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Do you want to learn how to construct a neck cushion for traveling?? Make your own travel neck cushion in only a few minutes and just a few sewing kit necessities.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a vehicle for an extended period of time.

It is a travel gear you can rely on in these times of need.

There are a number of difficulties with most neck pillows purchased at the store that we find unappealing. For example, it could be lacking filling or have scratchy cloth.

The good news is that you can whip up this quickie travel essential in less an hour, making it ideal for gifts or for mixing and matching with your own clothing and bags.

It will serve as both a reminder of the adventure and a keepsake for you.

Supplies And Tools Needed

You’ll need the following items:

  • machine for sewing
  • Using a needle and thread,
  • Thread
  • Clips or pins for sewing
  • Scissors
  • a board and an iron
  • Half a yard of cotton cloth.

Make a point of selecting only the softest and most permeable materials for your garment.

Additionally, make sure to pre-wash it to get rid of any chemicals that may cause irritation to your skin if used.

Travel Neck Pillow: Easy Sewing Tutorial with Vanessa of Crafty Gemini Creates - YouTube

Other than that, pre-washing the fabric can help keep it from being shrunken

  • Stuffing

Filling suggestions for a neck cushion include the following:

One of the advantages of polyester is that it is lightweight and easy to clean.

Cotton- It’s inexpensive and can be found just about everywhere. On top of all that, it’s completely normal and makes it easier to breathe. After a few usage, it loses its shape and lumps up quickly.

Microbeads- Cools the skin and prevents perspiration. Sadly, this stuffing must be replaced frequently because it wears out over time.

Feathers- Soft and lightweight, feathers provide considerable comfort for the user. The disadvantage is that it becomes hot and flattens out a lot of the time when used.

In addition to providing comfort, the shredded memory foam also provides enough support for the user. Furthermore, it is excellent at keeping its shape. To make matters worse, when exposed to high temperatures, it will flatten and emit an offensive odor.

  • Pattern

Step By Step Instructions To Make  A Travel Neck Pillow

How do you construct a neck cushion while traveling?

To construct your own travel neck pillow, here are the instructions:

Step #1. Print out or draw your pattern

Free neck pillow templates can be found all over the internet.

A printable version is available for download and printing.

In most cases, the pillow pattern is designed so that one side fits an A4 or US letter.

Even if you can’t download a pattern or don’t have a printer, you can always draw it yourself.

Sketch a bean-like figure on paper. Typically, this is the design of a neck pillow for travel purposes.

After this, you can simply cut out the pattern.

Step #2. Cut the fabric

The cloth should be laid out flat on your workspace.

The straight-cut side of your pattern should be aligned with the fabric’s fold when folded in half.

To ensure that the guide does not move, secure it using sewing pins or clips.

Cut the fabric around the pattern with scissors.

To retain the material’s shape and avoid crooked cuts, don’t stretch it while you’re doing this step.

Make two equal pieces of U-shaped cloth to use for the front and back of your hooded sweatshirt.

Step #3. Pin the two fabric pieces

Unfold both pieces of cloth and place them on top of each other, with the right sides facing each other.

To keep them in place, pin or clip them in place with a pin or similar device.

Step #4. Sew the pieces together

Once the parts are sewn together using a sewing machine, make sure to leave a 3/8-inch seam allowance.

To put it another way, your stitches should be around 3/8 of an inch from the material’s edge.

Remember to leave around 2 inches of fabric unstitched so that you may turn it inside out and stuff your pillow.

Step #5. Turning the pillow inside out and ironing

In order to complete this step, you must turn the pillow inside out through the unsewn portion of the pillow that you left open earlier in the procedure.

Next, tuck the opening’s seam allowance inside either folding it in or tucking it out.

Press the whole thing with an iron and ironing board.

Step #6. Stuffing the Pillow

Your cushion will begin to take shape at this stage.

Fill the insides of the neck pillow to your heart’s content with the filling of your choosing.

Customize it to your liking!

Make sure you don’t pack it to the point where it’s too hard.

Step #7. Close the opening

The next step is to sew the neck pillow’s unstitched aperture shut.

Using a needle and thread, you can close the gap by making a ladder stitch.

How much fabric do I need for a travel pillow?

Make some now! To make a 12 by 16-inch travel pillowcase, you’ll need 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for the main body. A third of a yard of minky for the edging Because Minky is 60 inches wide, you’ll be able to fit two pillowcases in it.

What size is a standard travel pillow?

Smaller pillows that are ideal for long car rides or plane journeys. Travel pillows, also known as nap pillows, are tiny enough to fit in your bag but provide adequate support for your head when you need it.

The 9 Very Best Travel Pillows

Trtl Pillow

Even though it lacks a filling and is paper-thin, this is the best travel neck pillow we’ve found. It has the most expert endorsements and is the most compact solution to meet the primary purpose of a neck pillow, namely to avoid lateral neck bending. It is the only item on this list with a distinctive design. Pack Hacker editor Lauren Maternowski notes that it’s more like a cushioned scarf, but it includes a plastic brace inside that supports the head. As Lauren Shwartzberg, who first informed us about Trtl in 2017, explains, “you’ll have to choose which side you like nodding off on,” the brace is only in one part of the pillow. As a result of its thinness, “you may fully lean against your seat’s headrest,” says Maternowski, which is excellent because if the pillow is too thick, it would push your neck too far forward. An additional benefit is that it takes up little space in your carry-on, which is appealing to some of its admirers. One such supporter is travel editor Madison Blancaflor, who says, “It’s the only way I can endure long-haul flights in economy.” Scott Keyes, the CEO of Scott’s Cheap Flights, uses it exclusively. Its adaptability is what he likes most about it. In the middle seat, it allows you to get a fair amount of sleep and protects you from waking up with a sore neck. ” In addition, this pillow is compact enough to fit into a backpack rather than taking up valuable storage space.

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow with Memory Foam

Cabeau has a more conventional travel pillow, like this one. With its thick padding of memory foam, it’s designed to provide solid support for the neck. Your neck will be perfectly aligned to your seat’s back when you use this headgear. This needs to be flush with the chair in the end,” Dr. Fitzpatrick explains. In order to be secure and comfortable, your spine needs to be aligned with the chair. For those with a straighter spine, this is especially true, she claims. An additional feature of this pillow is a strap that hooks to the back of the headrest and aids in keeping you upright. Arnold recommends this pillow if you tend to slouch forward. There will be no open-mouth breathing, which is “not very appealing” and “dehydrating,” she explains. Although the Cabeau will take up more space than the Trtl, it is still quite easy to transport. ‘ It comes with a bag that you can attach to the handle of your carry-on to reduce its size by half.

Muji Well-Fitted Neck Cushion

Polystyrene beads — the same material used in bean bag chairs — give this Muji pillow an extra half-inch of height but make it less firm, making it an attractive alternative if you prefer to burrow deeper into your pillow. If you want a less hard pillow, Stella Shon of The Points Guy says this one does the trick. Muji has designed the perfect neck pillow, she says. “It’s low-profile, luxurious, and Martha Stewart-approved! What more could you ask for?” Stewart told Brian Kelly that Muji’s neck pillows are the greatest in an interview. “They truly do offer the support you need,” she explains, in addition to their basic appearance.” “Instead of fattener, they’re coated in a lovely jerseylike cloth.” Also, Shon likes that the clip may be adjusted a little. Use the same clips to fasten the pillow to a suitcase.

Healthy Back Travel Pal

The most convenient way to travel with a pillow is to use an inflatable one. When deflated, they’re the most small, which makes them the most convenient to carry. Dr. Hoffman’s favorite lumbar cushion, the Travel Pal, expands to a two-inch thickness when inflated. You don’t get any low-back support in an airline seat. He claims that the lumbar portion of many airplane chairs is curved inward when it should be curled outward. This pillow aids in reducing stress on the joints and discs of your lower back by supporting the low-back curve. “This I have used personally and I think it’s one of the best products that I’ve come across,” adds Dr. Hoffman.

Cabeau Air Evolution Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow and Case

Inflatable neck pillows are also available. This Cabeau, which is made by the same company that makes our favorite memory-foam cushion, expands to a thickness of five inches yet collapses to the size of a soda can. Like the memory foam pillow, it has a flat back to keep your neck aligned with the seat, but it also has a tiered construction to keep your head super-stable. According to Jennifer Lachs, founder of Digital Nomad Girls, “They are a bit taller than normal neck pillows and have a specific toggle you can attach and tighten so the cushion doesn’t slide off.” Memory foam is “even more pleasant” than the inflated pillow, but Lachs recommends the inflatable for those who prefer to travel light. When I first heard the term “inflatable,” I assumed it meant it could be inflated to a different height or firmness depending on how much air you put in. However, Dr. Fischer informed me that this was not the intended usage of these pillows and that not filling them to capacity was a poor idea.

Neck Pillow Tutorial | Travel Pillow - YouTube

Samsonite Magic 2-in-1 Travel Pillow with Pocket in Charcoal

You may want to choose a convertible cushion like this if you’re unsure whether you’ll require neck or lumbar support. This square-shaped neck pillow can be placed against a window or on your lower back when not in use. Taryn White of The Trip Wish List adds, “It’s super-comfy and collapses into a pocket.” A major selling feature for me was the ability to prevent the cushion from coming into contact with thousands of bacteria while flying. If you choose not to use a strap, then the snaps on the front of the cushion allow you to attach it to your luggage in a more convenient manner. White is more concerned with storage than any other aspect. “It has pockets for headphones, gum, and mints,” she says. According to one Bed, Bath & Beyond customer, this travel pillow’s fill is “solid but not [too] rough for me and my sore neck.”

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Neck Pillow

A window or aisle seat isn’t always an option, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. It’s possible to wear this inflatable pillow as a sash and use it to prop up your neck. Teddy Minford, a travel writer and fan of inflatable golf clubs, recommends this one: “I’m infatuated with this terrible inflatable golf club.” If you’re sitting in the middle, you’ll have something to lean on. If you deflate it, it might be the least bulky pillow on our list. It’s not the most stylish, but it sure beats sleeping on a stranger. It’s about the size of an iPhone when it’s folded up.

Ostrich Pillow Original Napping Pillow

When it comes to supporting your neck, a neck pillow is pointless if you don’t sleep on your side. Traveling with a neck or back-supporting pillow is highly recommended by Dr. Fitzpatrick. She offers this helmet-like pillow for individuals who lean forward and lay their head on their neighbor’s seat in front of them or on the tray table. It can be worn in a variety of ways because it covers the entire body, including the forehead. In addition to being a pillow, eye mask, and a pair of noise-canceling headphones, there is a little opening for your mouth to allow you to breathe. This pillow does not appear to be able to be compressed when it is taken out of the package, making it difficult to travel with.

Huzi Infinity Pillow

Doctor Fitzpatrick believes that even a small curve in your spine can interfere with your ability to sit comfortably in a narrow seat.. If you want to use a cushion with an adjustable lemniscate shape, it would work well. With this infinity pillow, which is like a fluffied scarf but more comfortable, you may bend and shape it in any plane seat or even in bed to support your neck and back. Kat Lopez, a freelance writer, is smitten with hers to the point where she sleeps with it every night. You can make it more or less adaptable by determining how many times you want to wrap it around your neck if you decide to wear it that way. It can be worn as a scarf through the airport, but it can also be rolled up neatly into a small ball and tossed in your bag if you prefer.


What do you fill a neck pillow with?

Flip your pillow over so the right side is facing you. Flax seed should make up around two-thirds to three-fourths of the filling in your pillow. Add about a quarter cup of lavender flowers that have been dried. Don’t use too many flowers, as the fragrance will intensify if they are roasted. Close the end with a stitch. (You can sew by hand or machine after folding the ends in.)

What is travel pillow made of?

Polyester, cotton, nylon, and fleece are all common materials for making travel pillows.

What is a lavender pillow?

Filling for lavender pillows is typically lavender blossoms. They’re not big enough to sleep on, but they’re nonetheless nice to have next to you at night as a little sachet of coziness. Some are formed into sachets and placed in clothing drawers to keep them smelling good.

How do you make a homemade magic bag?

Magic Bags: A Complete Guide to Making Them Fabric should be cut into a 14-by-20-inch rectangle with a straight edge. Fold the cotton piece in half lengthwise. Pour the uncooked rice and herbs into the bag by turning the bag inside out. Microwave the rice-filled bag for one to three minutes on high.

Is it worth getting a travel pillow?

Long-distance flights aren’t the only time to use a travel pillow. Invest in a neck pillow that is tiny, lightweight, machine-washable, and comfortable for your preferred sleeping position. However, even though the majority of travel pillows are terrible, a high-quality travel pillow is well worth the money.

Can travel pillows go in bed?

When it comes to using a travel pillow, things couldn’t be simpler. These pillows can be used when seated upright and still provide adequate neck support. Even if you don’t receive the same quality of sleep on the road as you do at home, you should make every effort to get a better night’s sleep.

Are travel neck pillows any good?

Travel pillows can help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort caused by an upright sleeping position while on the road, according to experts. Frequent fliers who want to have a semi-regular sleep routine while traveling may find this useful.

Is your neck connected to your spine?

Seven spinal segments connect the neck to the upper back. C1 through C7 are the seven stacked vertebrae of the cervical spine. Neck and upper back are connected by the upper cervical spine at the shoulder level.

How do you stabilize your neck while sleeping?

Use a little pillow under the head and neck (not the shoulders) to maintain everything in proper position. Even better, place a small cylindrical cushion in the crook of your neck to support your neck and keep your head in a neutral position relative to the mattress during sleep. However, keep in mind that this position may cause snoring in some persons.

Is it good to sleep with a rolled towel under neck?

The cervical spine’s joints, discs, and soft tissues can be overworked if you don’t have the right neck support while you sleep. Your neck is more supported and aligned with the rest of your spine when you use a rolled towel as a pillow.

What is the best sleeping position for neck pain?

The optimum sleeping positions for people with neck pain are on their backs or sides. If you prefer to sleep on your back or side, both of these positions are less taxing on your spine. Changing your favourite sleeping position might be a challenge if it is established early in life.

What is a horseshoe pillow?

Pregnant women can use the Horseshoe Body Pillow to alleviate discomfort while sleeping or as a body pillow. Without additional pillows, this design provides support on both sides of the body. In any environment, the TencelTM cover helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Does head shaping pillows work?

Horseshoe-shaped pillows are often believed to help mould your baby’s skull into a rounder form. However, there is no evidence to back up this claim.” A baby’s head could get stuck in the same posture for a long time using these cushions.

How long do scented pillows last?

It is recommended that the vials release the smell for 45-60 days after opening. Before going to sleep, remove the pillow cover and wait at least 30 minutes for the aroma to dissipate.

How long do lavender pillows last?

How long are these pillows expected to serve me? When kept in a cool, dry place, the lavender’s aroma will persist for at least six months. When not in use, keep them in the package they came in. When the lavender aroma begins to dissipate, gently squeeze it so that the lavender oils can be released (especially for pockets and bed pillow inserts).

What is inside the magic bag?

A Magic Bag contains what exactly? The pad is packed with organic Canadian oats, while the external fabric is composed of 100% cotton.

What kind of beans are in a magic bag?

Try a few and discover which ones you like the best. Small dried beans or peas (any sort). Corn. Buckwheat. Cherry pits Flaxseed. Birdseed or grass.

What grains are inside a magic bag?

Organic oats make up the bulk of our Magic Bag’s contents. When heated, these emit a moist heat that quickly relieves pain in the muscles.

Why do Japanese pillows have beads?

The pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls, which move with your body while you sleep, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep in any position.

Can you wash rice socks?

In order to make your own, all you need to do is to fill a large or small socks and tie the end of them with rice. Occasionally, I remove the rice from the sock and wash it, then re-insert the rice. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Can I wash rice heating pad?

It is possible to wash the outer cover by hand or in a washing machine. Dry it in the same manner that you would any other good garment. The inner corn bag should never be placed inside a damp outer cover. The inner corn bag should be kept dry at all times.

How much fabric do I need for a travel pillow?

Make some now! To make a 12 by 16-inch travel pillowcase, you’ll need 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for the main body. A third of a yard of minky for the edging Because Minky is 60 inches wide, you’ll be able to fit two pillowcases in it.

What size is a standard travel pillow?

Smaller pillows that are ideal for long car rides or plane journeys. Travel pillows, also known as nap pillows, are tiny enough to fit in your bag but provide adequate support for your head when you need it.

What is the size of a travel pillow pillowcase?

Navy Blue Solid 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Toddler Pillowcases 12 x 16 Envelope Closure Travel Pillow Cases 12×16

What can I use to stuff a pillow?

Down Pillow Stuffing: 10 of the Best Stuffing Options. Terry Cralle is the source of this image. Pillow Stuffing Made From Feathers. Terry Cralle provided the image for this post. Stuffing for Polyester Fiberfill Pillows. Terry Cralle is the author of this image. Stuffing for Memory Foam Pillows. Filling for a Buckwheat Pillow. Filling for Kapok Pillows Stuffing Cotton Pillows. A Latex Pillow Filling.

How do you make a pillowcase without a cuff?

Creating a Pillow Case Cutting the fabric you’ve chosen. To begin, cut two pieces of cloth with the same dimensions: 29.5″ long by 21.5″ broad. Pin and stitch fabric after it has been folded. Step 2: Do the same with the second piece of cloth you used in step 1. Assemble the parts and sew them together. Once you’ve turned it right side out, you’re ready to use it.

How to Sew a Travel Neck Pillow | eHow

How much fabric do I need to make a 16×16 pillow?

One half yard of fabric can be used to make pillows that measure less than 16 inches by 16 inches.

How can I stop my seat belt cutting into my neck?

An Adult and Short Persons Safety Tested Seat Belt Adjuster that Prevents Neck and Chest Cutting and Rubbing, Universal Fit. Find out more about no-fee exchanges.

How do I stop my seatbelt from rubbing my neck?

The Seat Belt Extender Pros Metal Seat Belt Locking Clip easily moves the seat belt away from the shoulders, neck, and face without sacrificing safety.

What is a king pillowcase?

Large Pillowcases for a King To accommodate a king-sized pillow, you’ll need a king-sized pillowcase. Because they’re ten inches longer, they can’t be used with pillows that aren’t at least king size. The 76-inch width of a king-sized mattress can be adequately accommodated by two king pillows placed side-by-side.

Is a queen pillow the same as standard?

Although the normal queen cushion size is 20 inches by 30 inches, some brands may have slightly varied proportions. Restless sleepers will appreciate the added length of a queen mattress compared to a standard or super standard. A normal pillowcase will fit a queen-sized pillow perfectly.

Can you use King shams on a queen bed?

While the length and width of the same-sized mattress might vary by as much as 10 inches between manufacturers, the length and width of the same-sized bed can. One king comforter may fit on a queen bed, while the other sags on the ground.

Can you use rice to fill a pillow?

The pillow should be filled with 1 cup of rice. Sewing rice helps keep rice away from thread lines by using pins). Close the opening with a 1/4-inch seam (to reinforce, I stitch over this seam twice).

How do you make a neck pillow out of a hoodie?

You can use your hoodie as a pillow when you travel. Place the hooded sweatshirt face up on a flat surface to begin the washing process. Step 2: Bring the bottom of the sweatshirt up to the center of your chest. Fold each sleeve over one at a time, starting with the cuffs. To complete this step, fold the two halves inside. This is the final step in the process of making a sweatshirt hood.

What is a toddler pillow?

Size. Children’s pillows tend to be smaller than those for adults (13 by 18 inches on average). Your youngster may become entrapped if he or she is surrounded by a pillow that is too large. Because of its smaller size, the pillow may be taken along on road trips, carpools, and daycare excursions. Support.

How much fabric do I need for a 12×16 pillow?

Measurement of Pillow Cover Fabric Needs Standard Dimensions for a Specific Pillow Type (Length by Width) 1 Pillow Cover – Fabric Requirements (Using 54-inch Wide Fabric with No Pattern Matching) Pillowcases with square corners 12-by-12-inch rectangle a third of a yard The 14 by 14 inch dimensions A quarter of a yard 16 × 16 inches. A quarter of an inch. 16 by 16 feet 5/8 inch.

What is a pillow blanket?

With the Pillow Blanket you get the most versatile blanket in the world. It may be used to sleep on, as a blanket, as a sleeping bag, and even as a poncho.

Do you need a sewing machine to make a pillow?

There will be no sewing. The only thing you’ll need to buy is some fabric from your local craft store to make a burrito-style pillow cover for your pillow (or pillow form). Take a piece of fabric, insert a pillow in one corner, and then tie it all together with a knot. In the month of March 2016.

How do you make a pillowcase into a cushion cover?

Throw pillows can be repurposed to save even more money. Inside out is the best way to put a normal pillowcase to use. On a flat surface, spread the pillowcase out. Using a tape measure, measure from the sewed end of the pillowcase to the bottom of the case. When cutting across the pencil line, keep the pillowcase level and smooth.

What is the best material for a pillow?

Almost any type of fabric can be used for throw pillows, but these are the most common ones. Cotton. If you have young children or pets, this is an excellent choice because it is both durable and easy to clean. Velvet. Velvet instantly warms up a room. Feathers/fake fur Linen. Wool.


You’ve previously learned how to build a neck cushion for your travels.”

It’s not as tough as you would think to make your own travel neck cushion.

For those of you who want to unleash your creative juices while on the road, here are the supplies and tools you’ll need to get started