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Recliners benefit greatly from the use of microfiber. Stains won’t stick to it because it’s breathable and easy to clean. It’s also quite good at picking up dirt. Prevent stains and learn how to clean the chair so you can keep it looking its best.

To help you clean your microfiber recliner, I’ve put up a step-by-step guide in this piece. To make it appear like new again, I’ll show you how to remove stains and odors.

Despite the fact that we all adore our microfiber recliners, it’s understandable if we don’t want to keep buying new ones. Because of its strength and ease of maintenance, microfiber is an excellent choice for furniture. Children and dogs may necessitate this in your home’s decor. With good care, one can use the same one for many years before needing a new one.

What is the best way to clean a microfiber recliner?

It’s easy to follow the instructions on recliner care tags because they use a simple coding. If the labeling on the chair indicates W, use a water-based cleaning solution. If it says S, use a solvent to clean it. If it says SW, you can use either. Only use a vacuum or a brush to clean chairs with an X.

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Clean the chair physically before using any cleaner. Large particles should be removed from the surface and vacuumed thoroughly. Using a lint roller to remove dust from small fibers is also useful. Regardless of what you’re doing, keep moving in the same direction.

If liquid accumulates on the surface, dab it away with a paper towel. A cleaner may not be necessary because microfiber is water-resistant.

Do as instructed by the chair’s care tag, using a cleanser and a cloth to remove grime.

What to use to clean a microfiber recliner

Always clean a microfiber recliner with your hands. Avoid harming the fibers by using a circular motion when brushing the surface. A lint brush and a vacuum can also be used.

A brush or cleaning cloth, along with the cleaning solution specified on the care tag, should be used to remove stains or watermarks.

Keep in mind that a W indicates a water-based cleaning, a S indicates a solvent-based cleaner, and a SW indicates that both will be effective.

If it’s a S or a SW, you can either buy a commercial microfiber cleaner or combine a little rubbing alcohol with water to clean it. Warm water and dish soap can be used to clean a W or a SW, respectively. The vinegar will eliminate odors and the soap will clean the chair.

An X on a chair indicates that it should only be cleaned manually. A dry cleaner is the best option for removing stains.

Avoid the use of bleach or fabric softener when cleaning your clothes.

How to clean a dirty microfiber recliner

Brush, vacuum, or roll a lint brush across your recliner to remove any loose lint and dirt that may have accumulated over time. Make sure you don’t miss any nooks and crannies where the fabric comes together. Those areas are prone to accumulating food particles. Some loose change could be found.

Although stains can be difficult to remove from microfiber, they are unavoidable. That is especially true if they are often used.

To find out what kind of cleaner you can use, look at the chair’s care tag. Once you’ve found a good cleaner, test it out in a hidden corner to see whether it leaves a stain.

Stains can be cleaned with a dab or a brush. Pay attention to only the stains. You can either use a brush to remove the dirt or a clean towel to remove the cleaner.

How to clean spots and dirt from a light tan microfiber recliner?

Any stain or watermark on a light-colored recliner is far more noticeable than on a dark-colored chair.

There’s nothing unusual about this trick other than the fact that you need use additional caution. Even if the care tag advises using a solution-based cleaner, we recommend using a dry cleaner and a toothbrush. There is less chance of a watermark being left behind.

If you have access to a water-based cleaner, we recommend using a paste of baking soda and water to clean. Generally speaking, three parts soda to one part water is a reasonable starting point.

The little head and bristles of a toothbrush come in handy in these cases because you can get right into the stain and work it out.

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How to prevent stains on a microfiber recliner?

You may want to hire a professional to apply a treatment to your carpet to keep stains at bay. It’s usually better to avoid a problem altogether, and hiring a professional can save you both time and money in the long run.

For the most part, professional therapies tend to be more long-lasting, consistent, and effective than over-the-counter remedies.

Apply only as much as the product label recommends and in a well-ventilated area if you do it yourself. Make sure the treatment you’re employing is in accordance with the care tag on your chair.

How to remove smells from microfiber recliner?

In order to get rid of microfiber recliner smells, you have three options.

Many scents can be eliminated simply by performing a thorough cleaning. You’ll want to use a suction nozzle to get into those hard-to-reach places to remove food and other debris.

A water-based cleaning solution can be used if your chair has a care tag with W or SW on it. White vinegar can be used to a water-based cleaning solution to remove odors.

Using this if you’re trying to remove an odor-causing stain from a carpet or upholstery is a good idea. Get the best of both worlds with one shot.

If you don’t have access to a water-based cleaning solution, you can use baking soda instead. Make sure you apply it evenly across the entire chair. Baking soda has the same deodorizing power in your refrigerator as it does in your chair.

How to clean a La-Z Boy microfiber recliner

A number of microfiber recliners are available from La-Z-Boy. You may want to exercise extra caution when cleaning one of these pieces of furniture because of the monetary value they represent.

Using the soft brush on the end of your vacuum wand while vacuuming your chair is a good, convenient tip. If there are any dirt particles buried deep inside the fibers, this will assist to agitate them.

We recommend using a hairdryer on its coolest setting to dry a La-Z-Boy once you’ve finished washing it. To avoid damaging its delicate synthetic fibers, do not use warm or hot settings.

Remove Junk from the Crevices

The cushions on many microfiber recliners are sewed to the frame, preventing them from shifting around when you sit on them.. It’s very uncommon for these cozy seats to have cracks and fissures around the sides that might gather trash. Everything in the crevices must be removed before you can begin washing the upholstery.

Instead of using your vacuum, try to scoop out as much as you can with your hands. It’s possible that they’ll build up and damage your vacuum if it’s vacuumed up. You can always use the vacuum’s extension hose to get into the nooks and crannies once you’ve cleared the bulk of the clutter.

Vacuum the Recliner

You’ll be ready to vacuum once you’ve cleaned the crevices. Remove any and all stray hair, dander, and filth from the chair’s fabric by vacuuming its entire exterior and underbelly. Hair and dander are particularly well-suited to microfiber’s ability to hang on to them.

Make sure the back of your recliner is flat on the floor before setting it down. It’s ideal to enlist the aid of a second person for this stage in order to lift the chair’s front while simultaneously pushing the chair’s rear toward the ground. Using a vacuum cleaner, thoroughly clean the space in where the chair was sitting. As a result, when vacuuming underneath footrests and chairs, make sure that the material is not too thin to allow hair and dirt to seep through.

Vacuum the rest of the chair from top to bottom while the chair is upright. The back cover and arm coverings should be removed from the chair and vacuumed individually as well as the spaces underneath where they were sitting.

Remove Tough Stains

Prior to cleaning the entire recliner, start with the most heavily soiled parts. See if there are any stains or grease smudges from repeated hand contact with the same area. The quickest approach to remove a stain from microfiber is to mix three parts baking soda with one part water and apply it to the spot. Grab a toothbrush and combine the two ingredients.

Because the brush head is so little, you can easily reach into the tiniest of spaces with a toothbrush when cleaning microfiber. These cleaning brushes have softer bristles so they won’t damage the upholstery, and they’re typically significantly less expensive.

Brush your teeth after putting a small amount of the mixture on the toothbrush. In one-inch squares, dab the stain with a cotton ball and rub it in. To remove a huge stain, this procedure ensures that all areas are covered and the greatest results may be attained. You can scrape the area using a back and forth motion. Use a moist cloth to dab away any remaining mixture once you see signs that the stain is dissipating. If the stain still isn’t gone, repeat the process. Before continuing, let the microfiber dry completely. Oversaturating the recliner could cause the foam or stuffing to become overly wet, which could lead to mold growth.

Clean the Rest of the Recliner

The entire recliner may now be cleaned in a matter of minutes after you have removed all of the difficult stains. Using vinegar to clean is one of the most used household cleaning methods. Microfiber is just one of the many things it may be used to clean using this method. Warm tap water should be used to fill a spray bottle 3/4 of the way. It’s time to finish up with white vinegar. When using white distilled vinegar, you need to make sure that you don’t leave behind a smell that isn’t exactly what you’d like. If vinegar isn’t something you use on a regular basis, you can buy a modest amount.

The upholstery should be lightly sprayed with a light mist. Scrub the microfiber gently using a shoe shine brush that hasn’t been used before. To clean the microfiber without harming yourself, the brush is soft, simple to hold, and has many bristles. Continue cleaning the recliner one square foot at a time until it is clean.

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Vacuum the Recliner Again

Vacuuming the recliner after scrubbing is a necessary part of the cleaning process. As you cleaned the recliner, the dirt, grime, and hair that had been trapped in the stuffing came loose. Before you sit on it, make sure it’s as clean as possible by vacuuming it a second time. There is no need to bother about washing the underside of the recliner again, as it should have been vacuumed before you began cleaning.


While you clean your microfiber recliner properly, you won’t have to deal with unsightly stains when you use it. While its stain resistance makes it a popular choice, you’ll want to know how to properly clean your chair if you choose to use it.

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