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The simplest and most effective approach to split a huge space is to use curtains to create smaller areas.

Some people aren’t keen on the notion since they fear it would be messy.

Curtain room dividers, on the other hand, are a stunning sight to behold.

Among the numerous alternative ideas for room dividers, this one may be of particular interest to a wide range of individuals.

That is why we have written this article to show you how to divide a room by hanging curtains.

Steps To Hang Curtains To Divide A Room

It will be a breeze to hang your curtains if you stick to the instructions provided below.

So, how do you hang curtains to make a space more private?

Step #1. Measure the space

To begin, determine the size of the window space you intend to cover with drapes.

Use masking tape or something similar to accomplish this.

To ensure that the curtain is aligned with the room’s walls, line the floor.

It will also act as a reference point when you’re ready to hang the artwork.

How to use curtains to divide your space - IKEA

Step #2. Determining your wall material

For different construction methods and materials, different screw kinds and preparations are required.

Knowing what kind of wall material you have can help ensure that your curtains don’t sag down the road.

Step #3. Finding and marking the spot for the screws

You must measure and mark the area on the wall where you wish to hang the curtains before you can proceed with the installation.

Do the same on the wall directly across from it.

The heights should be uniform.

Step #4. Mount the screws on each wall

The cable is now attached.

To begin, install screw eyes in all of the walls.

Screws having a hoop on the end for thread or wire are called hoop screws.

Screw them into place after they’ve been aligned with the specified wall.

The weight of your curtains will be supported by these, so make sure they are secure.

Step #5. Cutting the steel wire rope

Wire strands are used to make this rope, which is strong and durable.

Every hardware store is likely to carry these.

Cut the steel wire rope to the desired length with a wire rope cutter after you’ve measured it.

But be sure to leave about six inches for the screws to secure it to the eyelets.

Step #6. Connecting the wire rope onto the screw eye

Thread one of the wire’s ends onto the screw eye to link the two.

Afterwards, fold its back over onto the wire to create a little loop.

Secure the screw eye with two or three wire clamps tightly wrapped around the loop you made.

Step #7. Attaching the other end of the steel wire rope into a turnbuckle

This is essential because the turnbuckle will allow you to adjust the wire once it has been hung.

Your local hardware store also carries it.

How to use curtains to divide your space - IKEA

Step #8. Attaching the turnbuckle to the other screw eye

S-hook can be used to automate this step.

You’ll need to attach one end of the S-hook to the screw eye and the other end to the turnbuckle to complete the procedure.

As well as allowing you to double-check that everything is working properly, it will keep the wire rope secure.

The turnbuckle must then be tightened.

Make sure the turnbuckle end is clasped and then rotated so that the two screws can move closer together.

You’ll see that the wire gets tighter as you do this.

When you observe a straight and firm line between the screw eyes, you should stop.

Step #9. Hanging the curtains

Curtain dividers come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to select one to fit your space.

Various home goods stores sell curtain dividers in a variety of styles.

The size is the most important consideration while making a decision.

Keep it long and wide enough to fit your needs.

If you choose, you can make your own curtain divider.

Those who wish to attain a specific style or utilize a specific fabric should go with this choice.

A large piece of cloth, curtain clips, and a grommet kit are all you need.

Measure and cut the fabric to match the length and height of the curtain wire.

Grommets are then attached to the fabric’s upper edge.

Once the wire rope is attached to the curtains, you’re done!

Curtain clips must be inserted into grommets and then wrapped around wire rope.

It’s also important to make sure that the curtains can be easily closed and opened.

When required, make changes.

How to Hang Curtains Across a Room

A low-cost option for dividing a room is to hang curtains across the room’s length. This concept is ideal for studio apartments, which have a limited amount of room. Using a curtain as a barrier between a bedroom and a living area can help create a sense of privacy when necessary. Curtains can also be utilized to create a soft, colorful or translucent accent wall or to adorn a broad doorway, creating a decorative framing.

Hanging with Cable or Wire

Curtains can be installed as a room divider using a high-tension wire that is capable of supporting light drapes. The plastic covering on the aircraft cable makes it easy to slide the curtains back and forth. After that, you just need a few more low-cost components like screw hooks or turnbuckles to finish the installation.

Hooks must be measured and marked, and holes drilled into each wall must be the same height. To make the cable rigid, wire rope clips and turnbuckles are used to fasten the cable’s loops at both ends.

Ceiling-Mount Curtain Rods

Love & Renovations recommends using ceiling-mounted curtain rods to hang drapes throughout a room. Using this method, you can hang curtains across a half-wall between two rooms or a tiny space. The cost of a room divider curtain rod depends on the length of the space you need to cover and the length of the curtain rod. To properly fasten the brackets to the ceiling, you will need to use toggle bolts.

Ceiling-Mount Curtain Tracks

In contrast to ceiling-mounted curtain rods, ceiling-mounted curtain track systems are specifically developed for room divider applications. This type of system can support many curtain panels and includes rails that can run around corners. Mark the spot on the floor where the curtains will go with masking tape. Then, on the floor, lay out the tracks and identify the locations of each ceiling support for the tape.

To transfer the marks to the ceiling, use a plumb bob on a long line. You’ll need a helper to hang the tracks after you’ve drilled pilot holes and fastened the supports. If you plan to hang curtains made of heavier fabrics or have a suspended ceiling, you should use this type of system.

23 Creative Room Divider Ideas - This Old House

Choosing the Curtains

A room divider curtain should be chosen according on the amount of seclusion you require, the size of the area, and your decorating style. If you’re decorating a small, dark room, don’t choose an opaque cloth because it will make the room feel claustrophobic. According to Crate & Barrel, light can penetrate through a translucent or semitransparent cloth, creating the illusion of more space.

A lustrous fabric, like satin, can help ease some of the crowded feeling in a tiny room by reflecting light. If you’re looking for a more subdued look, go with silver or a light blue or green. To create a cozy ambiance, choose drapes in dark colors. The darker the texture, the darker the color. As an accent wall or partition, beaded curtains are suitable for children’s bedrooms or eclectic-styled spaces.

It’s A Wrap!

Our houses wouldn’t be the same without curtains, and that’s not all they do.

Using them as a room partition is also an option.

Other than that, the possibilities are endless!

There are several ways to partition a room by hanging curtains.

Thank you for your interest in my work!