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In an adjustable bed, what is the “zero-gravity position?” One of the most pleasant ways to sleep is in a zero-gravity position.

In this position, you raise your knees and your torso slightly over your heart.

Thus, your body and legs make a 120-degree angle.

Select the custom button or zero gravity on your remote to get into this position.

After that, you’ll feel a tiny lift in your chest and lower back.

The body’s inherent ability to rest is boosted by this position, as well.

Due to the fact that your entire body experiences a balanced distribution of gravity.

It has been hypothesized that this posture represents the invigoration that comes after a trip to the outer planets.

As a result, the “Zero-G” position was developed by NASA.

While ready to launch, astronauts recline in this fixed position to equilibrate.

The strain they will experience when the gravitational attraction shifts rapidly.

Continue reading to find out more about the zero gravity position on an adjustable bed.

What is a Zero Gravity Bed?

Images of astronauts swaying in zero gravity are typically the first that come to mind when you hear the term. What a zero gravity bed promises is the sense of floating in space without actually having to go somewhere else.

The zero-gravity position was developed by NASA to alleviate the strain on astronauts’ bodies when they were launched into space. With a zero gravity bed, you may now get that pressure-free sensation for yourself.

The zero-gravity feature on an adjustable bed foundation ensures that your body is in a neutral sleeping position. This position supports your heart, spine, and nervous system and makes it simple to fall and stay asleep….

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What Does Zero Gravity Position Mean?

The posture in which you sleep at night can have a significant impact on how rested you feel when you wake up in the morning. If you want to have a good night’s sleep, you need to choose a posture that can support you from head to toes.

Trying to figure out how a zero gravity bed may help you get into this position? These programmable places are explained below:

  • To keep your head over your heart, elevate your upper body at a 120-degree angle.
  • Your knees should be bent and your feet should be roughly 45 degrees off the ground.
  • Your hips are at a 90-degree angle with your thighs and your body.

The Zero Gravity Position

In an adjustable bed, what is the “zero-gravity position?”

Nothing about the zero-gravity situation is straightforward.

To be named that, it must have a precise angle.

You can tell if you’re in the zero-gravity position by looking for these signs:

  • When you bend your hips at a 120-degree angle, your body is in a state of zero stress.
  • In order to decompress your spinal vertebrae, you must relax your muscles.
  • An increase in the size of your nasal and airways
  • Raising your legs relieves pressure on your heart and other organs.
  • Our heart and stomach are slightly lower than our head and knees in relation to the rest of our body.
  • You’re in a V-shape.

Sleeping in the zero-gravity position relieves your body of its weight burden.

You will no longer have vertebrae in your spine that are compressed.

Your hips will be more relaxed, and your lower back will be less stressed thanks to your lifted knees.

There are various health and well-being advantages to taking this position.

How To Adjust Your Adjustable Bed In Zero Gravity Position?

In many adjustable beds, you’ll find a setting called “Zero-G” that allows you to swiftly move your bed into a weightlessness position.

Even if your mattress doesn’t have a predefined zero gravity setting, you can still customize the position.

The process of adjusting an adjustable bed differs depending on the model you have.

How to set up a zero-gravity bed: There are two basic types of adjustable beds.

Step #1.Adjustable beds with a zero-gravity preset

The zero-gravity setting on your adjustable bed may be activated with a simple button press.

Wireless remote controllers are available on a number of adjustable bed frames.

Adjustable beds that may be operated via Bluetooth are also available.

To see if your mattress has a Zero-G option, check the remote’s Zero-G button.

Step #2.Adjustable beds without a zero-gravity preset

A zero-gravity setting may not be available on some adjustable beds, particularly older models.

Manually changing the gravity to zero is an option in this circumstance.

The torso-to-thigh angle should be 128 degrees, according to NASA.

A 133-degree angle is recommended by NASA for the calf and hamstring muscles.

Adjust your adjustable beds to zero gravity by raising your upper torso to a 120-degree angle with your thighs.

You should keep your knees bent while maintaining a height over your heart.

You may attain zero gravity by following the techniques outlined in this article!

Benefits Of Zero Gravity Position

There are numerous health advantages to being in a zero gravity state. Here are a few:.

Benefit #1. Improves heart circulation

Your heart rate is lowered while you’re in a zero-gravity position.

In addition, your body’s ability to more efficiently and effectively circulate blood is enhanced by the right angle.

Benefit #2. Improves body digestion

When the head is held vertically, food travels more easily from the esophagus to the stomach.

As a result of gravity, stomach acids do not rise into the esophagus.

As a result, your digestive system will be able to process the food you eat more easily.

What is Zero Gravity Bed? Explanation & Sleep Benefits | Casper

Benefit #3. Lessens snoring and improves breathing

You can breathe more easily in zero-gravity because the pressure in your lungs is relieved.

Individuals with allergies or asthma would also benefit, as will those who snore.

Your head is slightly elevated in the zero-gravity position.

It keeps your airways open, allowing you to breathe more easily.

Snoring can be minimized by preventing the airways from shutting.

Benefit #4. Reduces back pain and lessens neck pain

Due to the S-shaped shape of the spine, lying with your back straight places stress on the spine.

Your weight is evenly distributed in zero-gravity, reducing stress on your spine and ensuring perfect alignment.

Sleeping with excellent posture can lessen neck and lower back pain and help you get a better night’s rest.

What Is a Zero Gravity Sleep Position?

So that our bodies may mend and regenerate as we sleep, a zero gravity position simulates that weightless support and pressure free sensation of floating in space.

As the weight is distributed, the spine is held in a neutral position, allowing for the release of tension in the body. As a result, the body is able to fully relax, resulting in a more restful night’s sleep.

In addition, the upper and lower bodies are lifted somewhat when sleeping in zero gravity. Airways can be opened up and breathing becomes easier when the head is elevated. Raising your legs can also help your heart’s health and blood circulation.

What Type of Bed Provides a Zero Gravity Position?

In order to reduce the pressure astronauts feel on their spines when the shuttle soars into space, NASA devised the zero gravity position. A specific surface is needed to prevent pressure and agony when they achieve weightlessness because to the extreme force they endure

Similar to an adjustable bed, An adjustable base with a Zero-Gravity setting raises the legs and head to the ideal position to alleviate back pain and improve circulation in the legs.

This position is called zero-gravity mode because the knees of the bent knees are level with the heart when you’re in this position.

Because your weight is evenly distributed over your complete body, this position is considered to enhance the body’s natural ability to rest.

How to Create a Zero Gravity Position With an Adjustable Base

An adjustable bed’s zero-gravity setting differs from one brand to the next. Some remotes have a “ZG” button that can be used to activate a specific mode.

Even if you don’t have this option, you can still obtain a zero-gravity position if you’re willing to put in the effort

The angle of your legs and head in respect to your torso is critical to this position. Lifting the upper body to a 120-degree angle from the thighs is the proper form. The pressure on the neck, back, and shoulders will be relieved as a result of this adjustment. Bend your knees and raise them to your heart’s height. As a result, your chin should be slightly elevated above your heart.

Best Adjustable Beds For Zero Gravity Sleep

We recommend the Amerisleep adjustable base, despite the fact that there are several adjustable beds on the market. It’s easy to achieve a weightless position using Amerisleep’s two adjustable foundations, each of which has a zero-gravity pre-set.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

Among the many innovative features of the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed are the ability to move the head and legs, as well as a wireless remote with backlighting and under-bed lighting. The nicest part about this base is that it’s reasonably priced and may fit into any budget.

The wireless remote can be used to adjust the bed’s upper and lower sections. Then what? Using your smartphone to control this base is also possible.

With this base’s wireless remote, you can save different sleeping positions in addition to Zero-G. Simply choose your preferred viewing angle, program the position using the remote control, and the next time you get into bed, you can simply click a button to return to your previous setting. When you get into bed, you don’t have to worry about finding the correct position every time.

Changing settings during the night will not disturb your partner’s sleep thanks to this adjustable bed’s ultra-quiet motor. With its split king-size option, couples may choose the right arrangement for their respective sides of the bed.

Since it has zero clearance, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed works perfectly great on any level surface, even platform beds or the floor. Because of the included detachable 3-in-1 legs, it goes nicely with just about any bed frame. These removable legs can be attached to the base of your adjustable bed if you don’t have a bed frame at home or if you don’t want to place your adjustable bed straight on the floor.

Final sale item, however it comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure that it serves you well for many years. Additionally, you can save up to 30% off your total purchase price if you buy this foundation along with one of their mattresses.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

The Adjustable Bed+ from Amerisleep has a few extra technological features to make it even easier to obtain a good night’s sleep. The Amerisleep’s Adjustable Bed+ does not feature a Zero-G setting, but it comes with a programmed remote that allows you to adjust to the zero-gravity position and save it for future use. WallHugger® technology, a rolling wave massage and under-bed illumination are included.

In addition to the ability to raise the head and shoulders, the Adjustable Bed+ has a unique pillow tilting feature. The upper portion of the bed may be tilted to make it easier to sit up in bed while still providing support for your neck and head. You can read or watch TV in bed without hurting your neck thanks to pillow tilting.

When your adjustable bed is fully upright, it can be difficult to reach your nightstand or bedside light because many of them shift farther from the wall. Amerisleep’s WallHugger® technology overcomes this issue. Even if the bed is lifted, this technique ensures that it remains attached to the wall. Your bedside table will no longer be out of reach when the bed is raised. Additionally, the mattress is held in place by a high-tech Velcro system called MicroHookTM technology. As a result of MicroHookTM, the mattress will not move or slide on the frame.

One of the most common reasons of insomnia is stress. Amerisleep has included a dual full-body massage with three levels to help you wind down before bed. You’ll be dozing asleep in no time with this soothing rolling massage. The under-bed illumination will help you get out of bed if you wake up in the middle of the night. There is no need to worry about tripping over anything in the room because of the under-bed illumination.

Bed+ includes a variety of pre-programmed sleep positions like the Adjustable Bed.

You can choose an Amerisleep memory foam or hybrid mattress to go with the Adjustable Bed+. You will save 20% on the frame and $200 on the mattress by purchasing this combo. Amerisleep’s White Glove delivery service is also included. Amerisleep’s Bed+ comes with a 25-year warranty, so you can rest assured.

The Price of a Good Night’s Sleep

The price of a zero gravity bed is highly variable. Prices might range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. 7

There’s a lot of variation, however there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You may have to purchase a new mattress if you purchase an adjustable bed frame with the zero gravity option.
  • More features mean an increased price for a basic model.
  • The price of a bed can also be affected by the size of the mattress.

All that matters is finding a solution that works for you and your wallet.

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Casper has a large variety of goods to choose from so that you may discover the perfect fit for your needs. To make you feel like you’re floating on air and eliminate neck and back ache, our Rise Adjustable Bases with the zero gravity feature are here. Instead of adjusting to your bed, go for a Casper-enabled bed frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is zero gravity a good way to sleep?

If you suffer from heart disease, acid reflux, sleep apnea, inflammation, blood circulation problems, or any other health condition, zero gravity may be beneficial to you. A good night’s sleep will help ease the symptoms of various health issues, and this position will help you achieve that goal. It’s possible that the zero gravity position helps your sleep even if you don’t have a medical condition.

Can you sleep on your side with zero gravity?

People who sleep on their backs should use this position. This position is very similar to how astronauts sleep when they’re on board a spacecraft. In order to reap the full benefits of a weightless sleep, you must lie down on your back.

Is it better to sleep with your head elevated?

Many people find it necessary to sleep with their upper body elevated in order to do so. Acid reflux and snoring sufferers should keep their heads up above their shoulders. Many symptoms of acid reflux, including snoring, can be alleviated by gravity.

Can you put any mattress on an adjustable bed?

No, not all mattresses are equal when it comes to adapting to an adjustable bed’s movements.

For a mattress that can bend with the base without harming its support, foam is a great option It’s not uncommon for hybrid mattresses to function with an adjustable foundation, but it’s always best to check beforehand. Adjustable bases can make innerspring mattresses, air beds, and other types of beds seem uncomfortable or unsupportive.

Consider the thickness as well. 10 to 14 inches is the ideal thickness for an adjustable bed mattress.

How much does an adjustable bed frame cost?

Quality adjustable eyeglasses typically cost at least $2,000 and often as much as $3,000. How much money you’ll have to shell out depends on the features you choose. More programmed preset slots and extras like built-in massagers will raise the price of a basic model with zero gravity.


In an adjustable bed, zero gravity is one of the most advantageous and convenient positions to sleep in.

It has a lot of health benefits.

It has a lot of health benefits.

It provides a lot of health benefits.

It offers numerous health advantages.