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Have you ever knitted a chevron blanket?

When knitting, have you ever tried making a chevron blanket?

To the contrary, the vast majority are not!

You’ll be knitting in stripes, then adding increases for the peak and decreases for the valleys.

All there is to it is that.

To make the stripes, you’ll switch colors at the row ends as well.

Three of the designs in this set can be made without switching colors.

Patterns #6 and #9 can be seen here. Self-striping yarn is used so that the changing of colors is done automatically.

Chevrons in Pattern #7 are knitted vertically with eyelets and are knitted in a solid color.

I think you’ll love this assortment of chevron blankets, but before we get there, you might be interested in some other blanket and afghan patterns:

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10 Inspiring Free Patterns: Chevron Blankets to Knit


If you don’t have quite enough of one skein of yarn for your Western Hills creation, don’t fret! Just stripe the pieces together!

The design is written in four distinct sizes to accommodate a wide range of needs, yet its simplicity belies the stunning blanket it creates. Then it’s perfect for sharing with friends and family as a present or making for yourself.

Red Heart Chevron Knit Throw | Yarnspirations

With DK-weight yarn, you can…

Creator: Julia Stanfield

  • Get Western Hills Blanket Free Knitting Pattern on Ravelry
  • The Western Hills Blanket Knitting Pattern is Available for Free on Ravelry.


Here’s a plan to recreate the cozy blanket your grandmother knit when you were a kid using sport-weight yarn and the ubiquitous chevron pattern.

The design is available in two sizes:

  • Size of Baby Blanket: 27″ x 33″
  • Size of Throw for an Adult is 48″ x 50″

Makes use of yarn appropriate for sports

Crafted by iknit2purl2

  • Free Knitting Pattern for a Chevron Throw is Available on Ravelry.
  • Purchase some KnitPicks Brava Sport Yarn for this endeavor.


This beautiful blanket would make a great present or home decor item. Size changes to the blanket may be made quickly and easily because of the pattern’s adaptability.

Utilizes a worsted-weight yarn

Maura Clement’s original design

  • Here’s a Free Knitting Pattern for a Lovely Afghan with a Chevron Pattern.
  • Purchase some KnitPicks Mighty Stitch Yarn for this undertaking.


This throw is knit with a variety of zigzag designs for a contemporary, stylish appearance. Keep the background a neutral color and customize the striped pattern to your liking.

made with a thick yarn

Written by Lisa Gentry

  • Free Knitting Pattern for a Comfortable Ripple Throw
  • For this, I recommend using Red Heart Soft Essential Solids Yarn.


Throw blanket knitted in “Fabel” colorway by DROPS yarn, with vertical stripes and diagonal zigzags.

It’s crocheted with a fingering-weight yarn.

DROPS Design’s Original Work

  • You Can Get This Free Knitting Pattern for a Dock Blanket If You Want to Dance on It!
  • DROPS Fabel Yarn is available on Amazon.


This blanket is made by knitting three separate bias panels that are then sewed together. Premier Yarns Sweet Roll’s regular stripe design transforms standard bias garter stitch into a stunning graphic chevron.

Chevron Baby Blanket pattern by Espace Tricot | Blanket knitting patterns, Baby blanket knitting pattern, Chevron baby blankets

Made using aran-weight yarn.

Created by the talented designers of Premier Yarns.

  • Free Knitting Pattern for an Easy Chevron Throw
  • Shop for Top-Rated Sweet Roll Yarn on Amazon.com.


Two strands of yarn kept together are required for this pattern. When making a single-stranded version, only a quarter of the yardage is required.

Utilizes a worsted-weight yarn

Melissa Leapman’s work on this.

  • Get the Free Knitting Pattern for a Zig-Zag Eyelet Throw
  • Peaches ‘n Cream Yarn is available on Amazon.


This knit blanket pattern features a chevron-like appearance, achieved by sewing together diagonal panels of garter stitch. Bernat Home Bundle self-striping yarn makes it simple to include complementary colorways and textures into your afghan project. It’s convenient because it can be cared for in a washing machine and dryer.

The yarn used is of a very large weight.

Developed by Yarnspirations.

  • Knitting Pattern for a Bias-Striped Blanket, Available for Free Download
  • Bernat Home Bundle Yarn is available for purchase on Amazon.


This free knit blanket pattern is a great way to show off the gradations of color in a self-striping yarn, such as Caron Big Cakes. Blue Macaroon Caron Big Cakes yarn was used for this knitted item.

Made using aran-weight yarn.

Developed by Yarnspirations.

  • Download a Free Copy of the Catch Some Waves Knitting Pattern
  • Amazon carries the Caron Big Cakes Yarn.


This colorful throw is a study in the art of pattern repetition. This is the perfect project for you if you’ve ever wanted to knit something extremely basic with a rainbow of colors.

Utilizes a worsted-weight yarn

Trisha Mitberg was the designer.

  • Download the free knitting pattern for the colorful baby blanket here on Ravelry.
  • Purchase some KnitPicks Mighty Stitch Yarn for this undertaking.

Chevron Cherub Wrap

KnitPicks’ CotLin yarn (a fantastic DK weight cotton and linen blend) and tried-and-true increase and decrease techniques are used to produce Lisa Seifert’s chevron-shaped Chevron Cherub Wrap. This design features stripes of two contrasting hues. The blanket is knit in Stockinette stitch with a Garter stitch border (the final dimensions are 29 inches by 32 inches).

Understand the structure: Cherub Chevron Gift Wrap

Knit Picks CotLin is the yarn you need.

Chevron Stripes Blanket

Using loop yarn (the book suggests Bernat Alize) and a textured chevron pattern, the Chevron Stripes Blanket is a delightful project that doesn’t require knitting needles at all. Finger knitting is made easier with loop yarn because the loops are already a part of the yarn’s structure. This chevron design is knit flat and purled up, without any increases or decreases. Completed blanket is 45 inches wide and 54 inches long.

Understand the structure: Blanket with Chevron Pattern

Bernat Alize, the pattern is yours.

Marching Elephants

Needles & Knits’ Marching Elephants blanket is a work of charming cheetah pattern in Stockinette stitch with two colorful elephants at each end (finished with a Garter stitch edge). There are two sizes of blankets available for download: one is suitable for a baby and the other is ideal for a stroller.

Observe the pattern: Elephants in a March

Get some Berroco Comfort yarn.

Catch Some Waves

Yarnspirations’ Catch Some Waves blanket is worked in Caron Big Cakes, a self-striping yarn that automatically changes colors as you go. The chevron design is created using the normal increase/decrease method in Stockinette stitch and framed in Garter Stitch. The 2-row pattern repetition is basic enough for beginner knitters (and for those who want the colorwork all done for them). The dimensions of the completed blanket are 45 inches by 58 inches.

Understand the structure: Enjoy the Waves

A yarn shop has Caron Big Cakes in stock.

Baby Blanket Chevron

Another fantastic chevron option is Joan Laws’ Baby Blanket Chevron, which is done in two colors using a Mosaic knitting technique that includes slipping the stitches of the unused color in each row. Using only one color on each row (no need to carry two and more colors at once! ), mosaic knitting is simple and should not frighten you. The finished blanket is available in four different sizes (Preemie 18′′ x 18′′, Full Term 25′′ x 25′′, Stroller 32′′ x 35′′, and Crib 35′′ x 43′′) and contains with instructions for making custom sizing adjustments.

Understand the structure: To Wrap Your Infant with a Chevron Blanket

Get some Berroco Comfort yarn.

Chevron Baby Blanket

Espace Tricot’s Chevron Baby Blanket is an exquisitely designed blanket with a geometric chevron pattern (I love the color selection for this one). This blanket is worked in Stockinette stitch using the traditional increase/decrease method, but there is no border to prevent it from curling, thus it is important to select a yarn that can be blocked to its original shape. The completed size of the blanket is 37.50cm x 93.75cm.

Understand the structure: Crib Blanket with Chevron Pattern

If you’re looking for yarn, I recommend Blue Sky Fibers Worsted Organic Cotton.

Aran Garter Stitch Chevron Blanket

Audrey Wilson’s Aran Garter Stitch Chevron Blanket is a simple take on the classic chevron pattern, with wide stripes in two natural hues and a garter stitch construction for ease of use. The final dimensions are 36″ x 48″, although this can be modified (she even offers guidelines about how much yarn each segment takes).

Understand the structure: Blanket in a chevron pattern worked in Aran garter stitch

Get some Patons Classic Wool Worsted yarn.

Chevron Blanket Knitting Pattern Deals, 53% OFF | empow-her.com

The Walt Painted Chevron Blanket

Fibre Space’s Walt Painted Chevron Blanket was sparked by a visit to Disney World in Orlando. The texture is accentuated by alternating bands of Stockinette stitch chevrons and Garter stitch chevrons. Increases are made on the wrong side rows and decreases are made on the right side rows when working the chevron stitch. The final dimensions are 23″ x 35″.

The Walt Painted Chevron Blanket Pattern is available for purchase.

Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted, that’s the stuff to have.

Color Pop Chevron Blanket

Bernat’s Color Pop Chevron Blanket boasts sweeping chevron stripes in a rainbow of vivid hues. It is constructed entirely in Stockinette stitch with a contrasting Garter stitch border. This one is worked in panels that are seamed together at the end, giving it a unique look and feel. This opens up a lot of room for experimentation with color and style. A 48-inch by 42-inch blanket is the result.

Understand the structure: Blanket with Chevron Pattern with Vibrant Colors

Bernat Super Value is the yarn you’re looking for.

Sunshine Chevron Baby Blanket

The Sunshine Chevron Baby Blanket, designed by Mari Chiba for KnitPicks, features a garter stitch border on all four sides and a textured chevron pattern created by a combination of knit and purl stitches. The bulky weight cotton yarn and detailed written and charted instructions for the chevron stitch pattern mean this blanket can be knit in no time at all (the finished dimensions are 31 inches by 34 inches).

Understand the structure: Baby Blanket with Chevron Shapes and a Happy Sun Design

Knit Picks Billow Yarn, please.

Zen Garden

The Very Pink Zen Garden baby blanket features hand-dyed thick yarn, making it a speedy knit. It has a Garter stitch chevron pattern and measures 36″ by 36″ when complete. This is an excellent choice for beginner knitters because of the accompanying video tutorial.

Take Note: This Design is a Zen Garden

Grab some Rowan Big Wool yarn.

Heraldry Reversible Blanket

The Knitting Buzz Designs Heraldry Reversible Blanket is appropriately named given the prevalence of chevrons in heraldic crests and coats of arms (think medieval knights and women). It’s a reversible knit-and-purl chevron texture design with a Seed stitch border. The finished blanket can be used as either a baby blanket (measuring 31” x 31”) or an afghan (measuring 50” x 62”).

Understand the structure: Blanket with a Reversible Design of Heraldry

Get some Cascade Eco+ Yarn.

Rainbow Throw

In order to create their Rainbow Throw, Berroco used a wide variety of their yarn colors. This Stockinette stitch chevron relies solely on the yarn for its visual interest and textural benefits. A soft yarn is among the suggestions for a cozy final product. The final dimensions are a tidy 31″ wide by 37″ long.

Find the instructions for the Rainbow Throw here.

Berroco Modern Cotton, you’ll want some of that yarn.

Zig Zag Blanket

Bernat’s Zig Zag Blanket is a Garter stitch chevron pattern crocheted in stripes of variable widths (with the usual increases and reductions). This design yields a blanket that measures 39″ x 45″ when completed, and it comes in two colorways if you choose to use the suggested yarn.

Find the Instructions for Making a Zig Zag Blanket

Bernat Softee Chunky is the yarn you need.

Spicy Chevron Blanket

The vibrant, eye-catching hues of the Patons Spicy Chevron Blanket are fitting of the blanket’s fiery moniker. This blanket is perfect for adding a splash of color to the back of your sofa. The chevron pattern is worked in Stockinette with increases and reductions, and Garter ridges are worked throughout to add some visual interest (it also uses a Garter stitch edging). The completed size of the blanket is 50″ x 60″.

Pattern Available: Hot and Spicy Chevron Throw

Bernat Super Value is the yarn you’re looking for.

4 Ways to Create a Chevron Design

Knitting a chevron design can be done in a variety of ways. It is possible to:

  • In the traditional layout, the ‘arrow forms’ are made by alternating between higher and lower points.
  • Chevrons with texture can be knitted using a combination of knit and purl stitches (with either written or charted instructions).
  • Alternating rows of Seed stitch and rows of Stockinette stitch creates a different texture than plain chevrons.
  • Substitute a different background stitch pattern (a Stockinette chevron can easily become Garter stitch chevron).
  • Add or remove plain stitches between the increases and reductions to alter the width of each ‘V.’
  • You may make beautiful graphics with only one color every two rows when you use a Mosaic chevron pattern.

Don’t ignore color; playing with hues is a great way to personalize a blanket. You can think about the following options:

  • Use a single, consistent hue.
  • Make use of wide stripes of two different hues.
  • Change the stripe width and throw in some extra hues.
  • Choose a yarn that changes colors as you knit to save time.
  • Knit a blanket out of yarn leftovers, switching colors as you go.

More Chevron Knitting Tips

Several knitters frequently ask the following questions about chevron designs, so I thought I’d answer them here.

Calming Chevron Knit Blanket Pattern | AllFreeKnitting.com

How do you knit a chevron pattern?

These are the steps for knitting a simple Garter Chevron:

  1. For this pattern, cast on a number of stitches that is a multiple of 20 plus 6.
  2. First row (right side): Knit 3, ssk, knit 7, make one right, make one left, knit 7, knit two together, knit 3. Repeat from * to last 3 stitches, knit 3.
  3. For Row 2 (Wrong Side), knit.
  4. For a Chevron design, simply repeat the first and second rows.

How do you bind off a chevron pattern?

Bind off in pattern according to the right-hand row’s directions to preserve the chevron ‘V’ shape.