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Learn to tuck pillowcases as hotels do and you’ll have a more attractive bed at home. Putting your pillow and pillowcases together is one of the simplest tasks you can perform. If you know how to do it right, tucking them in like a pro shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Instead of simply grabbing the pillow and draping it in a pillowcase, there are a number of subtle details to consider if you want to do it the way hotels do it.

A pillow tucked in like this would be familiar to anyone who has ever stayed at a high-end or luxurious hotel. As a result, if you’d want to achieve the same trendy and wonderful atmosphere in your own home, follow these instructions.

Steps on How to Tuck Pillowcases Like Hotels Do

If you have a king-sized pillowcase for a standard-sized pillow, these instructions are extremely helpful. Following these methods, however, will work with any pillowcase and any pillow, as long as the pillow is not too large for the pillowcase.

You're putting on your pillowcases all wrong – this way makes them feel like hotel pillows instead of being baggy

Step 1: Choose your pillowcase and insert your pillow into it

The first and most obvious step is to take a pillowcase of your choice and cover your pillow with it. Once the pillow is within the pillowcase, use your forearm to smooth it out by moving outward at the same time.

Your pillows will seem neater and flatter when you do this. Because the materials inside are spread uniformly, they will be able to stand better or more erect.

It’s a good idea to put the cushion on a flat surface so you don’t have bend over or arch your back when you’re removing it. If you have a lot of pillows to cover, bending for long periods of time will result in a hurting back.

Step 2: Use your non-dominant hand to grab the middle part of the end of your pillowcase

Pinch the upper-middle portion of your pillowcase’s end using your fingers once you’ve finished the previous steps. The number of fingers that you can utilize is up to you.

However, doing this with your non-dominant hand makes it easier to complete the next and final step. In the event that you have a large number of pillows to sew or if you just don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can hire a helper to accomplish this for you.

Step 3: Use your dominant hand to tuck the loose parts of the pillowcase

Use your dominant hand to tuck the loose ends of the upper and lower portions of the pillowcase while your non-dominant hand holds up the upper center portion of the pillowcase with a pinch.

This is the most important step because it will define the ultimate outcome of your pillow and how it will look.

The final step is to flatten down your pillow one last time to ensure that it looks smooth and even after all of the loose portions have been tucked in. Use your forearms instead of your hands to maximize your speed and efficiency while also allowing you to cover more land.

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Handy Pillowcase Tips You Should Know About

In addition to learning how to tuck your pillowcase like a hotel, you should also be familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. These helpful hints will undoubtedly improve the aesthetics of your pillows at the end of the day.

Always hold the pillow by the corners

Don’t hold your pillows in any part of the surface area if you want them to look even, flat, and smooth. You should carry them by the corners, especially after you’ve smoothed them out, to ensure that they retain their original shape.

As a bonus, your pillowcase won’t get wrinkled or soiled this way. You can get into the habit of grabbing your pillow by the corner even if you haven’t flattened it out, with or without a pillowcase.

It’s always better to have a bigger pillowcase

If you are using a king-sized pillowcase for a standard-sized pillow, you can follow the same instructions above. Why? Because there is no limit to how much pillowcase material you can work with.

Because of this, it is quite acceptable if your pillow has a few loose pieces after you’ve dressed it. In reality, a pillowcase with loose portions is always preferable. You’ll have a better chance of making it appear more taut and streamlined this way.

A bulky pillow will appear if your pillowcase is overly tight or doesn’t have any loose sections. It’s possible to see the pillow’s edges even if you flatten it out. Always use pillowcases that are slightly longer than the length of the pillow.

How To Tuck Pillow Cases Like Hotels Do?

Once you’ve arrived at your hotel and waited patiently for several minutes, you may finally relax on the plush bed with fluffy cushions after a long travel. You’ve probably wondered how hotels tuck their pillowcases. Read to the end if you want to learn how.

Benefits of a Pillow

A good night’s rest isn’t just about getting a good night’s sleep; it’s also about ensuring that our upper body is properly aligned. There are two more advantages to having a soft pillow. In order to get the most out of your pillows, here are some of the advantages:

  • Pillows are undeniably a source of comfort. It’s easier to relax after a long and exhausting day at work if you have a pillow to prop you up. Pillows help us sleep better, which is why we use them so frequently.
  • One of the lesser-known benefits of pillows is that they provide support for the upper body, including the head, neck, shoulders, hips and spine. Back problems might be exacerbated by using pillows that are too hard or too soft.

Step by Step Guide On How To Tuck Pillow cases Like Hotels Do

Knowing how to properly tuck pillow cases like hotels does not take away from the many advantages of using the proper pillow. You’ll have a better night’s rest, for sure. When using a normal pillow with a king-sized case, this is a must. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fold the end of a pillow case to assist you:

  1. Get a pillow and a Pillowcase ready. Fill it with the pillow.
  2. The pillow can be placed on a bed or any other flat surface. This is where you fold it, so make sure the end is facing you.
  3. With your fingers, pinch the upper end of the pillowcase and lift it.
  4. While squeezing the upper section with the other hand, use your dominant hand to tuck the loose part of the pillowcases.
  5. Run your hands down both sides of the tucked-in part of the Pillowcase, starting in the center and working outwards.
  6. After following this tutorial on “how to tuck pillow cases like hotels,” you should be able to sleep soundly with your pillows in place.

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Liven Up

When you’ve been working for a significant portion of your life, it’s critical to make yourself comfortable. You’ll be unable to perform at your best if you’re not getting enough sleep. Make a getaway somewhere distant and quiet where you can get some peace and quiet or learn how to tuck pillow cases like hotels, which will help you get a good night’s sleep and prepare you for another hectic year at work. The best hotel cleaning tips can be found on this page.

Final Thoughts on How to Tuck Pillowcases Like Hotels Do

Pillowcases that are neatly tucked in like those found in hotels are always a welcome sight. Once you’ve got the lowdown, you’ll be able to drift off to sleep in the familiarity of your own hotel room.