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It is common for old style curtains to be hidden under sheers. Light can still enter the room through the sheers, giving for some privacy while still allowing light in. Sheer window treatments can be excessively long for some tastes, which necessitates trimming. If you’re only hemming them, even sheer fabrics can be a pain.

Trimming Sheer Curtains

Cut the length of your sheers if they are very long. Using a lot of surplus fabric while hemming sheers is unappealing.

To shorten your sheers, simply place them in front of the window and adjust the length as desired. Trim the excess fabric from the sheers while they are hanging, allowing an extra inch to be turned under for a finished look. Alternatively, you can hang the curtains, measure the necessary length, and then take them down. While working on a level surface, trim away the extra.

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Hemming the Bottom

Hemming sheer window coverings using a sewing machine may be possible depending on the fabric type. Remove the sheers from the rod after trimming any extra cloth. The raw edges of the fabric can be concealed by turning the fabric under half an inch and then half an inch again. If the sheer fabric is slick, use a lot of pins to keep it in place.

Hem your sheers with a machine using a longer stitch than usual, but not as long as a gathering stitch. You may have to hem your sheers by hand if the fabric you’re using has a lot of holes, like lace. Use a needle and thread that match the curtains to sew a hem on the surplus cloth.

Serging the Bottom

Another approach to hem your sheers is via serging. In contrast to turning the fabric under, the serging stitch leaves the bottom of the fabric with a smooth satin thread. Sewing machines that have a serger attachment allow you to cut the fabric while stitching it. As an alternative to the serger, you can use your sewing machine to sew a satin-stitch down the fabric’s bottom edge, if you don’t have one of your own.

Using Hem Tape

Sewing a hem on sheer curtains and using hem tape is an option. Trim the sheer to around 12 inch longer than the finished length you want it to be. Using the hem tape, attach the sheer to the front and then turn it around to the back, making an attractive hem. The hem tape may necessitate the use of an iron. On slippery or difficult-to-work-with sheer fabrics, hem tape is an excellent choice.

Repositioning the Curtain Rod

Installing your curtain rods 4 to 6 inches above your windows is often recommended. However, the height at which you hang them is entirely up to you. You can hang them up to 8 inches above the window frame if you have high ceilings. Higher placement makes the window appear taller and shorter drapes since the curtain’s bottom strikes the wall at a lower angle.

Remove the curtain rod from the wall and fill up the holes where the brackets used to be. When you’re ready, have a friend or family member hold the sheer curtain rod at various heights. This allows you to see how the sheers will fall and how the entire design will look with a taller curtain rod. The curtain rod should be installed at the desired height now.

Techniques to Shorten Sheer Curtains

Your sheer curtains have been shortened for whatever reason. Shortening them may appear to be a difficult endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan ahead and prepare. If your curtains are too long or you’re revamping them, you can proceed with confidence once you’ve decided on your method of hemming. You don’t have to be a seamstress to make a garment. Make your choice between machine, manual, or no-sew sewing, whichever is most convenient for you. To get a flawless hem on your new curtains, it’s a good idea to do some practice runs beforehand.

Hand Rolled

When cutting the cloth, make sure it is 1/4 inch longer than the finished length.

3 feet of thread on a needle is a good starting point. Make a 1/8-inch fold on the bottom edge of the fabric, and hold the fold in place between your left thumb and forefinger. If you’re left-handed, you’ll need to reverse all of the directions.

Just below the raw edge, sew a single or two threads into the fabric. Thread a needle with 1 foot of thread. Stitch 1/8 inch to the left of the initial stitch and exit the fold at the edge of the fabric you’re holding. Take another 1- or 2-thread stitch just below the last stitch and to the left of the initial stitch you created just below the raw edge. Stitch between the two layers you are holding in your left hand and exit at the fold.

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Using your left thumb and forefinger, move your left thumb and forefinger down the top line of the fold, producing the fold, until you have used the 1 foot of thread. Pull the remaining thread through the stitches with a light touch. The rough edge will be protected by the rolled hem. Another 1-foot length of thread is needed.

Hand-Sewn Double

Measure and cut the curtains an additional 8 inches longer than they will need to be. If you don’t have an additional 8 inches, make due with what you’ve got. If you’ve got an additional half an inch, divide that into two and utilize it in the next instructions.

Fold and press the fabric’s bottom edge up 4 inches. Press the second fold in the same manner as the first fold.

To secure the two layers, use pins positioned perpendicular to the second fold to secure them. Take 4 or 5 feet of thread and insert it into a needle. Stitch a 1/4-inch-long stitch into the second fold of the curtain, on the right side. The needle should be inserted 1/16 inch to the left of the fold, in between the first two layers. Leave a 1/2-inch gap at the insertion location after unfolding. Just above the folded hem, sew with a single or double thread. The needle should be inserted 1/16 inch to the left and exited 1/2 inch from where it was inserted, between the two layers of the initial fold.

Work your way up the hem. Take a few short 1/32-inch long stitches to secure the thread at the end of the pattern. Remove the pins and trim the extra thread.

An alternative option is to machine stitch the hem down the first fold.


4 to 8 inches longer than the finishing length is a good amount of fabric to cut. It’s better to use half the extra money per fold.

Fold the hem in half and press the fold to seal it. After pressing the first fold, fold the hem a second time and press the new fold in place.

Between the first fold in the hem and the wrong side of the curtain, insert a 1/4-inch wide fusible webbing strip.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the fusible webbing to the hem.


Make a rolled hem with a serger. Using a self-erasing marking pencil, measure the length of the curtains and mark it on the fabric.

Draw a straight line across the curtain, from the bottom to the top of the fabric. Make sure that your serger is set to rolled hem mode.

Using the specified line as a cutting line, cut the hem.

How To Shorten Sheer Curtains Without Sewing? 3 Best Ways!

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It improves the magnificent scenery that you can see from your window. ”

Nevertheless, sheer curtains are practically transparent and have a thicker side that makes them useful in some ways.

It can also be utilized as a decorative element on top of some drapes..

Adding it to the side panels of darker curtains makes it seem even better.

Despite its length, this garment is unappealing to the sight and appears unclean.

The easiest way to make it shorter is to cut and sew it, but getting it shorter without sewing is nearly difficult.

If you need help shortening your sheer curtains without sewing, we are here to help.

Ways To Shorten Sheer Curtains Without Sewing

Shortening sheer curtains without sewing is possible even if you lack the necessary skills.

We’ll be there for you as promised.

We’ll present you with a number of options, and it’s up to you to decide which one is most convenient for you.

Option #1. Fold and use a fabric glue

Fold the sheer curtains in half and put them together with fabric adhesive.

However, you must be careful not to put too much fabric adhesive on your sheer curtains, because else the glue will get on them.

To ensure that you fold the correct amount of fabric, you must first measure and mark the area to be folded.

Allow the fabric glue to dry for a few minutes after spreading it gently. It’s flat enough to lay on the ground.

Option #2. A hemming tape!

Hemming tape can also be used to fix your issue. Trying to understand this one can be a little tricky.

A translucent hemming tape must be used to ensure that your sheer curtains will not be visible when they are hemmed.

It is claimed that hemming tapes can be washed and used as a long-term solution to your issue.

However, you must be quite careful when placing them on your curtains so that they remain balanced and look their best.

Option #3. Have it changed

When you have no other choice but to change your curtains, you can do so.

You’ll be able to verify it this way.

But first, get a tape measure and measure your windows.

Consider how long you want it to be and where you want it.

As soon as the measurements are taken, you can either purchase a new one or have your existing one personalized.

Surely, there is a store in your neighborhood where you may get custom-made curtains that you can use in your windows.

It will save you time and effort, but it will cost you money if you do it at all.

Even though money isn’t a substitute for curtains, it’s better to have one at all.

The sheer curtains for your windows can be changed to a new and improved style at any time.

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Where can you buy sheer curtains?

When it comes to protecting your home from the sun, a curtain is the ideal solution.

It improves the appearance of your home’s interior beyond your wildest dreams. Wait a few minutes and then give it a go.

There are two ways for you to buy sheer curtains: online or in a store.

Shop locally or online, whatever you like.

In this case, buying sheer curtains online is perhaps a better solution for you.

In the midst of a pandemic, this is a viable choice.

You can also get a wider variety of curtains to choose from when you shop online.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to style and design.

In addition, you might benefit from user ratings.

In the event that something goes wrong, look for a store that provides feedback and customer assistance.

What’s most important is that you’re happy and satisfied.

Make a point to get your hands on one.

In addition to online shopping, you can also shop in your neighborhood.

You should be able to find one in a store near you, I’m sure.

However, this is not a feasible option. It’s up to you whether or not you want to shop online, but you may do so safely if you do.

If you can see what you’re getting, you’ll be more likely to buy it.

Realistic and dependable quality has been improved.

Also, you can ask the store clerks to help you choose the curtain of your choosing.

Sheer curtains are light and breathable. Taking good care of it will assist, and they should look good in person.

And that’s how you may shorten sheer curtains without stitching.

Regular curtains can be shortened without sewing by visiting this page.

That’s all there is to it, in any case.


And with that, this concludes our article.

Hopefully, we were able to impart some useful information on you.

We’re glad we were able to answer your question about how to shorten sheer curtains without sewing.