bolster cushion as a chair. Placing a bolster on the floor and sitting on it will help align your spine better than a sofa. This sitting posture can also give you healthier spine and back muscles.

2. Aid in correcting body posture

If you’re suffering from back pain, you can use a bolster cushion as an alternative chair. Using a bolster on the floor instead on a sofa is a better way to keep your spine aligned. Sitting in this position can improve your spine and back muscles, as well.

An increasing number of people suffer from back pain because of their constant hunching over computers, smartphones, and other digital devices while working or playing.

People with these diseases have a terrible posture because their necks and shoulders are constantly flexed forward and tucked down close to their ears. As a result, clutching a bolster pillow as you sleep can greatly aid in the alignment of your back.

3. Relieve an upset stomach

Even if it seems absurd, a bolster pillow can be really helpful if you are suffering from an upset stomach due to gas.

Placing the pillow on the floor and laying on top of it as you roll from side to side will gradually provide relief to your stomach. A few minutes later, the discomfort begins to ease.

4. Physiotherapy

They can be used in a variety of ways by therapists to help patients. For example, they employ them for spinal remodeling, reverse posture modification, body alignment, and abduction.

A patient’s particular needs dictate how they are positioned under various sections of the body, such as the neck or knees, to alleviate muscle strain and pressure.

Sleep & Wellness Benefits of a Sleeping With a Bolster Pillow

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a good pillow for a good night’s sleep. It’s imperative that you get the correct pillow because you spend six to nine hours a day sleeping.

This pillow is a great option for folks who have difficulty sleeping. Side sleepers adore them, and for good reason.

1. Increased comfort

Snuggling up to something when you sleep has been linked to a more peaceful and comfortable sleep, according to research.

Because of its shape and stiffness, bolsters are an excellent choice for pregnant women who are having trouble finding the right sleeping posture.

2. Provide protection and comfort to babies

We all know how crucial it is for a baby to have a good night’s rest. A pleasant and calming environment can be created by using a soft and fuzzy bolster to help your baby go asleep.

This is an excellent substitute for cot bumpers. Protect your child from rolling over and slamming their head against the crib with these safety rails. As well as protecting the infant from harm, bolsters can also serve as a barrier to keep them from falling over.

3. Ideal for tummy time

Tummy time is really beneficial for babies. As a result, their neck, shoulders, arms, and trunk are strengthened. Baby’s comfort and support can be improved with the use of an under-the-chest bolster pillow.

4. Workout prop

Those who practice yoga have promoted bolster pillows in the fitness industry. When used properly, they can be a viable alternative to traditional yoga mats for a wide variety of poses.

They’ve been reported to provide workouts a major boost while also creating noticeable effects. Leg lifts and sit-ups can be performed with a bolster cushion for more advanced workouts like squats. When you’re working out, they’ll help you stay on your toes and avoid falling over.

Spruce Up Your Living Space

Bolster pillow covers are available in a variety of colorful hues, patterns, and shapes that can liven up a room. Traditional sofa cushions can get boring if you don’t spice them up with these pillows.

In order to make enormous furniture items appear more inviting and comfy, you can use a variety of pillows. Bolster pillows can be used as throw pillows in your living room, baby nursery, or bedroom to add a dash of style and sophistication.

Versatile Functionality

We can also use the bolster in our daily routines such as sleeping and posture, such as:

  • As an armrest for reading or watching your favorite TV show.
  • To help you wind down after an exhausting day, prop up a bolster pillow against your head on the floor or couch.
  • You can also use it as a footrest to relieve tension in your legs.

Stack some pillows on the floor and watch your kids play with them. For the time being, this will keep them amused while you go about your household duties. A word of caution, though, because of its weight and toughness. You may have to keep an eye on the little ones.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Bolster Pillow

To give proper back support, the bolster should be able to fold into a “V” shape, which is easy to do.

Bolsters can be used as decorative accents in your living area if they match your interior design aesthetic. If you want to enhance your design, you need to take into mind the color, patterns, and even the size of the bolster.

Bolster pillows must be easy to clean and maintain if they are to remain functioning. When it comes to bolster pillows, there are a plethora of alternatives to choose from. They are available in a variety of materials, interiors, and colors, so you may find one that’s just right for you. Most bolsters, on the other hand, have removable coverings with zippers or buttons that are simple to remove when you need to clean them. Decorative bolsters can come with or without a casing. Because of this, they must be handled with the utmost care.

When shopping for bolsters, consider what use they will serve in your home before making a purchase. Since they exist in a variety of forms and sizes, some can be used for a wide range of applications. A huge bolster will look great next to a large piece of furniture.

The term “Dutch Wife” is also used to describe bolster pillows. It was coined during the 17th century’s Anglo-Dutch Wars. It was a battle between Britain and Holland for control of Southeast Asia. The term “Dutch” was coined by the British because they referred to everything that was fraudulent or fabricated as “Dutch”.

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It is said that the term “Dutch Wife” or “Bamboo Wife” came up because wives would make traditional bolsters out of bamboo for their husbands to keep them company while they were gone from home at night, according to other traditions.

Bolster pillows have a surprisingly wide range of applications. Most people use them for decoration, not realizing that they can be used in a variety of ways. Making bolster pillows is also a simple task.

The materials needed to make these pillows are readily available at your local supermarket. Use some of the suggestions we’ve provided here to improve your daily routine, and you’ll reap the rewards in terms of better health and more enjoyable pastimes.

What Is A Bolster Pillow Used For?

Pillows that are long and cylindrical are known as bolster pillows. Bolster pillows can be used in many different rooms of the house because of its versatility, value, and aesthetic appeal.

Southeast Asian countries developed the bolster pillow to be used as a hugging pillow to provide emotional and physical support to the user while they slept. When it comes to multipurpose pillows like bolsters found in nations like Vietnam and Indonesia, they’re a common sight in many homes. With this pillow, you’ll learn more about how to get the most out of your sleep.

In North America, they are primarily used for additional support while sleeping, but they can also serve as decor in your bedroom or on your living room recliner, as well. You and your family, as well as your house, can benefit from one of these devices in numerous ways.

Physiological Benefits from Sleeping with a Bolster Pillow

The most common way to use a bolster pillow is to sleep on it, which has a range of physiological advantages that last throughout the night and into the following day. This cushion is a great option for those who have difficulty sleeping at night and are looking for a solution. These pillows are simple to use and don’t have any confusing instructions or a wrong side.

Service in orthopedics. The lower back, lumbar region, spine, hips, and legs and knees are all supported by a bolster pillow, which has a soft yet firm outer cover that is extremely comfortable. It is possible to alleviate joint and spinal cord pressure, as well as muscle stress, by placing a memory foam half moon bolster cushion beneath your knees when you sleep flat in bed. Back, joint, and ligament pain can be alleviated and possibly prevented by using a bolster pillow while you sleep.

Depending on the shape of your body, a half moon bolster cushion can also be used under the neck or knees to provide the same level of positional support. To keep your spine aligned and at the proper angle when you sleep on your side, a bolster pillow works as a quality armrest. In order to assist you in getting a good night’s sleep and a healthy start to each day, these orthopedic functions strive to alleviate discomfort throughout your body.

Support for posture. As our environment becomes increasingly digital, we as a society are spending more time hunched over a desk. As a result, bad posture (such as a hunchback) and back pain are on the rise. There are numerous ways to use a bolster pillow to improve posture while you sleep, such as placing it between your legs or between your knees.

Sleeping on a bolster pillow can help correct poor posture and alleviate and even reverse pain in the neck, back, and other parts of the body over the long term.

Comfort. Getting a good night’s sleep is easier when you’re snuggled up to a loved one or a pillow or something else familiar. It’s not just a matter of instinct; numerous studies have found that cuddling or snuggling up to something helps you sleep. Snuggling with your children or partner adds an added layer of comfort, which is one of the numerous reasons you fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling rested.

You don’t have to believe in this “pillow-hugging” hypothesis. Many physiological benefits have been documented, such as reduced anxiety, pain reduction, boosted immunity, and more. In other words, a bolster pillow is the most comfortable way to sleep, both internally and externally.

Relieving of a stomachache. An upset stomach can be soothed and relieved with the usage of an extra-long bolster pillow while you sleep. Our colon is now positioned in such a way that gravity aids in the flow of waste through the body when we sleep on our left side with a pillow under our right arm and leg. Gentle encouragement might help alleviate gas, IBS and constipation among other digestive issues.

It is possible to alleviate stomach pain by sleeping on your left side, supported by a bolster pillow.

Support for new mothers. In order to provide optimal comfort and support throughout pregnancy and childbirth, a bolster pillow has been thoughtfully designed. For pregnant women who have difficulties sleeping, a bolster pillow is a popular choice because it is both soft and strong, with contoured memory foam.

As soon as you place your head on the end of the pillow, the bolster pillow’s benefits may be felt. Regardless of the size of your bed, the pillow’s advantages can be felt.

More Wellness Benefits from a Bolster Pillow

A bolster pillow’s health benefits extend beyond the bedroom and throughout the rest of your life.

Workout equipment for yoga. Practicing yoga or working out on a cold, hard floor can be excruciating, so many people opt to use a bolster pillow to alleviate the pain.

In the world of yoga, a bolster pillow is quite adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways. A bolster cushion can provide neck and back support for common floor activities, such as core work, helping to keep the spine in a healthy position and alleviating tension, stiffness, and pain.

To beautify the home. The ornamental value of bolster pillows extends far beyond the confines of the bedroom, yoga studio, or gym. Every area can benefit from their versatility, as they are available in a wide range of sizes and forms, as well as with removable coverings. Place bolster pillows on chairs and couches to add visual interest and variety, as well as to support the backs of people who sit for long periods of time.

Incorporating both upholstery and physiological benefits, their rounded, structured shape offers subtle suppleness.

Experience the Benefits of a Bolster Pillow

The Half Moon Bolster Pillow from Everlasting Comfort is just what your bedroom needs. This pillow is crafted from quality 100% memory foam, which is heat-responsive and molds to your body’s contours to deliver outstanding, unobtrusive comfort. This top-of-the-line memory foam never flattens or deforms, so it maintains its original shape night after night.

In addition to the cushion itself, our air-layer cover is incredibly soft and breathable. This machine-washable and dryer-safe cover makes it simple to keep your home clean on a regular basis. Regardless of the cover material, the additional support provided by the pillow cover and pillow itself will ensure that fabric pieces direct you to a pleasant night’s sleep.

Because of the many ways a bolster pillow can help alleviate discomfort, there’s no reason why someone should continue to suffer. For general health and well-being, sleep is a vital pillar and must be prioritized. The comfort that comes with the cushion is all you need. You don’t need to cram your pillows with inserts. If you’re looking for a cushion that will help you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day, try our bolster pillow today.

It’s time to get rid of your feather-filled pillows and get a better night’s sleep. An expedited shipment with accurate delivery dates makes it even better to have your pillow delivered on time.

2 Best Uses Of Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows are accessible to everyone. If you want to maximize their potential, here are the two greatest methods.


Couch ornament

A bolster cushion can be used in a variety of ways, including as a piece of decor. Because of its cylindrical shape, this pillow gives a new dimension to your usual square throw pillow designs. If you want to use this cushion on the couch or the bed, you can do so in a variety of ways.

Bed pillow arrangements

For example, if you have a twin-sized bed, you can position your bolster in front of a Euro pillow. For a larger twin bed, place two bed pillows against the headboard before adding two Euro pillows. Add a front bolster to complete the look, and your bed will resemble those found in hotels.

If you want to use bolster pillows on your king-sized bed, that’s an option. So many options are at your disposal when it comes to color, texture, and design. Traditionally, this bed’s pillows are arranged in a three-tiered stack starting with two large pillows, followed by three Euro pillows, two king-size pillows, and an additional bolster in the middle.


Proper sleeping posture

Bolster pillows can be used in a variety of ways because of their cylindrical shape. While sleeping on your back or side, you can use them as a roll-up neck pillow to keep your spine straight. You can also sit with the bolster under your back to keep your posture straight and avoid lumbar strain.

Lounging and baby helper

The bolster pillow can also be used to enhance circulation by elevating the legs, arms, or feet while sitting or sleeping. However, the bolster pillow can be used by anyone. During stomach time or feeding time, mothers utilize it as a prop and support for their young children.

Physical activities

Finally, the use of a bolster pillow is not restricted to laziness. Use a bolster to assist with floor work while doing exercises or yoga. For novices, this may entail assistance with stretches, leg raises, or even sit-ups.

Types Of Bolster Pillows

You should choose a bolster pillow based on your personal preferences and needs. However, the stuffing or material used to make these pillows can be used to tell them apart. These included polyester, foam, cotton, and microbeads, but other producers may use different fillings or combine them, such as other fillings or a combination of fillings.

People who want to utilize a bolster pillow to provide support should go for one made of foam. They’re sturdy and long-lasting for everyday use, while microbeads are supple and flexible for cuddling. Decorative bolster pillows, on the other hand, look their finest when made of polyester or cotton.

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How To Wash A Bolster Pillow

A bolster pillow may be washed and cleaned like any other pillow. Checking the label before you begin is the best way to ensure that you don’t end up ruining your material. Make your own pillow cover so that you can wash and remove the cover more frequently than the pillow itself, making it easier to keep the cover clean.

Warm water and a light detergent can be used to wash it by hand or in the washing machine. The gentle cycle should always be used in the machine, and a washing bag should be used if necessary. Because they can be too harsh for the pillow, avoid using bleach and fabric softener.

Lastly, make sure to air-dry your bolster pillow and cover to prevent mold from developing. In some situations, the items can be dried using the tumble dry or low heat settings on the dryer. Adjust the frequency of cleaning your pillow depending on how often and how much you use it.


Bolster pillows are extremely adaptable due to their unusual shape. The two finest ways to utilize a bolster pillow are explained in basic terms by learning how to use a bolster pillow. For starters, a bolster pillow can be used as a toss cushion on your couch or bed.

You can experiment with the size, color, and texture of your bolster, as well as how it’s arranged in relation to other accent pillows. By filling the space between the body and the mattress, this pillow promotes a more neutral resting position. It’s also possible to raise your limbs with your bolster, which will help with circulation while you relax.

When it comes to extra support, bolster pillows are great for everyone, including infants. During stomach time, infants can use it to support themselves while they nurse, eat, or otherwise explore. Finally, why not use your pillow to support you while you practice yoga or other exercises?