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Do you like the rocking motion of a reclining rocker chair? The chair’s swivel mechanism is an essential component.

When numerous persons are seated on it, this chair allows for effortless movement in all directions. A swivel mechanism can be added to your reclining rocker by following this step-by-step guide!

How do you install a swivel rocker base?

Measure the distance from the rear of your rocker to where you want to attach the swivel. Generally speaking, a 24-inch distance is a reasonable starting point, but this might vary based on the width and depth of your chair and the type of movement you want while sitting.

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Before you put anything else down, drill a hole on the floor where that measurement will be located.

Attaching two brackets on each side of the opening like hinges is the next step in this process.

For the chair to swivel, you’ll need these brackets spaced approximately 12 inches apart, with one bracket somewhat higher than the other (by about an inch).

Steps on Adding Swivel Mechanism for Recliner Rocker

In order to get your feet to touch the ground, you first need to figure out how far out you want the chair to extend.

In the second step, you’ll need to buy a swivel mechanism that you may attach to the base frame of your recliner rocker using two screws and nuts. Home Depot and Lowe’s both carry these replacement parts for a reasonable price.

Remove the existing chair hardware by unscrewing one side of each screw that holds it in place. Step 3. Unscrewing all six (or however many) bolt holes at once could put undue strain on the components when they are reassembled with just one set of bolts.

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To remove the two metal arms, unscrew them from each other.

Tie the swivel mechanism to the side from which you removed a metal arm in step five. Two bolt holes on either end are aligned with each other when attached correctly; this portion is what grip firmly onto the seat frame of a chair and secures it in place so that there are no gaps or wriggling motion.

Using new nuts and bolts, attach the second set of bolts through both sets of pre-drilled screw holes on the base frame (if needed).

Overtightening the screws can cause the small plastic pieces inside to break off, resulting in an unequal connection between the components. Take care not to do this!

How do you fix a swivel rocker?

Recliner swivel rockers allow the user to recline both ways at the same time. When these chairs fail or cease performing properly, a common problem is figuring out how to fix them. Before attempting to repair your broken chair, you should try to figure out what went wrong. Causes that are common include:

Replacement parts for worn-out bushings and/or bearings can be purchased online.

The chair’s frame has broken welds that need to be repaired by a furniture or home renovation professional.

What are some safety precautions?

First and foremost, safety should always be a top priority! In order to keep yourself safe when doing this project on your own, we recommend following these guidelines:

  • Protective gloves, such as welding gloves or work gloves, should be worn at all times.
  • Make sure you wear goggles to protect your eyes from stray bits of dirt and debris.
  • To avoid tripping and falling while attempting to install the recliner rocker, place it on a level surface first (such as concrete).

How do you stop a swivel chair from sinking?

Don’t panic if your swivel chair sinks or if you cannot prevent it from sinking. It’s a simple matter. Your rocker recliner base only need a few additional washers to prevent sinking no matter how much weight is placed on the seat pad (or how many people are sitting in it). This is a simple fix that will ensure your chair will never sink again.

After measuring both openings, use the larger one as a guide when deciding how big a hole is needed for each side in order to have a better idea of what size bolt you need for your project (i.e., the smaller of the two should always be used as your guide).

How do I keep my chair from spinning?

Remove some of the weight from one side if the chair is whirling. Pulling out a leg of the chair till it’s level with the other three legs is all that is needed to accomplish this. Before reattaching any hardware, ensure certain that all four pins are snugly inserted into their respective holes.

Try moving your recliner rocker one more time if it still doesn’t remain in place.

Removing the mechanism for replacement or maintenance

If you’re doing any maintenance on a floor, make sure to put a protective sheet down under the chair to avoid damaging the surface.

Place your swivel rocker on its side with a gentle touch.

Use a spanner to loosen the four bolts under the rocker chair’s swivel.

The base should be removed with care, so place it aside.

Spray the mechanism with lubricant/grease without removing the mechanism from the frame.

Spray lubricant on both sides of the tilt pins, making sure to apply the lubricant to both sides of the pins.

Spray lubricant on the white ring that holds the bearings.

In order to reinstall the base, follow the same procedure you used to remove it.

If you’re doing any maintenance on a floor, make sure to put a protective sheet down under the chair to avoid damaging the surface.

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It is possible to remove the mechanism

1.Turn your swivel rocker chair on its side with care.

Using a spanner, loosen the four bolts on the underside of the swivel rocker chair and record the washer sequence.

The base should be removed with care, so place it aside. Spray lubricant on both sides of the tilt pins after you’ve located them. With a clean, soft cloth, remove any excess lubrication. Spray oil onto the white ring under the plate where the bearings are located.

The mechanism has been reconnected.

The larger springs should be at the chair’s front, while the smaller ones should be in the chair’s back. Make a mental note of the placement of the washers. The washers should be arranged as follows:

  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Sprouting Cleaner
  • Nut

Reconnecting the base to the vehicle.

Make a mental note of the placement of the washers.

Attach a metal and rubber washer after aligning the base unit with the bolts. Use a spring washer and a nut to tighten.