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Is there a way to make your mattress firmer short of buying a new one? If you’ve ever wondered how to give your mattress more support, this article will show you simple at-home methods for doing so.

The lack of proper support and pressure relief during sleep is only one of the many issues that can arise when a mattress is too soft.

This tutorial was written in the hopes that its readers may be able to find a way to increase the firmness of their beds.

Why Firmness Can Be Important

The firmness of a mattress affects not only how mobile a sleeper will be during the night, but also how well their spine will be supported and how much pressure will be put on their hips, back, and other pressure points. Too hard of a mattress can cause back pain, while too soft can lead to issues with sinkage and lack of support.

How to Make a Mattress Firmer - 7 Helpful Tips | Sleep Advisor

Do you wish to acquire further information? Check out our in-depth explanation of how firm a mattress has to be for you.

How Thickness Comes Into Play

Bottoming out is less of a concern for those with a greater mass, making thickness an additional factor. Other considerations, such as the amount of soft, sinkable material you prefer to sleep on, are more subjective. However, thickness is not always indicative of sinkage, since it may also indicate the presence of additional transition layers and a robust support layer.

Tips For Fixing a Mattress that is Too Soft

A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be compromised because sleepers feel helpless to make changes to their bedding. Many people don’t realize the extent to which they can increase the quality of their sleeping surface by making it firmer.

Some companies will let you try out your new purchase for a few months to make sure it’s right for you before you commit to buying. If they don’t like it, they can send it back to the store where they bought it or to the manufacturer for a full refund or an exchange for a different, more sturdy option.

Flip the Bed

You may adjust the firmness of your mattress by flipping it, as the opposite side may be softer or harder depending on the model and manufacturer. Typically, this takes the shape of a bed that may be utilized in either the horizontal or the vertical orientation.

Most mattresses have a little more durable side that isn’t utilized, so you don’t need one that’s specifically designed to be double-sided; a simple double-sided mattress will do. It’s important for sleepers to know if this is the case with the product they’re considering purchasing.

Use a Mattress Topper

Typically, these are meant to soften the ground beneath you while you sleep, but not all products achieve this goal. Some are more concerned with bolstering existing structures than others. To make your bed more supportive, you just to add the right topper.

These cushions are available in a variety of materials, including memory foam and latex. It’s important to keep an eye out for those that outperform the others. You can learn more by reading the product description posted on the manufacturer’s website or by visiting the store itself.

Check and Replace Worn Out Layers

It’s possible that worn layers are to blame in some cases. Not all manufacturers produce their product with easily swappable layers or removable coverings, thus this might be a bit more involved in nature, but many do offer these types of services.

See if your base layers have worn through and need to be replaced. If so, this could provide the necessary level of firmness to make your bed a more comfortable place to sleep.

Check and Replace Box Spring or Platform

Platforms and box springs may help reinforce layers, making them more resistant to pressure. As with most things, they can wear out with time, so sleepers may need to replace them at some point. It’s possible, and not prohibitively expensive, thanks to the availability of other reasonable alternatives.

Your mattress may need a new base, but that may be all that’s needed.

Add/Replace Plywood Support

One tip is to place a sheet of plywood immediately under the mattress, either between it and the box spring or, if you don’t have a box spring, the bed frame. If you do this, you’ll be giving your mattress an extra layer of support, which may make it feel firmer.

Plywood under a bed might not be recommended by all manufacturers because some types of bedding need air circulation to prevent mold growth. This is true for all foam mattresses in particular.

Move Mattress to the Floor

Because of the fact that a bed frame isn’t always necessary, sleepers may be familiar with this technique already. The floor of the bedroom can provide extra support for the bed’s base at no further cost to the sleeper.

This ought to be the least expensive choice, and some people might prefer it because a bed frame can take up valuable floor space.

Watch That Thermostat

Watching the temperature settings on the thermostat is another must. Although it may not seem like it, a mattress’ firmness can be affected by the ambient temperature. People who sleep on memory foam mattresses may benefit more than usual from a cold sleeping environment.

How to Make Your Mattress Firmer in 7 Steps | Mattress Advisor

Other Helpful Hints

Use Your Trial Period (If Still Valid)

If you’ve exhausted all of your other alternatives and nothing else seems to be working, the trial period for your product is still a possibility. Beds typically have a trial period of some length, say 100 nights, during which you can return it for your money back if you don’t like it. Use this to your advantage if you can.

How to Know You Need a New Bed

There is no universally accepted rule on how often a person should change their bed; nevertheless, the industry standard is 7 years. It could be instructive to observe how the material is holding up and whether or not there are any drooping or falling apart spots.

Step 1: Swap it for a firmer mattress

Before looking into other options, you should check to see if your mattress includes a sleep trial and if so, if it still applies. After sleeping on a softer mattress, if you decide you prefer a firmer one, you can return it and choose a different one.

Step 2: Use a mattress topper

Buying a mattress topper seems to be the most common recommendation. A mattress topper can be placed on top of your regular mattress to improve its firmness, comfort, and support.

They can be found in a wide range of fillings and firmness levels and can completely transform the way your mattress feels. A firmer mattress topper is an option if you prefer a more supportive sleep surface.

Step 3: Add plywood between the mattress and the bed frame

Adding a plywood or MDF layer underneath your mattress is a common recommendation for those who like a firmer surface. This is due to the fact that the flat, uniform surface will feel more reassuring underfoot. It will also help the mattress last longer without sagging.

Step 4: Replace the divan base

Your mattress will not feel as supported by a sprung divan base as it would by a solid platform divan base. Because the base shifts along with your mattress, this occurs. Investing in a platform divan base is a quick and easy way to give your mattress a firmer, more supporting feel.

Step 5: Invest in a new bed frame or slats

It’s possible that your bed’s slats have become brittle, moved, or cracked. If they have, you’ll need to replace your bed frame or slats so your mattress can maintain its original level of firmness across the surface.

A new bed frame with fresh slats will provide much needed extra support. You can get a firmer sensation on your mattress by purchasing a bed frame with sturdy slats.

Step 6: Flip or rotate your mattress regularly

In order to ensure that the fillings in your mattress are adequately spread, it is recommended that you turn it regularly. It can aid in maintaining the mattress’s original firmness and quality for a longer period of time.

If you want to know how often you should rotate or turn your mattress, look in the manual. Learn more about mattress rotation with the aid of our handy guide.

Step 7: Keep your bedding flat

A quick way to make your mattress feel firmer is to pull your bedding tight to the corners of your mattress. This is because the extra pressure on the mattress makes it feel more supportive. Pulling the sheets tight across your mattress every morning will make sure it stays firm.

Step 8: Air the mattress out

You can make your bed seem firmer in an instant by pulling the sheets to the very edges of the mattress. This is due to the fact that applying more weight to the mattress makes it feel more solid and stable. Every morning, when you get into bed, pull the covers tightly across the mattress to keep it in place.

The easiest way to air out your mattress is to remove all of the sheets and coverlets from it, open all of the windows in your home, and leave it there for as long as possible. This will reduce the rate at which the mattress flattens out.

Step 9: Alter your room temperature

Mattresses, particularly foam ones, can be damaged by heat. In warmer weather, the fillings may become softer and less supportive. Maintaining a chilly bedroom will aid in maintaining a firm mattress.

Step 10: If all else fails – buy a new mattress

If your mattress is old and worn, these ways won’t be particularly cost effective because they won’t last. Better to buy a new, more supportive mattress.

In order to enjoy the finest night’s sleep possible, you should acquire a new mattress every seven years. However, if you find that the surface is uneven and sinking in certain spots, you may want to consider upgrading to a firmer mattress sooner rather than later.

Why is a firm mattress important?

The level of support you receive when sleeping is directly related to how firm your mattress is. Since you will be using your mattress for many years to come, it is important to get one with the right level of firmness for you.

A better supported night’s sleep on a firm mattress can be good for your posture and your joints. It’s not just shorter people who might prefer a firmer mattress; taller people might feel more supported by one, too.

Is a firm mattress better for your back?

Most people benefit from the additional back support and reduced pressure on their spine and joints that firm mattresses provide. Examples of this category include orthopaedic mattresses, which are typically firmer and intended to relieve back pain.

However, a firmer mattress isn’t always the answer, so if you’re dealing with back pain, it’s best to consult a medical specialist. If you have a poor back and want to know how to sleep comfortably despite it, check out our tips.

How To Make a Mattress Firmer (7 Tips to Fix Your Soft Mattress)

How do I choose the right mattress firmness?

Everyone has various needs when it comes to the firmness of their mattress, so it’s really a matter of personal preference if you’re looking to buy a new one. Select the level of firmness that best suits your preference for comfort and support. This can be affected by factors like as your body type, sleeping posture, and whether or not you have a bedmate.

To assist you choose the right mattress firmness, we’ve included brief descriptions of each type below.

Ten simple steps to a firmer mattress: you’ve got it from here! If you feel like a new mattress is in order, we have a wide variety of options available, including many that are firmer than others.

Or, if you want to breathe fresh life into your mattress, browse our extensive selection of mattress toppers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special considerations for memory foam?

Since memory foam conforms to body heat, buyers should take extra care that their mattresses aren’t sagging. Too much heat or cold can damage the material, with the latter resulting in a more rigid surface when kept at a cooler temperature.

How can I fix a pillow top bed?

Even a pillow top can sag with time, but this problem is fixable. To remedy this, simply layer on more blankets beneath your fitted sheet and throw it in the dryer on the fluff setting to restore its original appearance.


The process of making a mattress firmer can be frustrating for many individuals, but there are ways to deal with a bed that has begun to sag. Knowing what your mattress requires beforehand might help you get the most out of each technique.

Remember that if you report a problem with a product within its warranty period, you may be able to acquire a new one at no additional cost. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you might find that implementing some of the suggestions above helps a lot.