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Unless I’m mistaken, I’ve never seen a painted metal door with nothing to hide it behind. How to hang drapes on a metal door is one of the most straightforward tasks. To get started, you’ll need the following items and instructions.

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Drapery hooks, magnetic curtain rods, a ladder, measuring tape, curtains, and scissors are all necessary tools for hanging curtains on a metal door.

Steps on Hanging Curtains on a Metal Door

Step #1: Measure the Dimensions of the Metal Door

Make careful to measure the metal door’s length and width so that you know how long and wide the curtains will be and how they will fit. You’ll be able to hang your curtains with confidence after taking these dimensions.

Step #2: Fix the Drapery Hooks to the Curtains

Fix the drapery hooks to the curtain, depending on the type of curtain provided. The drapery hook is where the curtain rods will be hung.

Step #3: Get the Magnetic Curtain Rods Ready

Magnetic curtain rods are used since the door is made of metal. You don’t need to buy an anchor to hold the curtain rods in place. Magnetic rods are used. Maintain your position after it has been repaired.

Step #4: Fix the Curtains With the Magnetic Rods

You move the curtains closer to the metal door after attaching them to the rods. You’ll need a ladder to get up to the curtains’ height.

Step #5: Hang the Curtains

When you plan out the door, you position the curtain rods with the curtains attached to them on the door. The curtain rod can be passed through the hooks of various types of curtains. Unlike magnetic curtain rods that do not require an anchor, this serves as an anchor.

Is it Important to Hang Curtains on a Metal?

Totally, unequivocally We can infer from the diagram above that the curtains shield the room from the sun and allow for airflow. The goal of constructing a home is to have a place to call home. There are several ways to make your home more pleasant, such as hanging curtains.

It’s a snap to learn how to hang drapes on a metal door. Because it’s a washable drapery fabric, it’s easy to keep clean.

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When you arrive at someone’s front door, these curtains are the first thing you notice. Taking a look from the exterior, we can get a sense of what it will be like on the inside. It will help you learn how to soothe your own aches and pains.

What is the Cost of Hanging Curtains on a Metal Door?

Curtains for a metal door don’t have to be expensive. The appropriate curtain for your view can be had for as little as $30, and you may need as much as $40 for other odd supplies. Curtains can be installed on a metal door for about $80.

Hanging curtains won’t be a problem once you’ve built a house and installed metal doors. Prepare your items and carefully follow the instructions for installing curtains on a metal door.

Which Among Using Drapery Hooks and Magnetic Curtain Rods is Most Preferred?

How to hang curtains on a metal door is both simple and challenging depending on your level of expertise. Drapery hooks are the most common method of hanging drapes, owing to their simplicity.

Hooks and curtains are all that is needed. When they’re finished, you can sit back and relax while the curtain hooks and rods are installed and the curtains are ready to hang.

When it comes to magnetic curtain rods, you’ll need an expert. Magnetic curtain rods are more visually appealing, but they’re less popular because most people don’t know how to operate them.

You can acquire what you want even if you’re on the safe side and don’t know if what you’re doing is correct.

How Long Will you Leave Hung Curtains on a Metal Door?

You have the power to decide. Investing in long-lasting drapery fabric is a need. It’s prone to deterioration because it’s exposed to sunshine and even harsh cold.

Because of this, it’s best to buy a thick fabric that can essentially absorb sunshine and still seem new after washing. The curtains of certain people are changed once a year. However, two years should be the maximum duration. It’s time to get rid of it after two years.

How to Hang a Curtain Rod on a Metal Door

When you have windows in your steel entry door, you may feel as though your privacy is being invaded. Double pane windows with pre-installed slat blinds between the panes of glass are a common solution to this problem. Magnetic curtain rods and curtains can be readily installed over any metal door window to offer a decorative element as well as a layer of privacy. To install a standard curtain rod bracket, you’ll need to drill holes in the door’s metal layer and then tighten the bracket screws repeatedly as the door opens and shuts. There are no permanent traces on the door thanks to magnetic poles, which hold the curtains in place and make it easy to remove them for washing.

Decide whether or not you want the curtains to be held in place by sash rods at both the top and bottom. When the door is opened or closed, the curtains will not flap as they do with sash-style applications.

Determine the window’s dimensions. Because the magnetic brackets are attached outside the window molding, be careful to account for the distance from the molding’s outer borders when taking your measurements. Invest in magnetic rods that can be widened to the proper length. To cover the measured space, you’ll want to either buy or construct curtains. Allow one and a half to two times the width of the window for typical gathered fullness, or three times the width for extra-full covering with sheer fabric for curtains that gather onto the rod.

At the top corners of each side of the glass, place a magnetic bracket. Repositioning them is simple; just keep an eye on where you want them to go. Place the rod ends in the brackets after inserting the rod section through the curtain’s top casing.

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Remove and replace any magnetic brackets that aren’t perfectly level with the rod’s top. For added convenience, attach the magnetic ends to the rod before positioning it on your door if you’re also adding a lower sash rod to your installation. If necessary, use a level to check the bottom rod.


Prior to any other piece of design, curtains are the most important consideration because they are visible from both inside and outside the home. We’ve already discussed how to hang curtains on a metal door, and the process isn’t difficult at all.

If you’re ready to replace your metal door’s curtains because they’re outdated or because you want a new one, have your curtains and other tools ready, and start to work. To give your metal doors and windows a new look, follow these simple instructions on how to put drapes on metal doors.