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Curtains over brick walls have been around for a while now. It may appear to be a weird design choice, but understanding how to hang drapes on brick walls actually has many advantages. Installing them may not be simple at first, but with the right tools, it becomes much easier.

Having an exposed brick wall in a room can add so much character to it. It’s a great approach to add some depth and interest to the overall design. Hole-drilling may be necessary in particular situations, such as when a window is present.

Choosing the right fastener

One of the most prominent issues when dealing with brick walls is that it can be quite tricky to find a fastener or anchor that sticks to the walls. Some metal anchors can damage brick walls.

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Brick anchor fasteners are available that allow you to attach an object to any brick or mortar joint in a brick wall with ease. The hollow spaces in brick need the use of an anchor with adequate holding power, even in the smallest of areas.

As soon as you have the proper anchors, we may begin installing curtain brackets and rods.

Step 1: Measuring

Measure the area where your brackets will go and mark the spot using a tape measure. Your rod brackets may need to be positioned between one and three inches above the window. In some cases, a higher position may not look attractive, but you may still try.

When hanging a curtain rod on an exposed wall, you can use the tops of the brick walls as a guide. The length of your rod should be sufficient to cover the entirety of the object.

Step 2: Drilling

Using a permanent marker, mark where you want the screw holes to be on the brick wall. Placing your brackets at the desired height above the window, or on top of the brick wall, will accomplish the job just well. Attach your drill to a 5/32 inch carbide-tipped drill bit.

Ensure that the length of your masonry screws extends at least 14 inch beyond the pilot holes you’ve drilled. Take cautious not to pierce the material completely.

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Step 3: Mounting

Using your mounting bracket, locate the pilot holes on the brick wall and screw them into the mounting bracket. Screw the bracket into the brick wall with a 3/16 inch flat head masonry screw driven by a Phillips head drill bit. Continue this process until all of the brackets have been installed.

Step 4: Hang your curtains

Prop up your curtains using the rod. Position the rod on top of the brackets and finish putting the last parts in place. If you’re not satisfied with the results, adjust the curtain as many times as you like. Installing metal holdbacks on the window sides is as simple as following the same drilling instructions.


  1. Make sure to use more force while drilling through brick than you would when drilling through a wooden wall when drilling through the brick.
  2. Because it’s going to be a nasty and loud task, don’t forget your safety glasses and earplugs.
  3. You can use a laser level or a conventional level if you are doubtful of the bracket’s alignment with each other. To avoid crooked curtain rods, indicate the locations of the screws while doing this.
  4. After drilling pilot holes, vacuum the dust to ensure that the screws don’t come loose.

What curtains go on brick walls?

Knowing how to hang curtains on brick walls has opened the door to a variety of curtain possibilities. Let’s face it: Brick walls look great, but they’re only appropriate for a certain type of decor. When it comes to curtains, you can’t just pair a brick wall with any hue.

A classic white-and-red or light gray-and-red color scheme may spring to mind when you hear the word “brick.” In contrast, new interior design breakthroughs have reimagined brick colors to fit contemporary designs.

Many modern homes include a combination of dark and light-colored bricks. It is easy to match them with light color palettes like salmon or soft pink. It’s easier to deal with painted brick walls because you can change the color of the wall to match any curtain color.

When hanging curtains on brick walls, be sure to match the surrounding furniture, such as the sofa, table, and cupboards, with the color scheme of your curtains. Choose a curtain with a strong color to make the brick wall a focal point of the room.

To brighten up a room with dark red brick walls, place a set of white curtains in the window. It is also possible to create a cohesive effect in a room by using complementary colors.

How to Hang Curtains on a Brick Wall

Not only must you decide where to hang your curtains and which anchors to use, but installing a curtain rod in drywall can be tricky. A brick wall takes more than just the right anchor and curtain location to hang curtains. In order to keep your drapes attached to the wall, you’ll need the proper tools and fasteners to attach your curtain rod to the brick.

If you plan to hang curtains over a window, mark the height of the curtain rod on the brick wall 1 to 3 inches above the window opening. If you are using curtains to hide your brick wall, use the top of the brick wall as a guide for mounting the curtain rod.

The rod mounting brackets should be positioned at the top of the brick wall or above the window, depending for your preference. Mounting bracket screws should be marked on the brick wall with a felt-tipped marker

Use a cordless drill and a 5/32-inch carbide-tipped drill bit. Make a pilot hole in the brick wall at each marking with a drill. Your masonry screws should be installed in pilot holes that are at least 1/4-inch deeper than the screws themselves.

Screw the mounting bracket into the brick wall, making sure the screw holes in the bracket match the holes in the wall. Use a Phillips head drill bit with the drill. To keep the rod brackets in place, screw in 3/16-inch flat-head masonry screws with the drill.

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Place the rod in the brackets provided, then hang your curtains from it. The design of the curtain rods and curtains will have an impact on how the curtain rods and curtains are installed.


There’s no denying that brick walls add a certain something to a room. It lends depth and character to a drab and dreary space. Although it is difficult to hang a picture or curtain, the end product is worth the effort.

As a bonus, once you’ve learned how to hang drapes on brick walls, you can use the same principles to suspend a wide variety of other objects. Fasteners and equipment that can pierce the material are all that’s needed.