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Every living room, family room, and bachelor pad can benefit from a Lazyboy recliner because of the style and comfort it brings. Having a Lazyboy chair means that you can rest after a long day at work. That’s why you get angry when your feet aren’t on the ground, because you can’t rest properly. You need to get on top of this right away.

Pitch Needs Adjustment

Your feet may not be able to touch the ground because the Lazyboy recliner’s base is too high off the ground. Changing the pitch to lower the base will address this problem.

Perform the steps below to adjust the chair’s pitch:

– Access to the chair’s mechanism must be gained through the chair’s base. To accomplish this, simply reverse the direction of the chair.

– Without removing the mechanism, loosen the back screws on either side.

Remove the screws on either side of the mechanism by loosening them.

The chair will sink if you slide the frame forward while holding on to the arms. The base will be lowered by this.

How to Adjust Lazy Boy Recliner Pitch Too Low in Front - Krostrade

There is a slot on the front of the base with grooves in it. The base pitch setting can be determined by placing the front screws in the grooves on either side. There should be five grooves, allowing for a maximum of five different base settings to be made..

Turn the chair back over and fasten the back and front screws when you’ve finished adjusting the base.

Make that the problem has been resolved by performing a test (your feet are able to touch the floor).

Here is a video that demonstrates how easy it is to carry out the aforementioned procedures as demonstrated above. It guides you through the entire pitch-adjustment procedure, explaining each step along the way so that you can be confident the recliner’s pitch is appropriately lowered.

Your Height is the Problem or the Recliner Just isn’t for you

If your feet don’t touch the ground after you adjust the Lazyboy recliner’s pitch, you may have to accept that you are too short. In this scenario, a footrest might be the best alternative for you. It’s also possible to return the chair and acquire a different model, or you can get a refund, if the footrest isn’t available.

Purchase a Footrest

If you are unable to change the pitch, this is the best option. Adding a footrest to your Lazyboy recliner will quickly restore the chair’s comfort, allowing you to relax more comfortably. Aside from helping with active sitting, the rocking action allows you to move your legs and improves blood flow to the lower limbs.

4 Effective Ways To Adjust Recliner Chair

1. How to adjust the recliner tension

The tension of the recliner can be changed in a few simple steps. “Recliner tension” – what is it? It’s the fact that the backrest is so easy to recline. This is how it’s done:

Test the tension of your recliner chair:

Your chair should not take much energy when leaning backward, as this can be a challenge sometimes. You’ll need to work on the stress by reducing it, of course. You can start with this chair if you’re small, and it won’t require as much power from you. Your sleep chair may be able to lean too far or lean too easy for your comfort. You may want to increase the reclining tension if you’re overweight, tall or need strong lumbar support.

Tilt forward:

Do you know how to forward tilt your chair? Close the footrest and straighten the chair back before continuing. To see the bottom of the chair, gently tilt the entire chair forward. Resting the chair on its back or armrests is not permitted. Adjusting the tension on a recliner chair is a two-handed operation that requires both hands.

Look for adjusting mechanism:

Your recliner must have a mechanism to adjust it. There are wing nuts or thumb wheels located beneath the seat. It will be difficult to adjust the tension if the mechanism is missing. Either the wing nut or the thumb wheel must be found and placed at the end of a bolt before installation can begin. If the tension springs aren’t connected, you’ll want to double-check the bolt connection on the other side.

Under the seat is where you’ll discover most of these systems. However, the position of these mechanisms changes from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. It’s possible to find them at the bottom of some models.

Rotate the mechanism:

Turn the wing nut/thumb wheel clockwise to increase the reclining tension now. The converse is true if you want to ease tension (anti-clockwise). The wingnut and thumb wheels both need to be adjusted in the same manner. There should be a consistent set of instructions for every step of the way You can crank the mechanism with your fingers, but if it’s too tight, use powerful pliers instead. It’s also important to turn the mechanism by a quarter of a turn for each adjustment and to do it on both sides of the chair.

Harbor Town Rocker Recliner w/adjustable headrest | La-Z-Boy Australia

Test the adjustment:

You’ll have to put it to the test now to see if it works. Sit in the chair again, this time with your feet fully extended, and check that the tension is correct by leaning back. What are the outcomes? As far as recliner tension goes, you’ll need to fine-tune it if it’s too stiff or loose. In the event that you’re at ease, you can end the process at this point.

2. How to adjust recliner tension springs

Spring can be found in just about anything that has a moving part. Occasionally, these springs fail and need to be replaced. You don’t have to be an expert to replace a spring. Fixing everything only takes a few minutes. In order to fix your recliner you’ll need a new recliner spring, an adjustable wrench, and, if necessary, a friend to help. This is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Turn over your recliner:

Recline the chair slowly to reveal the structure hidden beneath the seat. When the backrest is erect and the footrests are down, this is done.

Locate the attachment point:

There should be tabs or clips on both the left and right sides of the chair. Identifying where to join the spring to the frame at both ends is all that is needed if the spring still exists.

Use pliers to get rid of damaged or old springs:

Only the spring needs to be removed from the frame at this point. Take pliers and a firm grip on the spring’s one end. When working with a spring that is under a lot of tension, you should exercise extreme caution. When working with metal, it is imperative that you use protective eyewear.

Buy strong replacement springs:

It’s important to choose a long-lasting spring if you wish to replace the old ones. When you have to replace them from time to time, you won’t like it. To get the best springs, you need to get them from the original manufacturer’s replacement parts. Here’s what you’ll do..

  • To obtain replacement parts, speak with a local chair manufacturer.
  • Search the Internet for information.
  • You can ask the dealers for the one that is compatible with your model if you can’t find replacement parts for your model.

Extend the springs:

The screwdriver should be inserted into the spring at both ends. Take care not to damage the spring as you remove it. The spring’s coils can be separated by slipping a nickel between them. You can use a washer instead of nickels.

Attach the spring:

One end of the spring should be attached to the frame. That being the case, how exactly do you go about doing that? It’s easy, really. To pull the spring and attach it to the frame, you’ll need pliers. When employing a spring that is under strain, be careful. To get a secure hold on the spring, secure the adjustable pliers in the locked position.

Get rid of the nickels between the coils:

Now, you must ensure that the nickel returns to its usual state of stress. To do this, use pliers to gently peel the nickel apart, separating each coil. Make sure the spring is fastened firmly at both ends before removing the nickel.

Get the recliner to its upright position:

Take a seat in the recliner with its back straight. Backrest spring tension can be tested by tilting the seat backward. Leaning on the backrests should be met with some resistance. To get the resistance you desire, you may need to experiment with various spring sets. It’s important to relax and enjoy the comfort if you’re used to the spring resistance.

3. How to adjust recliner  chair pitch

What is the recliner pitch before I teach you how to modify it, please? So, when a recliner is closed and pointing upward, that’s what we mean by the word “pitch.” To adjust the pitch, follow these procedures.

Sit on the recliner in an upright posture:

Don’t recline; instead, gently lean back on the backrests. Reclining at the correct angle will ensure that your back is properly supported. Normally, the pitch of your chair can be adjusted by replacing the bolt on the bottom of the chair.

While sitting, your knees will flex upwards if the pitch is too low. It’s easy to see how this would lead to a bad case of the slouch. To avoid this, make sure the pitch is raised.

On the other side, what do you do when the pitch is too high? In order to achieve a comfortable pitch when sitting down, you will need to lower it by a few octaves.

Tilt your recliner forward:

By swiveling the chair forward, you can see what’s underneath. With the backrests in their upright position and the footrests closed, you’ll tilt forward. Armrests and top of back should serve as the chair’s support as it leans forward.

Find the cam bolt:

In addition, make sure the chair’s base is securely fastened. A bolt that holds the cam must be adjusted in order to do this. As a general rule, this bolt can be found at or near the bottom of a chair.

N:B: Cam bolts and recliner tension bolts are not the same thing. For the most part, the frame is secured with four bolts.

Loosen the back bolt:

Both of the bottom mechanism’s cam bolts should be loosen. In order to remove the bolt, you will need to use a wrench or cordless power retches. Making the fasteners loose is necessary for easy chair swiveling. Keep an eye on the bolt to make sure it doesn’t escape the frame.

Get rid of the front bolt:

The front frame bolt can be removed in its entirety if desired. The front bolt can be removed, but the back bolts cannot. Only because you’ll need to utilize them again, should you store them safely.

Recliner frame adjustment:

The frame of your chair can be adjusted by raising and lowering the front of the frame. This not only alters the frame but also alters the timbre of the music. Here’s what you’re going to do.

The front of the chair must be brought closer to the ground if you wish to enhance the chair’s pitch. To increase the back pitch, you must lift the frame off the ground by pushing it up and down.

Eden Rocker Recliner | La-Z-Boy NZ

Find the slot in front of the cam:

The slot in front of the camera may be seen. In most recliners, there are two sets of holes where bolts can go, and a groove where the slot can be adjusted in five different positions. Basically, there are nine different pitches you can choose from.

Consider that a minor tweak can make all the difference in a recliner. Before making any more adjustments, start with a little amount and do some testing.

Return the front bolt:

After setting the cam, you should secure the front bolt to the lower frame. Using your fingers, you’ll have to twist the bolt into the correct hole. To tighten the bolt, you can use a power ratchet or a wrench after positioning it correctly.

Tighten the back bolts:

Once more, a power ratchet or wrench will be required to tighten the bolt.

Test the pitch:

You’ll have to do some tests to see if the pitch is sound. If you can’t touch the floor with your feet while sitting erect in the chair, you’re in the wrong position.

4.  How to fix a recliner cable

If the recliner cable breaks, the backrests will move up and down on their own, and the chair will not be able to recline or adjust. What do you do in this situation? Let me know if you have any further questions. However, before ratcheting it down, double-check that it’s firmly attached to the piston bracket. Recliner cable repair instructions can be found here.

How to adjust lazy boy rocker recliners

The ideal piece of furniture to relax in is a reclining chair. In order to enjoy ourselves, we’ll want things to be flawless. In order to have complete control over the quality of your sleep, we’re going to show you how to adjust a lazy boy rocker chair.

Will this work on my lazy boy rocker recliner?

You can adjust all lazy boy rockers on your own. They do this for one simple reason: they want you to be as comfortable as possible. Following these instructions is simple as long as you’re using the correct brand.

What will I need?

  • A reclining sofa
  • a device for securing wing nuts

The wing nuts on a lazy boy recliner are crucial for fine-tuning the position. The tension springs that hold the furniture in place are now attached to these unusual bolts, which must be relocated. We recommend that you use pliers or a multitool to adjust them, as they may be too tight to do so manually. There are a variety of tools out there that may be used to get a good hold on them.

How to adjust your lazy boy rocker recliner

The bottom of your recliner can be seen by turning it over. You’ll find the wing nuts once the recliner is flipped over. If you’ve never seen one before, they look like this to the naked eye.

The lazy boy can now be adjusted by turning both wheels at the same time. It will be more difficult to recline back if you turn to the right. It will be easier for you if you turn to the left.

That being said, there is one thing you must remember. For every round you make in one nut, make the same number of turns in the other. In order to maintain track of stress, we recommend half turns.

Let’s sum it up

  • To tighten wing nuts, use a pair of tools.
  • Do a 180-degree turn in your couch.
  • The wing nuts can be found.
  • Turn them together to acquire the right amount of pressure.

It’s as simple as that. If you follow the procedures outlined above, it should be simple to find the ideal level of tension for your recliner.


Adjusting a recliner chair, on the other hand, should be a piece of cake. Paying someone to do your task is not necessary. Even though it is your decision to determine how comfortable you want to be, following this guidance will make it easy for you!