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In other words, how does a swivel base function? To move in any direction, the swivel base at the bottom of your Lazy Boy rocker recliner must be turned. The reason for this is so that you can find the most comfortable sitting or lying position in your Lazy Boy at any given time.

A swivel base can be difficult to remove from a lazy boy rocker recliner, but this guide will show you how.

Steps on Uninstalling a Swivel Base From Lazy Boy rocker recliner

First, flip the rocker recliner over and use a wrench to loosen the bolts.

Find the four screw holes in the swivel base; two of them should be perpendicular to each other, and the other two should be parallel.

The third step is to insert your Phillips screwdriver into both sets of screws and turn them clockwise until they are no longer movable.

Fourth, using powerful pliers, remove the entire base from under your Lazy Boy to access any tangled wires or cables and to make room for the new swivels unit (if needed).

If you are not comfortable working with electrical wiring, you may need assistance installing this component. Please seek advice from a professional before attempting to disassemble anything! Verify the screw tightness by using a second method.

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How do you Take the Back Off an Ashley Recliner Sofa?

The majority of Ashley’s lounge chairs feature a 360-degree swivel capability. The couch’s back can be taken off to reveal the fasteners, but how does one get rid of a base? Take the following actions:

First, using your screwdriver, unscrew the four Phillips head screws on each side.

Second, remove the chair’s back by lifting it up and out of the way. Following these steps will allow you to gain access to information on how to take apart an Ashley sofa’s swivel base.

Step 3: Clean the interior before proceeding with the installation. Secure the replacement base with four screws on each side.

How do you Take Apart a Lazy Boy Sectional?

To begin, unfold the recliner and set it down on a level surface. Vaccuum the chair thoroughly, removing any sagging blankets or cushions. Locate the side of your sofa where the footrest arms attach to the frame, and check the holes drilled there for screws.

With a Philips screwdriver, loosen these screws from their holes by turning them counterclockwise.

You’ll learn how to disassemble a Lazy Boy sectional after removing the four screws (two on each end). To safely remove this base unit without causing damage or electrocution, you must first locate the points of connection for all of the cables and wires that run into it.

How do you move a heavy recliner?

With a helping hand, most people can relocate a reclining chair. Putting it on its back and sliding it, or picking it up and carrying it upside down with one hand on each side arm, are the two simplest ways to do this.

Where is the best place to put my recliner chair?

Bear in mind that your level of comfort while reclining and watching TV is directly related to its placement in relation to the screen.

If you want to watch TV in comfort, you should put some distance between yourself and the wall on which your TV is mounted.

Keep cables out of sight without having to hide them by positioning your sectional so that you aren’t too far away from the television.

How do you Tighten a Loose Recliner?

There are a few things you can do to tighten the mechanism of your recliner if it is loose.

First, avoid placing your recliner near any appliances (especially those that generate heat), as doing so could cause the wood contained within it to expand and loosen its grip on other pieces of furniture; second, take into account the footprint of the appliance in determining how much space you have between it and your recliner; third, avoid placing furniture around the appliance if at all possible.

Small rugs can be placed under the legs of the sectional to protect them from the heat if you’re using one of these pieces for storage or another purpose and can’t safely move it out of the way without help.

How do you remove the back of a recliner sofa?

Reclining sofas typically have detachable backs that can be pried off with a screwdriver. There should only be one or two screw holes on each end of the piece of furniture you are putting together. It’s also possible to find wire connections underneath the frame, which should not be severed before the rest of the upholstery is removed.

To avoid stripping the screw heads with brute force, it is recommended to use an electric drill fitted with a Phillips head attachment when removing these fasteners from tight spaces or after they have been in place for an extended period of time.

After detaching the four (or six) legs, remove the wiring before lifting the frame and slipping off the remaining fabric or covers.

Steps on Installing a Swivel on a Lazyboy Rocker Recliner

You should begin by locating the bolts in your chair. Finding a place with a “rocking” motion or holes in the base of the seat is ideal for this purpose.

Second, use an Allen key and a socket wrench to secure the bolts. If you do this, your swivel plate will be installed securely.

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The third step is to remove the old swivel from your chair by sliding it out of its slot and unscrewing each of the four bolts holding it in place. Get rid of the old rubber washers and replace them with the two brand new, longer ones included in the package. Replace the swivel, but leave everything else as it was.

Lastly, position the Swivel plate assembly on the chair base as desired using the drill and new screws included in your package. Then, using an Allen key, snug them all up against one another. This will provide a solid foundation for determining the range of motion of the swivel when it is occupied.

Check how tight they are getting and how much wiggle room there is before you reach their maximum torque point as you slowly turn the other bolts clockwise, holding onto one of them from below the whole time.

This sensation is normal and indicates that everything has been securely fastened; however, excessive torque could cause damage and should be avoided.

Sixth, tighten the bolts with a wrench or pliers until they are wrapped, if possible, so that they remain in place once you’re done and don’t loosen over time.

This is the method I prefer because it guarantees that the swivel won’t shift from side to side unless the nuts are loosened again, a task that is difficult for a single person to accomplish. Check out our video for more details on how we did it:

Seventh, after ensuring that everything fits snugly, test the swivel while a person is seated on the chair to ensure that it works properly before reinstalling the new parts.

At last, we were able to return our chair to its former glory by reapplying its new leather cover.

How do you make a swivel rocker stationary?

Mounting brackets are required for a swivel rocker to become fixed in one position. The instructions for customizing these brackets to fit your specific recliner are included.

The chair can still rock back and forth like an antique thanks to the brackets holding it in place. Installing it takes less than an hour and requires only common household items.

What are the benefits of installing brackets on your swivel chair?

Tread carpets, rugs, or surfaces with debris like sand, dirt, or pet hair with less wear on the wheels (since you won’t be rocking).

Second, since rockers don’t create any friction when they’re not in motion, lint balls won’t get caught in them when the wheel is still.

How do I Install These Brackets?

If you’re using four swiveling casters under your chair, you’ll need two brackets in total, one for each wheel assembly. Screws and nuts, available at most hardware stores or from some online retailers specializing in office furniture, will be used to attach these brackets to the underside of your chair’s frame.

Step 1 Place one bracket near each wheel assembly on the chair’s underside, aligning the two screw holes with the threaded eyelets on either side of the caster (you may need to drill out any excess metal if they are too close together).

The next step is to use Allen keys to securely fasten these brackets to both sides using bolts of the appropriate size. Tighten only until everything feels secure and sturdy, but not so much that the wood finish is marred.

Third, flip your chair back to its upright position and adjust the height so that it is flat on the floor; this may require some fiddling with the bolts, but everything should be stable when fully flipped up.

If the chair arms are not made of wood, you can simply snap them off for the time being without damaging the wall.

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Fourth, secure one bracket to each armhole with an Allen key or screwdriver, getting them as close together as you can without overlapping the screws.

Once again, you want to tighten it until it feels secure, but not too much. Furthermore, flip the chair over and check the underside to see if the brackets are installed straight.

Step 5: Make sure to drill two holes for the bolts, one in each armhole, about a third of the way up from the bottom; this is where you’ll attach an L bracket using the two screws that came with your swivel.

Place it so its horizontal arms are flush with the inside of the armhole; leave some space between these brackets and the rest of what’s holding up your seat cushion before you drill through!

Put them where you can use this as leverage and you’ll have no trouble mounting them. It’s also worth noting that most levers have at least three height adjustment slots, so you can choose the one that works best for you.