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Upstate New York is the birthplace of the furniture retail giant Raymour & Flanigan. Over the years, they’ve expanded to over 140 sites by putting a premium on providing excellent customer service rather than making a quick buck through high pressure sales tactics. Many buyers are pleased, but questions have been raised concerning the quality of their after-sale support, product longevity, and on-time shipping.

Raymour And Flanigan Specifics

Raymour & Flanigan is a well-known furniture retailer in the Northeast, with stores all across the region. The company specializes in affordable and mid-range options for decorating your home, including indoor and outdoor furniture. Raymour & Flanigan’s extensive product offerings in both physical and virtual locations are what set the company unique.

Most customers who have shopped at Raymour & Flanigan have had a positive experience, with many praising the store’s staff for being friendly, knowledgeable, and not pushy. Customers have both positive and negative things to say about the service and the goods they received. A majority of customers were happy with their purchases after the fact, however a few complained about problems with shipping or the quality of the furniture.

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Material Quality

The products of Raymour & Flanigan are noted for being reasonably priced, and most consumers rate the designs as solid. However, there may be less openness on the sourcing of materials than at more upscale furniture stores. Customers report a positive initial experience, however others have seen an abnormally rapid decline in quality.

Raymour & Flanigan’s Top Picks

There are a select few must-haves that consumers keep asking for at Raymour & Flanigan. In this discussion, we’ll go over their best offerings and discuss how their catalogue works.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

Shoppers are more interested in purchasing sofas and sections to serve as the focal point of their living rooms. Customers can choose from over 2750 different styles, ranging from microfiber to leather upholstery and many different sizes. Customers give high marks to Raymour & Flanigan’s leather options, but those pieces are on the pricier end of the store’s price spectrum, therefore the store’s microfiber upholstered sectionals end up being the best sellers. Customers like the variety of choices and the helpfulness of the salespeople, but they are divided over the durability, with some reporting an earlier than average decline in comfort.

Pros: Nearly three thousand different fashions to choose from. Affordable costs.

Negatives include deteriorating comfort, which may be an issue for certain users. There were some issues with the delivery.

#2 Beds & Bedroom Sets

A solid bed frame is of utmost importance. Raymour & Flanigan has more than a thousand different options for beds and bedroom sets in both contemporary and classic designs. Popular choices range from low-priced cushioned models to sturdy timber ones. Most clients are able to find an option that works in their homes, and they are pleased with their purchases after the first use. Some consumers were dissatisfied with the veneered wood patterns while others had issues with the endurance of the materials.

The pros: Wide range of designs with both upholstered beds and more rustic-looking elements. Total cost is reasonable.

There have been some negative reports about the longevity and stability of specific designs.

#3 Mattresses

There has been a major shift in the mattress industry over the past five years, with cheaper internet options displacing more established brands due to their lower prices. In addition to the more established names in the industry, like as Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest, and Sealy, Raymour & Flanigan also carries some of the hottest names in online retail, including Casper and Purple. While they do have some great options, customers have voiced concerns regarding the quality and longevity of certain models, as well as how they sagged after only a short period of time. When it comes to the sleep trial and other incentives, buying directly from the brand may be preferable to going through a merchant.

The benefits include both established brands and upstarts in the digital space. Customers will be able to locate something they enjoy.

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Several versions have sagging complaints, which is a drawback. Compared to going straight to the source, there are certain distinctions in the return policy and other benefits.

#4 Recliners

Any area can benefit from the addition of a chair, from the formal living room to the more casual den. There are more than 400 different types of recliners available at Raymour & Flanigan. Upholstery materials can range from inexpensive cotton to high-end luxurious leather. Customers typically select either genuine leather or a synthetic alternative. Customers who have used recliners from Raymour & Flanigan report that they are comfortable and look great in their homes. However, there were complaints regarding the durability of some models, with some claiming that more cheap versions degraded quickly.

Most purchasers value the convenience and adaptability of the furnishings.

Unfortunately, there have been reports of durability issues over time.

Search La-Z-Boy Chairs for a High-Quality Substitute.

#5 Clearance & Outlet

Is a discount what you seek? Raymour & Flanigan’s outlet stores are a great place to find savings on overstock or discontinued merchandise. Their best-selling furniture pieces, including couches, sectionals, beds, and complete bedroom ensembles, are all featured here. If you know exactly what you want, buying it on clearance can save you money because the costs are so low. Some of these items, however, have specific return policies that must be followed. While many buyers enjoyed the low prices, several complained about low quality.

The benefits include more reasonably priced alternatives at more attractive prices at retail outlets.

The negatives include a lack of variety and complaints about the quality and ease of returns.

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More From Raymour & Flanigans’s 2022 Catalog

In addition to the aforementioned major product types, Raymour & Flanigan also carries a large variety of other household goods, including:

Dinner Tables, Chairs, and Other Dining Room Furniture

Children’s and Baby Furniture

To wit: Patio Sets

Office Furnishings

Accent Pieces, including Rugs, for the Home

Find a Raymour & Flanigan Near You!

Raymour & Flanigan has more than 140 stores across the northeastern United States. Looking for the one nearest your house?

You can find out where nearby stores are by using the store finder.

Raymour & Flanigan Alternatives

For those interested in purchasing furniture, now is one of the best times ever to do it online. Savings of $1,000s or more on better quality items that can complement any style can be found if you know where to look.

Read our expert-written 2019 Furniture Store evaluations to get the inside scoop on the most well regarded online furniture retailers and brands.

You might also check out Wayfair, the best-reviewed online furniture store.

People all around the country know and love the Raymour and Flanigan names because they know they stand for quality furniture. A couch can last for years with the right maintenance, but issues can arise if you aren’t cautious.

The back of your Raymour Flanigan reclining sofa can be removed for cleaning or repairs with the help of this blog post.

Steps on Removing the Back of a Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch

First, manually open the reclining sofa by laying it flat. If there are any springs in the frame, be careful not to damage or disturb them.

In this stage, some people prefer to use a screwdriver, but I’ve found that I can open it up with my fingertips just fine. When I want to lay the couch flat, I press on the front until one side goes down, and then repeat the process with the other three sides.

The second step is to locate any screws and take them out. A screwdriver is required for this procedure. At a minimum, the couch’s back needs six screws.

There may be extra screws lying around the frame, but they are not required at this time.

Step 3: Once you’ve removed all six screws, you can pull the entire backing panel off your reclining couch. Takes very little effort to remove! Tuck the fabric into the side rails of the frame, taking care to avoid snagging it.

You can now observe firsthand how simple it is to remove the sofa’s back.

Fourth, replace the removed material with a board or wood so that the recliner’s fabric does not sag when someone sits on it.

Phase 5: Relax on your brand new sofa!

Reattaching the Arm Rest

If the armrests have come loose, you can easily repair them by aligning the holes and driving in two screws on each side into the existing mounting points.

Each armrest has a screw holding the opposite end to the sofa arm.

Take off any arm coverings, then use a Phillips head screwdriver or nut driver to poke through, followed by a good tightening with an adjustable wrench.

Keep in mind that worn out or otherwise outdated screws may necessitate replacement. Don’t use them again; doing so increases the risk that the armrests will come loose.

Put back in place any additional components that you may have taken out, such as seat or back cushions or pillows.

The end! If you were attempting to take apart a Raymour & Flanigan reclining sofa, you may stop right here.

What is Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch?

The back of the Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch may be pushed back to create a more comfortable seating position. To facilitate getting up from a sofa without having to adjust the back or armrests, there are typically two armrests on either side that swivel out and down to form a L with the seat.

A Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch can be found in many different types of rooms, including the living room, bedroom, study room, and even the hallway. It’s warm enough even on chilly days because it can be crafted from cloth or leather. After a long day at the office, you’ll appreciate the model’s customary plush cushions.

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If you have dogs, they may prefer resting their heads on the armrests rather than your lap, and the recliner couch’s back can be adjusted to the angle that’s most comfortable for you, making it a more peaceful place to sit (and sometimes sleep) than merely sitting on the old sofa.

How to Prevent Tear and Wear on Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couch

When properly cared for, a raymour & flanigan ruhlman reclining sofa can survive for many years with no signs of wear and tear. There are a few things you can do to maintain the quality of your furniture:

While you’re away from home, protect your furniture from dust and moisture by placing covers over each piece of upholstered furniture.

To prevent any wear and tear on the material, use a vacuum with a brush attachment and leather cleaning chemicals on any spills. Leather items are built to last longer than their cotton counterparts.

If one side of a couch is always occupied, sitting on the other side will quickly get unpleasant, thus it’s recommended that you switch it over every three months or so.

How do you dismantle a couch with two recliners?

A couch with two recliners can be taken apart, but it will take more than one person to do it. How it works:

  • Take out all of the pillows and throw cushions from one side.
  • To remove the back panel, press down on tab A and pull up on tab A.
  • Just flip the process over and do it again!
  • Take the chairs apart and move them from behind the sofa.
  • Move the parts to the trash can or the assembling table.

How to Clean Raymour Flanigan Recliner Couches

If you want your couch to last a long time, you need to keep it clean. You can use an upholstery attachment on your vacuum or the following instructions to clean the fabric:

  • Scrub grime off with soap and an old toothbrush.
  • Using a spray bottle, wet the area once more, and then pat it dry with a towel.
  • Wet the cloth with rubbing alcohol and scrape the stain to remove it.
  • To eliminate remaining stains, you should use a stain remover.
  • Clothes that are still damp should have towels placed over them and exposed to air.
  • Used toothbrushes or moist cloths work well for removing hairspray residue.
  • Use a dry towel to gently massage away any excess moisture, then hang the item to dry if it’s been used for water activities.