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We’ve broken it down into three simple stages so you can manufacture your own heated blanket at home. Your heat source will be carbon heater tape, and you’ll also need wire, wire glue, a female plug, and maybe some hem tape if you don’t want to sew. Popular among do-it-yourselfers, we’ll break down the steps so that even the least technically savvy of our readers can construct their own heated blankets.

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If you know how to sew, you can make a really soft and warm blanket out of a number of different fabrics without resorting to electricity. The most effective types of insulation are described in a subsequent section.

Can You Make Your Own Heated Blanket?

Step 1. Construct the blanket

To use carbon heater tape, first measure and cut a piece of fabric to the desired length. Even though you could sew the tape on, iron-on hem tape would be faster. Then, you may wire up the blanket with some flexible wire and silver conductive wire glue paste.

Step 2. Add the wiring

Wrap the glued wire in double layers of tape to dry. Then, press the hem tape onto the fabric by folding the raw edge over the wire. Even though the carbon tape will heat without incident and the blanket will only use 40 watts, you may wish to insulate it anyhow.

Step 3. Finish the heated blanket

The last step is to attach the second fabric panel by ironing it into place where the no-sew hem tape meets. Finally, solder a female plug onto the blanket so it can be plugged into an electrical outlet. This do-it-yourself guide from Shenzhen shows how to utilize an AC laptop adapter, but you may reduce the current by adjusting the settings on the blanket and the outlet.

How Do You Make A Blanket Warmer?

If you have merely a standard blanket and find that it is not warm enough, you may always put a hair dryer on the sheets underneath, make the blanket out of fuzzy material, or use multiple blankets.

  • Prepare the bed by drying the linens with a hair dryer.

Warming up your blanket quickly is as easy as blow drying the sheets you sleep on. When you lie down, the warm air will be able to circulate between the blanket and the sheets. You should also use blankets made of curly fibers, which are better at trapping heat.

  • Make use of fuzzy stuff.

The second technique is to start with the warmest blanket possible. Wool, fleece, and down are superior insulators to other blanket materials. Mix and match with a flannel or furry sheet for a cozy look and feel at night.

  • Wear many layers of clothing

When extra layers of blankets are needed in addition to heavy pajamas to keep warm at night. A regular cotton blanket can be supplemented with a quilt or a weighted blanket. Knitted blankets, especially when used in conjunction with a standard blanket, can do wonders for keeping you toasty, and the best part is that anyone can make one using the finger knitting method, even if they don’t know how to knit.

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Is An Electric Blanket Cheaper Than Heating?

In comparison to turning on the heat in your home, the use of an electric blanket will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Comparisons of electric blankets and space heaters in terms of wattage and cost have been conducted by the United States Department of Energy.

How much electricity does an electric blanket use?

When in use, an electric blanket draws no more than 45 amps, and if used for 8 hours at 50 watts, it will consume only 0.35 kilowatt-hours of electricity. However, the wattage requirements will change depending on the specific electric blanket being used. The most important thing to remember is that using an electric blanket will be much more cost-effective than running a heater.

How Warm Does An Electric Blanket Get?

Different models of electric blankets have different maximum heating capacities. A heated blanket can reach temperatures between 77 to 132 degrees Fahrenheit, however in most cases, this range is seldom exceeded. If your electric blanket isn’t producing heat, examine the product’s settings so you can diagnose the problem and rectify it.

Can you leave your electric blanket on all night?

Unless the heated blanket has an all-night setting, you can stay in bed all night without getting up. If you want to avoid burning out the chord, you should only use it for half an hour at a time on a normal setting. Since the warmth will be retained all night regardless, you can set the timer to turn the blanket off when it’s time to go to sleep.

What’s Inside A Heated Blanket?

A heated blanket consists of a fabric exterior, a heating element (often insulated wire), a power cord, and a control mechanism. Different manufacturers may use different materials, although acrylic and polyester blends are common for the fabric, while plastic is typically used to insulate the wires. However, the power cord and the control are usually made of metal and plastic.

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The heating components of blankets are surprisingly easy to assemble on one’s own. In a nutshell, all you need to do to build a heated blanket from this three-step tutorial is to sandwich carbon tape and wire between two pieces of fabric without stitching them together. If you previously constructed a modified version of this heated blanket, please share your experience with us.