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With your new recliner, you’re thinking what to do with it now that you have it. You’re in luck, because there are so many options available to you! A reclining chair may easily be incorporated into any room’s decor with a few simple recommendations from this blog post.

Steps on how to Accessorize a Recliner Chair

Throw a blanket over the chair’s back.

Decorate your chair by placing ornamental pillows on top or at the ends for your feet to rest.

Add more seating, a footrest, or an extra surface to your home with an ottoman with storage.

Add matching pillows, throws, and other decor to complete the look.

You may add some more seating space and functionality by attaching a tray table to the back of your chair.

Step 6: If wanted, add a footrest to complement the style of your chair or the dcor of your space.

How to Decorate With A Recliner Chair | Mobility Furniture Company

What is Accessorizing a Recliner?

It is possible to decorate a recliner in a variety of ways. You can easily decorate with beautiful cushions and throw blankets.

Ottomans are also available in matching colors and can double as a chair and storage space for books or periodicals. For those who need a footrest, there are footrests that complement the recliner.

Why do I Need to Accessorize my Recliner?

A simple approach to freshen up the look of your living room is to add a few decorative accents to your recliner. This can be done in a variety of methods, all of which are relatively inexpensive and simple.

In addition to keeping you warm, throw blankets can provide a dash of color or design to a room that may otherwise be lacking. You may also use colorful and patterned throw pillows to liven up your space!

What Should I Consider When Accessorizing my Recliner?

Before you buy any accessories for your chair, think about what size it is. In comparison to a smaller chair, an ottoman looks out of place on a larger one. When adorning your recliner, don’t forget about your personal sense of style!

How to Care for Accessorized Recliner?

You must clean up after yourself if you want to keep your recliner looking brand new. Before they have a chance to dry, wipe up any crumbs or spills with a moist rag. If there are no other people in the room, you may need an extra pair of hands for this work.

How to Clean an Accessorized Recliner?

After you’ve used your chair, use a moist rag to wipe clean the surface. This is the finest way to bring out the color! If you aren’t strong enough, you may need some support.

How to Prevent Wear and Tear on Accessorized Recliner?

Vacuuming and dusting your recliner on a regular basis can keep it looking its best. Clean up any spills or stains as soon as possible using a damp rag to prevent permanent damage to the fabric.

How to Maintain Accessorized Recliners?

Recliners are built to last, but you may extend their lifespan by following these simple care instructions.

Bring out the best color in your fabric by wiping the surface with a damp rag.

Keep it clean by vacuuming and dusting it on a regular basis. Keeping allergens from building up in the cloth is also a benefit of this method.

adjust the position of your upholstered chair every few months to keep it from drooping or straining in one area over time.”

How to Fix an Accessorized Recliner?

Recliners that have a broken leg or seams that aren’t under stress (e.g., where there’s no back support) will need to be repaired before they may be used!

Reupholstering in a coordinating fabric and sewing up tears in leather are two common solutions.

To replace a cushion or foam, just remove the old one and slide in a new one of the same size.

Your local furniture retailers may also sell replacement cushions.

How to Repair Accessorized Recliner Mechanism?

The best approach to fix a broken recliner mechanism is to get a new one. Reconnect any wires that were disconnected, and then re-energize!

Unscrew old pieces from where they meet other components and utilize them in your new chair if this doesn’t work out for you.

To begin, remove any screws and nuts from the previous mechanism where they meet other parts of the system.

Dismantle your old recliner’s mechanism by removing any elements that can be removed without causing damage to other components.

Make sure that all of the parts are in position, then put everything back together the correct way.

Add an external brace to help keep everything in place if you discover the new chair is too loose or doesn’t work as well.

When you’re done, run it through its paces to make sure it’s all operating as intended.

How to Decorate Around a Recliner

Any environment that includes a chair must pay close attention to whether or not it is an eyesore or a pleasant addition. Make your own chair out of your preferred fabric and leather, or buy a premade one. Alternatively, you can complement an existing recliner with new furniture by purchasing additional pieces for the space. Work with what you have, don’t try to get rid of what’s there. You may seamlessly incorporate a chair into a room by including it into your decorating plans.


Most contemporary seating styles will likely work with a recliner that has a simple design that doesn’t have any elements that define or limit it. If the sofa, sectional, or other chairs are of same quality and scale, a more comfortable look can be achieved. Wingback or traditional-style recliners with exposed wood arms or legs are better suited to more traditional decor. Modern and art deco interiors benefit from sleek designs with track arms. Ask an expert at a high-end furniture store for advice if you’re unsure about what looks good in your home. Customizing a recliner type is often possible, and you can often match an existing recliner with a couch or other chair style.

Color and Pattern

Coordinated materials are the best way to bring dissimilar styles together. An skilled upholsterer can reupholster an old recliner so that it matches your other furniture or your bed. In addition to a change in color, a recliner’s appearance can be improved by using a fabric with a new texture or design. Adding nailheads or contrasting welting to the recliner’s upholstery will help it fit in better with your home’s design. A custom-order furniture showroom consultant may assist you in selecting and ordering fabrics for your new couch or chair, including the yardage required to restore your recliner. The rest of the room’s furniture may benefit from being reupholstered to match a high-quality leather recliner.


A recliner should fit in with the rest of the room’s furniture in a way that is both functional and visually appealing. It’s a bad sitting arrangement when the recliner is positioned next to a sofa, with all the seats facing the television. A sofa or loveseat placed at a right angle to two recliners facing the screen is another option. To ensure that a recliner can fully recline, consult with reputable recliner manufacturers and merchants. Depending on the chair, the amount can change. The amount of wall space, as it is commonly referred to, is between 10 and 14 inches. Recliners should be placed in an area where they are not obstructed by walls, other furniture, or entrances when they are open. In addition, make room for the ottoman that is attached to the sofa.

5 DIY Home Project: How to Accessorize a Recliner - Krostrade

Tables, Lighting and Accessories

Include enough table area and lights near the recliner for improved comfort and convenience. When choosing a table for your recliner, make sure it is strong and heavy enough at the bottom so that it won’t topple over if it is knocked by the chair. Round tables with no jutting corners are perfect for recliners that can rotate and glide. A table can accommodate both a recliner and another sort of sitting. Using a reading lamp on a large table or a floor lamp is appropriate for smaller tables. Small objects like pens, notepads, and remote controls can be conveniently stored in a container placed on the table’s surface. An additional layer of comfort and style can be achieved by adding a small throw cushion or a rectangle lumbar pillow in a coordinating fabric to the room’s design.

Recliner Accessories

The ultimate in relaxation and comfort, a recliner is a must-have for every home. You can recline in the soft embrace of cushions and padding with a simple flip of a lever.

We all adore our recliners, but have you given any thought to the possibility of purchasing additional accoutrements for them?

A laptop stand with an adjustable height is a great option if you want to work on your computer while relaxing in your recliner chair.

However, we’re all guilty of misplacing a slew of remote controls. Consider a caddy organizer for your recliner as an alternative.

Shiatsu back massagers and calming massagers for reclining chairs are available as add-on items.

While you relax on your prized throne, keep your drinks and snacks within easy reach with the included drink holders and clip-on trays.

The benefits of a recliner

In addition to providing supreme relaxation, reclining chairs have a slew of other advantages.

They may be able to ease stress and muscle discomfort by putting your body in a comfortable position. Lifting your legs and reclining further enhances blood flow.

Keep your airways open and lower the risk of acid reflux by sleeping on a recliner. Sleeping on your back with your legs up can also help alleviate the symptoms of OSA.

Our List of Recliner Accessories

We opted for things that we thought would provide the most value while keeping our budgets in mind.

In addition, we only selected products that have a high number of positive customer ratings. Because they have firsthand knowledge of the products, the end user is still an important consideration while looking for recliner accessories.

1. 4 Pieces Microfiber Stretch Recliners Slipcover

Your list of recliner accessories must include the Easy-Going Microfiber Stretch Recliners Slipcover Set, 4 Pieces.

The high-quality microfiber fabric of the set is smooth and luxurious to the touch, and it comes in a variety of sizes.

There are a wide number of slipcovers to choose from to protect your recliner. The entire set may be cleaned in a washing machine on a 30 degree setting.

Easy to care for and simple to put on your recliner, the set provides excellent protection while giving your chair a new look.

Protecting your furniture from pet hairs and messes can increase the life of your upholstery.

  • MICRO FIBER MATERIAL: Soft, comfy, and strong.
  • A recliner slipcover is designed to accommodate a seat width of 23 to 35 inches. If you need more information, please refer to the photo’s measurement instructions…
  • Protect your sofa from everyday wear and stains with a FURNITURE PROTECTOR. You can choose from a variety of hues, so you can cover yourself with the color of your choice.

2. Shiatsu Back Massager

Gifting a Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager with heat is a great way to relax in your recliner. With the back massager, you may relax and let go of the stress that has been building up in your body.

For a deep tissue massage, use the Shiatsu rollers with four revolving nodes within the unique attachment.

Helps alleviate weariness, stress and aches and pains by reaching deep into those knots.

The adjustable straps allow you to attach it to your chair simply, and the various intensity levels of heat and massage give you a genuinely personalized experience.

The Shiatsu Back Massager is the ideal Christmas gift for anyone looking for recliner accessories.


  • It incorporates Shiatsu rollers with four spinning nodes that can move up and down, mimicking the massage motion.
  • Using the shiatsu back massager, you may modify the zone of massage and enjoy a pleasant massage as you choose. You are free to…
  • An additional benefit of the Shiatsu chair’s heating system is that it can assist relieve muscle tension and pain. Heater options are available for those who want them…

3. Caddy Organizer with 6 Pockets

The Kotile Caddy Organizer with 6 Pockets is the perfect way to keep your recliner’s remote in one place. If you’ve ever had to dig between the armrests of your chair to find your remote control, you’ll want to invest in one of these useful organizers.

Allowing you to keep your remote controls and cell phones close at hand while relaxing in your recliner, the fabric organizer drapes over your armrest. Even your magazines will find a home in Kotile’s excellent magazine storage area.

Sized at 35 inches wide by 19.7 inches tall, this one-of-a-kind design is available in a variety of fashionable hues. The cloth is machine washable and easy to maintain.

This organizer is a must-have addition to your list of recliner accessories because it can hold your remote controls, mobile phones, and even your glasses.

Everything you need is there at your fingertips, so you’ll never have to dig around again.

  • Ready-Made to Measure: L35″ x W19.7″ Covered edge technology provides a strong and stunning accent to the overall design and feel of the room. fits most sofas,…
  • No assembly or installation is required for this armrest device caddy. Simply slip the end side under the armrest and you’re ready to go.
  • There are six large pockets to accommodate your storage needs as a loft bed caddy. Magazines, tablets, iPads, etc. may all fit in the two spacious pockets.

4. The Ultimate Anti-Spill Cup Holder

Anti-spill cup holders by CouchCoaster are the best way to keep your drink from spilling. For those times when you don’t have a table nearby, this sofa coaster is a convenient solution.

Recliner cup holders are available in many different colors and may be draped over the arm of your chair.

If you’re looking for the best recliner accessory, look no further than this one-size-fits-all coaster.

The coaster keeps your drink in place and prevents it from drizzling over. Eco-friendly, resilient, and flexible weighted silicone is used by the producer to make the coaster.

Additionally, a clever slit on the holder’s side allows for the handle of a cup or mug to be inserted.

The cup holder from CouchCoaster is a great present for anyone who enjoys relaxing in their recliner this time of year.

CouchCoaster – Mocha Brown – The Ultimate Sofa Drink Holder

  • There will be NO MORE SPILLS. CouchCoaster is the unique and patented drink coaster that safely and securely retains all of your beverages on your sofa.
  • Keep your drink within easy reach; Prevent knocks, spills, and stains. It’s the perfect replacement for a coffee table; In addition to phones, remotes, and other electronic devices, keep them in a safe
  • Armrests that are at least 5.5″ / 14cm broad and have flat to gently sloping sides are compatible with CouchCoaster.

5. Wooden Sofa Couch Armrest Clip-On Table

Emoson’s Wooden Sofa Couch Armrest Clip-On Table makes eating in your chair a breeze.

For people with limited dexterity and the elderly, the clip-on design makes it ideal because there is no need to put it together first.

Eco-friendly rubberwood is used in the construction of the sturdy table, which can be attached to the arm of your chair with ease.

When fully extended, the table measures 12.5 inches by 9.5 inches by 4.5 inches, making it a space-saving and compact option.

This stylish, versatile table eliminates the need for large, inconvenient foldaway models. It is therefore essential to include a clip-on table in any recliner accessory list.


  • Ideal for carrying food, the remote control, literature, and other daily necessities, especially for the elderly. CONVENIENT & MULTIPURPOSE:
  • Eco-friendly rubber wood and robust spring-loaded clip legs lock the couch arm firmly in place, ensuring a long-lasting piece of furniture.
  • It is a tiny design that replaces a large console table, making it ideal for apartments, dorms, and other small spaces.

6. Mobile C Shaped End Table

As an alternative to a clip-on tray, Moncot’s Mobile C Shaped End Table offers an ideal flat surface.

Allowing you to easily slide a bigger flat table under your chair, this table is equipped with casters.

Adjustable feet are included with the table as a standard feature to ensure maximum stability and security. In addition, the feet and castors are non-scratching, making it excellent for carpets and hardwood floors alike.

The top is made of MDF with a walnut finish by the manufacturer. In addition, the table’s waterproof coating makes cleanup a breeze and ensures that no liquids leak through.

You can work on a laptop or eat on the table’s surface, which is ideal. Because of the higher surface area, this is a product that may be used for a wide range of purposes.

The table legs may be simply positioned under your recliner, making it ideal for senior people who have difficulty using clip-on tables.

  • DESIGN IN A C SHAPED WITH FOUR CASTERS: Coffee tables with a C-shape design and wheels can be easily moved into a sofa to maximize limited space
  • SCRATCHES CAN BE AVOIDED BY ADDING ADJUSTABLE FEET: In addition to the changeable wheels, we can also alter the feet on the bottom of… if necessary.
  • A STRONG METAL FRAME AND A HIGH-QUALITY MDF TABLE TOP: The tabletop of the Moncot end table is composed of MDF with a walnut finish. The…

7. Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand

There were no items found.

Tablets and books may be held securely in place with the Ontel Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand.

La-Z-Boy Douglas 38'' Wide Leather Match Manual Rocker Standard Recliner &  Reviews | Wayfair

You can read a book or use your tablet while relaxing in your recliner with it on your lap as the perfect rest.

Three viewing angles are provided by the revolutionary design, allowing you to choose the best viewing position for your body type.

The cushion is comprised of a lightweight foam coated in a non-slip fabric, making it both comfortable and durable. Glasses, earbuds, and chargers may all be stored in the handy built-in pocket.

Additionally, the cover may be washed in the washing machine without removing it.

This new cushion makes it much easier to read a book or use your tablet while relaxing in your recliner. The rest rests comfortably on your lap or legs, allowing you to read at just the right height.

As a result, the Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand is the ideal gift for recliners.

There were no items found.

8. LED Floor Lamp

There were no goods to be discovered.

The TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp is the perfect reading light for your recliner.

With a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours, the long-lasting LED bulb saves energy and money. You may make the light more comfortable for your eyes by adjusting the brightness and selecting from four different color temperatures.

The sturdiness of the stand and the flexibility of the adjustable head allow you to place the light exactly where you need it.

The lamp’s light mimics natural sunshine, making it excellent for reading.

Smart and discrete, the lamp may be used in a variety of settings and won’t draw attention to itself.

When you want to curl up in your recliner and read a book, the gooseneck and changeable lighting settings provide the utmost in relaxation.

Your eyes won’t be bothered by the flicker-free light, and the lamp’s energy-saving capabilities could save you money.

There were no items found.

9. Recliner Lever Extender

An enlarged handle is provided by Stander’s Recliner Lever Extender, which makes recliner operation more convenient.

The handle makes it easier for anyone with mobility and dexterity issues to reach the recliner.

Even if you have limited movement, you can raise and lower your reclining leg rest with ease thanks to the broad curved grip. The extender’s padded interior will not harm your current handle.

Furthermore, it’s simple to put together and comes with all the essential tools.

Anyone who has difficulty using their recliner’s existing handles should get this lever. To make our list of recliner accessories complete, we must include the Recliner Lever Extender as well.


  • The large handle makes it simple to operate the reclining mechanism.
  • Leg rests may be raised and lowered more easily with the help of the large, curved grip.
  • Chair handles are protected by a padded design.

10. Adjustable Laptop Stand

Desk York’s Adjustable Laptop Stand is a multipurpose stand for your laptop or tablet.

You simply press the buttons on the legs to modify the frame to the proper form and height, which eliminates the need for any assembly work. The flat top may be easily tilted to suit your needs.

With a lip on the flat surface’s front, the laptop stand will keep your computer from sliding about. Additionally, there is an useful flap that may be used with a keyboard mouse that slides out from the side.

Hole-in-the-top design allows your laptop fan to operate freely while you work.

The adjustable stand’s adaptability allows you to work in your recliner while still getting plenty of work done.

The table’s ease of use and variety of forms and angles make it the ideal surface for working comfortably.

You’ll enjoy this adjustable laptop table if you’re a fan of recliners because of its ease and adaptability.


  • This is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them on their special day by giving them something thoughtful and useful that they won’t find anywhere else. The portable, foldable laptop stand lets you…
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED/READY TO USE PORTABLE LAP TABLE – All you have to do is push the buttons to select the desired viewing angle. An ergonomically designed settee…
  • Student-friendly virtual meetings like ZOOM/GOOGLE/FACETIME calls – You can raise or lower the height of this portable laptop table with ease…

Recliner Accessories Explored

Comfort and relaxation are provided by reclining chairs. It may alleviate back pain and improve sleep by keeping the airways open. Recliner chairs are a favorite of ours because of the comfort they provide.

With so many great recliner accessories to choose from, you may be surprised.

While the Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand is ideal for those who like to read, the Adjustable Laptop Stand allows us to get some work done while relaxing.

Using the innovative Anti-Spill cup holder and Clip-On Table may make eating and drinking no longer feel unpleasant.

The Caddy with 6 Pockets Organizer is a great option if you’re constantly misplacing your remote controllers.

To help you find the right present for your parents or other loved ones this holiday season, we’ve put up a list of ideas. This selection of inventive and imaginative recliners is sure to please anyone who enjoys relaxing in a reclining chair.

Which recliner accessories are you most fond of? In the comments section below, please tell us what you appreciate about your recliner and share your favorite goods.

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