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Wet wool blankets need special care when drying to prevent the wool from felting or shrinking so much that it won’t even fit a toddler bed. If you don’t want to dry clean your wool blanket, you might be able to get away with air-drying it with minimal shrinkage if you follow the instructions on the care label. The wool used in some blankets can be machine washed. If the blanket can be machine washed, it will say so on the care label.

When Blankets Get Wet

If your wool blanket gets damp, say from lying on dewy grass, you may likely dry it without any noticeable shrinkage or loss of shape. Hang the blanket to dry on a clothesline away from direct sunshine, or lay it flat to dry. Instead of draping the blanket over the clothesline, use clothespins or spring clamps to hang it by its full length.

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Washing Wool Blankets

Unless the care tag states otherwise, a wool blanket isn’t meant to be washed in a washing machine; many manufacturers recommend dry cleaning instead. If you insist on washing the blanket, there’s a chance you won’t experience any shrinkage. If you wash the blanket, you can spread germs to other people. When Pendleton tried various gentle washing methods on their wool blankets, they discovered that the blankets shrunk.

Put the blanket in the washing machine when the water has been cooled. Put in a capful or two of a mild laundry detergent made specifically for wool. If you want to do a full load of laundry, use a little less than what is recommended on the package. To fully submerge the blanket, place it in the water and press down on it. After 15-20 minutes, empty the water by turning the spin cycle to its highest setting. Once the bowl is empty, you can take the covering off. If you wash the blanket in a front-loading washer, the agitation will transform it into felt.

A Second Soak

Reinsert water into the washing machine but keep the same temperature setting. If the temperature fluctuates too much, the wool could become felted. The blanket has to soak for at least 10 minutes in water. If you want to be sure that all the water is out of the washer and the blanket, run a final spin cycle.

Drying the Blanket

Wool blankets need to be dried slowly, so put them on the line in the shade. Clothespins or sturdy spring clips can be used to secure the blanket at its entire length to the line so it can dry completely. Wait until it’s dry before putting it away. If you don’t have anywhere to hang the blanket, lay it out as flat as you can or drape it over the backs of several plastic chairs to dry.

How Do You Dry Wool Quickly?

Step 1. Air-dry the wool blanket

Airing out a wool blanket outside or in a well-ventilated room is the best way to dry it. Wool blankets can avoid problems like shrinkage and broken fibers by drying them naturally. Always check the care label to see if your wool blanket can be dry cleaned.

Instead of drying the wool in the dryer if you have any doubts, hang it up in the sun. Place it on a flat place away from direct sunshine to dry. Because of the inherent nature of natural fibers, a wool blanket should not be exposed to intense or direct heat.

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Step 2. Wait for the wool to dry completely

Laying the blanket flat is also recommended for shape retention. It’s best to lay wool blankets flat on a table rather than risk damaging the fibers by hanging them. It’s also a good idea to utilize chairs with vents in the seat to improve airflow.

Wool blankets need to dry completely before you can flip them over. Depending on the size of the blanket, drying wool can take a long time. Also, before drying the blanket after washing, giving it a quick reshaping will assist it return to its original shape.

How Do You Dry Wet Wool?

What do you do if you accidentally spill anything on a wool blanket or it becomes wet from the dew? The blanket can be dried without the use of heat if you first use a cloth to absorb the excess moisture. Some blankets also suggest hanging on the clothesline, but only if the complete length is clipped to the line rather than draped.

Can You Dry Wool In The Dryer?

If you want to know for sure if your wool blanket can be dried in a dryer, look for specific care instructions on the label. If the care label specifies it, dry the item on the wool setting. Wool should never be dried in a tumble dryer or subjected to high temperatures.

What Happens If You Machine Wash Wool?

Some wool blankets can be washed in a machine. But make sure you use a gentle program on the wool. Wool blankets require a gentle cycle at 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a detergent made specifically for wool. Woolmark is a gentle detergent that has been certified for use with wool because it does not contain enzymes or bleaches, which might damage the fabric.

Where do you stand on fabric softeners? Fabric conditioners are not recommended for use on wool blankets, as stated on most labels. However, there are wool rugs that can be softened with a fabric softener that contains lanolin. Don’t use anything besides hot water or a little detergent on your wool blankets if you value their longevity.

How Do You Soften An Old Wool Blanket?

The stiffness, shedding, or creases in your wool blanket can be remedied by warming the blanket. Even if you just have 10 minutes to spare in the hot shower, be mindful not to hang the blanket so that one spot bears the majority of the weight and so stretches. And if you’re wondering what works best to soften a fleece blanket, we have you covered there, too.

How Do You Unshrink A Wool Blanket?

Wool blankets, especially knitted merino wool blankets, are commonly unshrunk with hair conditioners. The conditioner is meant to relax the yarn in the knitted blanket. Wool blankets can be conditioned by immersing them in a tub of water containing a conditioner and massaging the blanket to distribute the conditioner throughout the yarn.

Pressing the blanket will help it release the water you drained from it. Pressing the blanket between two towels helps remove even more moisture. Lay the wool blanket flat and reshape it until the liquid is completely absorbed.

How Do You Protect Wool Blankets From Moths?

Wool moths are a common problem with blankets made of natural fibers, but they can be avoided or eliminated with proper storage. It’s important to let the blanket air dry completely before keeping it somewhere cool and dry. If you want to keep the blanket bug-free, you can also store it in a cotton bag with some cedar chips.

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To keep your blanket fresh, shake it out every so often and then fold it up again for storage. Avoiding moths on your wool blanket should be simple if you follow these steps.


Wool blankets can be kept from shrinking, fading, or stiffening with the right care. Besides washing, you should also learn how to dry a wool blanket properly. The most efficient method for this is to spread it out on a level area away from direct sunlight and allow it to air out.

Never drape the blanket since this can cause it to lose its shape; instead, hang it up on a clothesline using clothespins. Once the wool blanket has dried completely, it must be stored in a way that keeps moths away.