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Is it a mystery to you how long an adjustable-bed motor lasts?

Overall, an adjustable bed is expected to last ten years or more.

Many of you have inquired about the longevity of an adjustable bed’s motor.

No, this is not true.

As long as you keep it in good condition, it can survive for up to five years.

So, make full use of your bed’s motor till the very last moment.

You’ll find everything you need to know about adjustable bed motors in this post.

So, keep reading!

What Is An Adjustable Bed Motor?

If you have a patient at home, an adjustable bed would be a godsend in terms of convenience.

In the past, these beds could be adjusted manually.

For the first time ever, automobile manufacturers have included motors into their designs.

There are hinges on the bed that can be used to raise the bed head or foot, depending on the individual’s desire.

To find out how long an adjustable bed’s motor will last.

Continue to learn more!

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Feature #1. Cost

Depending on the size, these motors might cost anywhere from $20 to $35.

A motor should only be purchased if it has been checked for quality or if it is used.

If the product is bogus, it could cause extra damage to your adjustable bed base.

Feature #2. Location

On the adjustable bed base, we may discover motors for adjustable beds.

You’ll find it at the bottom, or you may trace the wire from the control box to find it there..

Feature #3. Electricity consumed

It takes a lot of electricity to run the bed’s head and foot ends, but that’s to be expected.

Your electricity cost will not rise if you use an electrified bed.

However, if you want to be practical and save energy, disconnect the bed while it is not in use.

Feature #4. Life expectancy

Due to the fact that it is an electrical component, its lifespan is limited to no more than five years.

However, after that, we’ll be able to swap it out.

It will only endure a short time if it isn’t taken care of.

So, if you want to save money while also avoiding motor damage, you should take proper care of your vehicle.

One of the most common reasons of motor failure is excessive pressure.

It’s hard to comprehend how this is possible.

Adjustable bed users should avoid sitting in the same position as the motor of the bed they’re using.

Unlike study bases that can withstand the weight of a person, the adjustable elements of the bed are powered by them.

Feature #5. Warranty

When it comes to warranties, it all depends on what kind of bed you have.

There is also a 5-year warranty because motors have a maximum lifespan of 5 years.

It’s possible to request a replacement or maintenance of your motor if it was damaged within the last five years.

But after the warranty time ends, you may simply buy a new device.

Or, if you’re unsure, consult an expert for guidance on what motor to buy and where to get it, as well as information on how to fix it.

How To Replace An Adjustable Bed Base Motor

So, if you’ve recently finished your warranty time and don’t know how to replace your adjustable bed motor, you may want to look into this option.

Make life easy for you.

Step #1. Find an adjustable bed motor

In order to discover the right motor, it’s best to start with the bed foundation itself to see what motors are out there.

Find a motor that is similar to the one you now have or the one that has failed.

For example, if you have a Lucid mattress with an L300 adjustable bed frame.

A motor for an L300 adjustable bed is what you need.

That it is not fake and has the same quality as a new bed.

Step #2. Clear out your bed

The best way to get things done is to have a clean work area.

Removing the mattress and pillows is the first step in flipping your bed base.

Step #3. Unplug

Unplug the adjustable bed base’s main wire to avoid any electrical mishaps.

Next, look for the control panel near the base of the bed.

Remove the cable securing clip and find out which plug is for the motor.

Make sure the cable is out of the box and unhooked from the bed base’s fastening clips.

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Step #4. Locate and remove the defective motor

There are occasions when a bed comes with two motors if it includes adjustable features at the head and foot.

Locate the motor that has to be replaced.

Remove the bolts and cotter pins on either end of the motor to free it from the base.

Finally, gently remove the old and faulty motor.

Step #5. Replace

To secure the motor to the brackets, put new cotter pins and bolts into the holes in the brackets.

Ensure that the motor and base are securely fastened together by securing the seals in place.

Step #6. Plug it on

Use the cable clip to fasten the motor cable to the control box.

In addition, connect the adjustable bed base to the power outlet.

Step #7. Test the function

Check the motor’s performance with your remote control.

Return your bed foundation to its original location if you shifted it before.

Also, make sure to check your bed’s base’s adjustability capabilities once more.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns, or if your motor does not function properly.

Speak with a professional or a representative from the company that makes your adjustable bed.

Do Adjustable Beds Wear Out Faster?

How to Care for Your Adjustable Bed

  • In the “sitting” positions of an adjustable bed, the user’s weight is confined to a limited region, which can lead to depressions in the mattress. Once a month, flip the mattress over from the top to the bottom to keep it fresh. The depressions in the mattress will restore to normal as a result of this monthly rotation.
  • Make regular checks for damage to your power cord. The connected hand control cord should also be checked. This can cause the plug to be pushed out of the way by a pushed-in bed. When the bed is being adjusted, the plug can be damaged if it comes into contact with the wall.
  • Avoid using a wall outlet that has too many appliances hooked into it. The plug should be plugged into a specific outlet.
  • You should avoid sitting on the edge of an adjustable mattress since it has soft edges that bend, allowing the mattress to bend. Compared to ordinary mattresses, these mattresses are more vulnerable to wear and tear.
  • Because of the additional weight, sitting at the end of the bed while the motor is running will cause the motor to fail.
  • Regularly clean the mattress. Remove the bedding and wash it. Remove the mattress from the house and vacuum it thoroughly. Use a cleaning solution and water to remove any stains. Leave the baking soda on the mattress for several hours after sprinkling. Baking soda will neutralize the acid and remove any moisture or odor that is still there. The mattress has to be vacuumed again. Mattress protectors should be placed on the bed after the mattress is completely dry.

Troubleshooting Power Problems With Your Adjustable Bed

There are a few common items to examine if your adjustable bed isn’t getting enough power. After ensuring that the bed is properly connected to the wall and that the fuse has not been tripped, proceed as follows:

Check the power cord for any damage.

Reset the memory:

A memory system is available on some models. In order to restart it, unhook the power cord for 10 seconds, then re-connect the cord.

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Owner’s manuals for all adjustable beds include instructions on how to reset the memory. Not every mattress is created equal.

Check batteries in the remote:

Ensure that the remote control is working properly by checking and replacing the batteries if there is power from the outlet and your bed has a remote control.

What Type of Mattress Is Best for My Adjustable Bed?

There are a variety of adjustable bed mattresses to choose from. Here are a few possibilities and some details about them.

What Different Features Do Adjustable Beds Have?

Many additional functions and features are put into adjustable beds, depending on the type and make.

Foot Adjustments

This is all for the patient’s benefit. Adjusting a bed into a sitting position allows a senior to read or eat when he/she is unable to get out of bed. When the patient is seated, the leg adjustment position will help alleviate discomfort.

Patients with back problems should avoid sitting for long periods of time. Patients with breathing issues, on the other hand, will benefit greatly from this position.

Built-in Massage Features

This is especially beneficial for people who are confined to their beds. Bed sores and tight muscles are avoided by massaging their bodies. An elderly person may be lulled to sleep with the help of this massaging feature. This feature is frequently utilized by elderly people who are confined to their beds.

Remote Controls

With them, the patient or senior can put the bed in the exact position they want it to be. Some manufacturers allow the patient to make these modifications using features on their smartphone. Also, if they choose, they can switch on the massage feature and the heater, if necessary.

Built-in Bedroom Amenities

Items such as a night light, charging connections, and alarm clocks. If the elderly want to read at night, charge their smartphones, or charge their laptops, this is a great option.

Winter warmth can be ensured with models that include an integrated heating system. As a result of their decreased ability to withstand the cold, the elderly are able to remain warm and comfortable.


“How long does a motor on an adjustable bed last?” is the final question in this article.

It will endure a long time if you know how to properly care for and maintain it.

If you have additional questions, you can get in touch with the brand’s support team.