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In addition to being extremely comfortable, recliners assist alleviate sore muscles, tight joints, and poor circulation by providing support for your back and legs. Some people’s breathing problems are alleviated by using these devices.

Your new reclining chair has soft, luscious cushioning that provides comfort when you sit and is ideal for a quick afternoon nap.

How to operate your Manual Recliner

Relax and unwind in your new manual recliner by following our simple instructions.


This is how most people sit while they are at a table or desk.

Make sure you are sitting as far back as possible before attempting to transition from the closed to the relaxed position. Release the footrest’s catch or handle, then lift it.

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In a semi-upright position, the back of the chair is supported by the footrest.

This position can be reached by gently pressing on one’s arms and moving one’s back until the action is completely open.

Fully Reclined

Footrest extended, back reclined to its maximum position.

It’s as simple as allowing your back to fall into a comfortable posture before applying downward pressure with your legs on the footrest in order to shut the chair up.

Once the chair is purchased, the recline mechanism may be a little stiff. Over time, this will become less of a problem.

How to operate your Power Recliner

2 buttons for a single action and 4 buttons for the unique Dual Power Recliner action, which allows the user to move the back and footrest independently of each other.

Standard 2 button

  • As you press and hold the button, the 2 button switch activates.
  • In order to bring the footplate to an upright position, press the front button.
  • The back button raises the back rest, then closes the foot rest.
  • Releasing the buttons stops the recliner when it reaches the desired position.
  • Press and hold the back button until the chair stops moving to return it to its default position.

Button for Chrome 2

Upgrading is an option.

  • A two-button controller with the same capabilities
  • Charge your mobile device with a USB port.

Standard 4 button

  • Working the 4 button switch requires pressing and holding the buttons at all times.
  • The footplate is controlled by the front top and bottom buttons.
  • The footplate can be raised by pressing the button on the upper right of the device.
  • The footplate can be lowered by pressing the bottom front button.
  • To adjust the back rest, use the buttons on the back of the seat.
  • To lower the back rest, use the bottom back button.
  • To raise the back rest, use the top-back button.

Chrome’s four-button interface

Upgrading is an option.

  • The same capabilities as the standard four-button interface are provided.
  • Charge your mobile device with a USB port.

Can you Adjust the Footrest on a Recliner?

It is possible, but it is not advised.

A cushion can be used as a substitute for a footrest, rather than constantly adjusting it. By doing this, you can prevent wear and tear on the feat rest, which can contribute to an uncomfortable sitting experience in the future. A recliner with a footrest that can be adjusted is preferable for those of us who like to switch positions frequently while seated.

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If you want to switch positions frequently while sitting, it’s easier to use a pillow to raise the footrest and bottom cushion of your recliner than it is to fiddle with the levers. By doing this, you can prevent the foam from becoming worn and creating an uncomfortable sitting experience in the future.

Why Does my Recliner not Stay Reclined?

It’s possible that the height of your upright recliner has to be adjusted.

Recliner chairs that do not return to their upright position after use can be fixed by making a few simple modifications.

To name a few, you can tighten or loosen any recliner parts that might be loose, or even lift the chair’s back and tighten any screws on the frame that might be loose.

If your chair doesn’t return to its original position after use, try tightening a cable within. To modify this, pull out on both ends of the cable until it reaches the desired position.

A set of screws near your cable needs to be adjusted if you can’t see them, so make sure they aren’t too tight or loose.

After readjusting the recliner and making any necessary changes, check to see if the footrest can fully close.

If it does, congratulations! You’ve successfully closed the footrest of your recliner! This is an excellent opportunity to seek the advice of experts if there are any issues or adjustments that need to be made.

Call in a specialist if you can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Why Won’t my Electric Recliner go Down?

It’s possible that the footrest or cable is broken. The power switch on your recliner may possibly be to blame. For free repair, contact customer support if you still have a warranty! If you don’t want to bother with shipping a damaged piece of furniture, you can hire a skilled technician to fix it on-site.

Do Power Recliners use a lot of Electricity?

Nope! Recliner electric blankets consume nearly the same amount of power.

What is a Power Reclining Sofa?

It is possible to have one or two seats on a power reclining love seat, or loveseat, that can be moved back and forth by the touch of a remote control.

If you don’t have a lot of space, a power recliner that retracts into the wall is a great solution. Others can be placed anyplace in your living area so that they don’t occupy more room than necessary. With so many choices,

Can I put Anything on Top of my Power Recliner?

Yes. Don’t use anything that will scratch your chair’s surface, and don’t make it too heavy. Even if the rug is made of a lighter-weight material, such as a potted plant or a magazine, it falls under this category.

What are power reclining chairs worth?

Power recliners come in a wide range of pricing, although certain brands will be more expensive than others due to the materials they’re built of and the amount of technology they’ve incorporated.

Yes! It is possible to find power recliners in a variety of colors so that you may match them to other pieces of furniture or to your preferred hue.

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What Should I do if my Power Recliner is Stuck in the Upright Position?

Chairs can get stuck if they’ve been left in an upright position, so keep an eye out for that. If someone accidently bumps into one of these pieces of furniture while getting up from their chair, this can happen.

Something could be caught underneath or behind the footrest of your chair if it’s reclined and you’re unable to get it upright.

There are several things to do if this happens:

  • Check the floorboards under the chair’s footrest for any anything that might be lodged there.
  • The footrest’s release button can be used to re-close it after you’ve retrieved any items from under or below it.