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Fabric, sewing supplies, and the five-step process for covering a recliner chair in a slipcover are required for slipcover creation. You may find the necessary supplies at a local retailer, and you’ll learn our method here.

Making your own slipcover for a reclining chair might be a messy job, especially if you’re just starting out, but we’ll show you the simplest methods so you can do it at home.

To acquaint yourself with the concept, recliner chairs are chairs with movable elements, such as a backrest that can be tilted backward and an extended footrest. Comfort and relaxation are the primary goals in the design of recliner chairs. Its adjustable mechanisms make it possible for anyone to choose a comfortable seating position.

DIY Steps Of A Slipcover For Recliner Chair

Both novices and seasoned pros can benefit from DIY guides. The ones we provide here will work for any type of crafter.

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Step #1. Prepare your materials

This holds true for every piece of writing. Making sure you have everything you need before you need it can save you time and energy in the long run.

Drop cloth or fabric of choice, sewing materials like pins and needles, measuring materials, and, of course, your very own reclining chair are required for this technique. Keep in mind that you could potentially cause injury by dropping pins, so do this where there will be no obstructions. Having a clutter-free workspace can also help you focus better.

Step #2. Measure

After gathering any necessary materials, the next step is to take precise measurements of the spaces to be filled. For ease of removal of the slipcover when it has to be washed, you should try to cut the chair’s back, armrests, seat, and footrest out separately.

Sewing multiple smaller pieces together is significantly less daunting than sewing one huge piece together to make a covering. To ensure a snug fit afterwards, trace the outline of your chair as closely as possible and add a tiny bit of extra space.

Step #3. Cut

Now that you know how big each section has to be, you may cut the fabric to size. When using scissors, proceed with caution.

After you’ve finished cutting the cloth, spread it out over the chair. Check to see if the parts match the chairs’ contours.

Step #4. Pin

Put in your pins now, please. Assemble your items wrong-side-out; you’ll be turning them right-side-out before you finish stitching.

Connect the parts by pinning them as tautly as feasible along the chair’s outline. When it comes time to stitch everything together, you can refer to these pins as a reference.

Step #5. Sew and trim

Finally, the conclusion is here, and all your hard work will pay off. Sew the pieces together along the pinned lines; aim for narrower trails of pins; test the fit on the chair. By doing so, you can correct for any misalignments or other mistakes that may have occurred.

Put in all the required piping and hems and sew everything together. When you’re finished stitching, turn the slipcover right side out, trim the excess fabric, and apply it to your reclining chair. You’ve just finished constructing your very own covering for a reclining chair, so you should be pretty proud of yourself.

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How much material does slipcover for recliners take up?

The materials used to make slipcovers are mostly determined by the type of chair being covered. Since there is a wide range of dimensions available, you should take careful measurements of your chair before purchasing any supplies.

How to keep recliner cover in place

The chair cover may be easily secured to prevent it from sliding. To ensure that your slipcover remains in place, you may wish to sew in buttons or use a zipper. Careful use of the chair and a snug fit for the cover are also helpful.

Can you buy a slipcover for recliner seats?

You certainly can. If you’re in the mood to be a bit sluggish and avoid the laborious working process, the market is rife with slipcovers just waiting to be discovered.

Numerous companies have dabbled in developing seat covers, and some have found success in doing so. But if you don’t have one, why not make one?

In addition to getting stuff done, you’ll be able to put some cash aside for yourself. It’s important to know the exact dimensions of your recliner chair before making a purchase.

Making Recliner Slipcovers

Before anything else, you need to correct a common misunderstanding. To put it another way: what is it? That you can only buy recliner slipcovers in stores. If you can’t accept that as true, there’s nothing for you to find in this post. But if you’re up for an exciting and creative weekend project, then you can easily follow the procedures outlined below and restore your recliner to like-new condition.

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You can now use vers. You should now simply place the covers on the recliner and ensure a snug fit. When that time comes, you can expect a complete makeover for your favorite recliner. Please have pleasure in it!


Now that you know the basics of making a slipcover, you can get creative with the design. You may make it look as fancy or as understated as you like. With some effort and time, you can make slipcovers that rival the quality of the store-bought variety.