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If you are just starting out in crochet and are wondering how to complete a shell crochet blanket, a simple straight edge border will do the trick.

A straight edge for your rectangle shell blanket and other crochet issues are addressed in this helpful article.

The Five Double Crochet Shell Stitch

This shell stitch, which is worked in the round, consists of five double crochets, as suggested by its name. You will figure out how to complete the shells after you begin working on them.

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Shawls and rectangular blankets are frequent applications.

Chain Stitches

This variation of the shell stitch uses a chain stitch in place of the traditional center stitch. This results in a slight variation in the V-stitch pattern.

You can use them to make baby cardigans or shawls.

Across Multiple Stitches

The majority of crochet shells are created by repeating the same stitch repeatedly.

However, there are shells that are worked with stitches of varied heights and spanning several threads.

These are often located on the outside rim of the shell.

How To Give Your Rectangle Shell Blanket A Straight Edge

The focus now is on finishing your rectangle shell blanket with a straight edge border, following our discussion of the many different types of shell stitches.

Step #1. Prepare your materials

Have your blanket, hook, yarn, scissors, and needle ready to go.

A needle and thread will be used to neatly secure the thread ends.

Step #2. Chain one

Because this is a rectangular blanket, each of your shells will require five double crochets.

Your yarn should be joined in the third double crochet of one of the side shells. Consider this link in your chain.

Repeat the previous stitch with a single crochet. Repeat the single crochet stitch in the next stitch. Half double crochet in the third stitch.

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Step #3. Double crochet

A double crochet should be worked into the single crochet spaces between the shells.

For this, you’ll need to insert your hook and yarn into the gap. The next step is to take a loop of yarn and draw it up.

Re-knit it and draw the first two loops through. Pull the yarn through the first two loops after yarning over.

Step #4. Half double crochet

Complete a half double crochet in the next stitch.

Make a yarn over and a hook insertion. Take a loop of yarn and give it a pull. There are three loops on your hook.

Cast on three times and yarn over

Step #5. Single crochet

A single crochet stitch should be worked into each of the next stitches.

Into each thread, work three single crochet stitches. Do a half double crochet at the end of the shell.

Then, double crochet over the single crochet spaced by the shells.

Remember that each shell requires three single crochets.

Step #6. Valley set

When working the sides and center of the shells, you’ll need to switch between the double and half double crochet stitches.

The edges are worked in half double crochet, while the center is worked in double crochet.

Step #7. Continue the set until corners

Follow the blanket’s edge as you repeat steps #5 and #6 until you reach the corner.

You’ll need to work three single crochet stitches into the corner shell.

You should first work a row of half double crochet along one side, and then a row of double crochet along the other.

You must start each round of double crochet with a chain 2.

The next step is to double crochet into the same stitch as before. So as to make a u-turn, then.

Next, work a side half double crochet.

Step #8. The end

The three single crochets, valley set, and rounded corners must be worked continuously until the conclusion.

An end result slip stitch is required to link the stitches. You can either continue to stitch the border or stop there.

You have complete control over the situation.

Why is my crochet blanket not straight?

If you’re just starting out with crochet, you could notice that your rows look uneven because of the different numbers of stitches you’re working.

Mistakes are to be expected while creating stitches for borders.

After all of these mistakes are made, the blanket will be uneven. Counting your stitches as you go is the simplest solution.

Check to see if you accidentally stitched in the same location twice. Keeping track of your stitch count might help you immensely.

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Getting the hang of the latter stages of a shell crochet blanket is not easy. We can imagine it was challenging for you to begin crocheting the blanket.

But you persevered and improved your crocheting skills as a result.

Just keep it in mind while you count your stitches and take pleasure in working on your crochet masterpiece.