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Every new place we move into gives us the chance to deal with a variety of peculiar aspects of the house we’re in. As I explained in this piece, we have to deal with a variety of unique window configurations on a daily basis. Even though I’ve covered a wide range of window types, I neglected to include the challenging corner window situation. If you have a corner window, this $1 trick will help you get the job done. If you’ve ever been baffled by how to dress your corner windows, this simple trick is for you!

The only windows in our Kansas master bedroom were two narrow ones in the distant corner. It was impossible to hang curtain rods in the typical manner since the windows were so closely spaced and perpendicular to one another, not to mention the “winds came roaring down the plains” that met this window directly.

A cornice box or valance would have been an excellent choice for these windows. It’s my personal preference to use the same basic black curtain rods in all of our homes to maintain a sense of cohesion and make it simpler to switch out window treatments as we move about the house. Since we don’t have to buy specific corner rods for this house, I wanted to find a method to use our ordinary black curtain rods (and curtains) in this area to save money.

How to Hang Curtains: An Easy 4-Step Guide (Plus Styling Tips) | Architectural Digest

I could have bought a $7-10 corner curtain rod item from Target, Amazon, or Bed Bath & Beyond to convert our current rods. This small black plastic $0.99 elbow found in the plumbing aisle at Lowes was exactly what I needed to convert our normal curtain rods into corner curtain rods!!!

To hang curtains on a corner window, place two single rods at the same height on each side of the opening. The rods in the corner should form an actual L, so make sure there is enough space between the brackets and the wall to accommodate this.

To connect the two curtain rods, slip the elbow plumbing piece into the ends of each one. Our rods fit perfectly without the need for any adhesive, additional components, or screws.

When I went to the hardware shop, I found a $1 curtain rod that was perfect for our corner windows. Here are some wonderful products to try if you don’t have rods or can’t access the insides of your rods (in which you’d place the plastic elbow):

Elbow Connectors

You can use these corner connectors to attach to your curtain rods if they don’t have hollow ends like mine do.

Corner Curtain Rods

Here are some curtain rod corner choices if you don’t already have any.

In order to get the right curtain hanger for a certain window layout, you may have to experiment a little bit. Fortunately, with a little creative thinking (and some low-cost plumbing materials! ), most problems can be solved quickly and easily. With these tips and products, you should be able to hang windows in a corner shower or any other tight space, no matter how awkward it may be.

Transforming a Room with Corner Curtains and a Corner Curtain Rod Hack

Learn how to make your own corner curtains with a curtain rod hack and a corner curtain rod from scratch.

Does it bother you when a room has a strange arrangement of windows? There are only two corner windows in our master bedroom. This corner of our bedroom has been empty for six months, and I’ve decided it’s time to do something about it. Corner curtains and curtain rod hacks may change a room in a matter of minutes.

Without any window treatments, our windows looked like this.

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These are the sole windows in our master bedroom, which is a long, narrow space. As a result, I was adamant about avoiding “heavy” or “big” hardware. I aimed for a breezy aesthetic.

Instead of two curtain rods above each window, I envisioned a single, extremely thin, and tightly attached corner rod.

I scoured the internet for an inexpensive method of assembling a single long connected corner curtain rod.

The short version is that I couldn’t locate one.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond for some inspiration after becoming a little irritated.

While I was there, I realized I had two curtain rods stashed away in my closet from a prior purchase (sometime after the move).

To be honest, if I didn’t already have these curtain rods, I would have fabricated them. You can make your own for a fraction of the price by reading on.


I located a $7.99 corner curtain rod connector after confirming the dimensions of our existing curtain rods.

To be honest, the curtain rods I had on hand were fairly pricy ($19.99, I know, I’m poor).

There are times when it’s better to buy than to make, even if the cost is a little more.

As it appears when it’s joined to the rods, this is how the corner piece appears. There are holes for the finials in the corner piece.

Keep reading if, like me, you like to do things yourself rather than buy them.


As previously said, I would have made my own curtain rods if I didn’t already have some on hand. Bed Bath & Beyond had the corner curtain rods and connectors for about $50.

The plumbing section of a hardware store has everything you need to make a set of corner curtain rods. Compared to Bed Bath and Beyond, this is a lot less expensive.

To begin, get some rods. In order to make your own curtain rods, you can use piping or PVC pipe, but the difficulty with this is that you need to know exactly how long you want the rod to be (it won’t telescope as a curtain rod will) (and sometimes more money).

To save money, I recommend using an inexpensive curtain rod and a piece of corner plumbing.

I grabbed a picture of a less expensive curtain rod from Walmart and included it in this post.

You can get a set of them for under $20 if you buy a corner connector from the hardware store and use it with them.

Here are all of the products and recommendations we have to offer.

The Post-Shopping

Curtain Rod Set with Corner: Bed Bath and Beyond Corner Curtain Rod Set

The Matte Brown Cambria Classic Drapery Rod Completes the Look. This was my second buy.

Complete Corner Curtain Rod Connector in Matte Brown from Cambria Classics.

Corner Curtain Rod Set with plumbing materials

You can use this corner curtain rod connection attachment if you are making your own curtain rod from a piece of piping AND IT IS HOLLOW ON THE SIDES.

Home Depot’s 3/4-inch plastic plumbing piece

Here are the instructions if you choose to buy your own curtain rod and then a piece of piping for the corner connector.

Options for affordable curtain rods:

Walmart has a reasonably priced curtain rod. Two are needed for each corner.

Walmart has another another cheap curtain rod option.

You’ll need a 90-degree elbow like the one pictured here.

Plumbing Corner Connector — This will need to be painted, of course.

If you plan on making this corner curtain rod yourself, I recommend purchasing the curtain rods first, and then taking them to the hardware store to ensure that the corner elbow will fit.

Getting things done yourself can save you money, which is a perk of doing it yourself. Despite this, I’ve learned the hard way that things don’t always “fit” together when we’re trying to make anything. Carry your curtain rod when you go to get the “corner connector,” as I advise you to do.

It is my aim that this tutorial has helped you create your own corner curtains using either a store-bought or DIY method!

To show you what this space has become, I’d want to show you!

It’s also possible to hang your corner drapes on the sides to check how it appears!

Do you like how I framed the windows with the DIY botanical prints?

After reading this post, I decided to move our bed to the corner of the room in order to optimize storage space in this room. After a few months, I replaced the curtains and sewed two sets of curtains together to freshen up this room. These corner windows can now be seen in all their glory. In addition, I’ve compiled a list of other creative uses for corner curtain rods in this post.

This post will continue to be updated as I make changes to this page. Because, as you know, I can’t leave things as they are… LOL.


Tufted Chair – FOR UNDER $200, THIS IS ONE AMAZING RECLINER! Because I adore it so much, I’m already looking for an excuse to get another one!

So, there you have it. A few tips on how to make and decorate your own custom-made corner windows.

How to Hang Curtains For Less with These Easy Tips!

So, you want custom-made drapes, don’t you? Certainly, I’ll explain. For those of you who are scratching your head and wondering what on earth corner curtains are, be assured that the answer is surprisingly straightforward. How to hang corner curtains, in particular, will be the subject of today’s discussion.

One of my pet peeves…in my own house, at least. To hang curtains, I prefer to do so in a specific way.

When curtains are hung on both windows, but there is a gap between them, this is where the room’s corner is. What do you think about that?

Our second-floor living area features gorgeous wood windows. We do have a light problem in that space, so I like to hang some curtains on either side of the window to help control the amount of light that comes in.

How to Hang a Curtain Rod - This Old House

How to hang corner curtains for less

You may get a seamless corner curtain design without investing in and locating corner curtain brackets in a few different methods. You don’t need to buy new curtains to do this! The majority of the time

This is the problem. Curtain rods are now commonly embellished with ornate finials or scrolls. Because of this, if you’re trying to hang your curtains in a corner and want them to meet, the end finials will leave a noticeable gap between the curtains and the wall because they add a space between the curtains and the curtain rod.

In the past, you would have had to buy new corner curtain rod hardware if you wanted corner curtains that were completely seamless.

Install the curtain rod bracket about 4 inches from the corner and make sure it’s at the same height on both walls.

Now, remove the finials from the ends of the curtain rods that will be placed in the corner (sometimes the finials some separate).

Measure the window frame to determine the appropriate curtain size. I usually double the width of the window by two when making this decision. This gives you a lot of room to maneuver if the need arises. It also tells you how much cloth you’ll need to make your curtains look billowy.

Push the curtain rod all the way to the wall with one pair of curtains. Take the curtain rod that is on the other side of the room and connect it to the one on the other side.

They’ll appear to be connected in the corner this way. It is possible that the curtain rods will be too close together.

Using curtain rod clips with rings is the simplest technique to hang corner curtains in this configuration. Each curtain rod had an equal number of curtain clips attached to it.

Dropcloth fabric was what I used, but the choice is yours. Find the largest curtain panel you can afford. The breadth of a dropcloth fabric is approximately four feet. One end of the curtains is clipped to the farthest clip on one side. On the other side, you’ll repeat the process.

Now, locate the middle of the dropcloth or curtain panel and attach it to the curtain’s most central clip. Afterwards, place the rest of the curtain clips in an even pattern. Alternatively, you can gather them and make a pleat. As a result, it has a relaxed pleat.

Another option is to take two different curtain panels and overlap them in the corner so that they appear to be a single panel. To achieve the style and feel you prefer, you can add as many panels as you need. Because the aperture in the corner was so little, I didn’t want to go overboard with the number of drapes I used.

This gives your windows a more polished and coordinated appearance. You can keep the curtain’s end finials on either end. This way, they appear to be a single curtain rod, rather than two separate ones.

The best part is that the curtains are still operable, so I can adjust the amount of light coming in.

And what about the coffee table? What if you had some expert advice on the best way to decorate a coffee table? View the following video:

So, the next time you wish to hang curtains, give this method a try and save money by putting corner curtains.