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How do you make this platform bed work? There are three bookcases underneath the structure (which you will be making from plywood yourself.) You may acquire solid bookshelves or storage cubes from any store you prefer, including Target, Walmart, or IKEA. After all, they will serve as your bed.

Plywood is the only other thing you’ll need except this essential component. The plywood you purchase will be used to construct the platform upon which your bed and bookcase will rest.

What you need to get started is listed below.


  • An arrangement of three bookcases
  • Constructional Plywood
  • wood 2x4s for spacing
  • For bracing, we used plywood.
  • Drill

1. Twin dresser bed

Is the space you intend to put the storage bed in a kid’s bedroom, making a twin-sized bed the largest possible option? Then you could build a bed similar to this incredible elevated dresser! The top of a standard dresser is only slightly wider than a twin bed; The Sweet Tea Life will teach you how to build an extra-long top that will accommodate your bed and provide you with a full set of drawers and a practical crawl area beneath!

Easy DIY Bed with Built In Shelves (Using IKEA Bookcases!)

2. Queen sized wooden frame bed with drawers

Is it the case that you’d rather have a greater bed size and maintain it much lower to the ground than what you saw? But you can still build drawers into the bottom if you like! Darbin Orvar’s instructions for constructing a low wooden bed frame with storage drawers and basket shelves instead of a hollow under-bed compartment are quite helpful, and we heartily recommend them.

3. Pastel cubbies storage bed

Do you long for the day when you can build your kid a loft bed with drawers and shelves underneath so they can store all their toys in one place, but you can’t quite bring yourself to go as far as building a full-size dresser? We think you’ll like how Edmund Designs took a pastel shelving unit and fashioned a cubby shelf and bed frame out of it.

4. IKEA hack platform bed with steps and cupboards

Do you find the concept of elevated sleeping surfaces so appealing that you’d consider purchasing one for yourself, albeit one with a height difference and a larger mattress? If so, you’re likely to enjoy this IKEA hack that demonstrates how to build a bed on top of a row of cabinets that are placed side by side instead of piled on top of one another. On HandyDadTV, you may find instructions for building your own, complete with a set of steps.

5. Wheeled drawers under bed storage

Do you have everything you need as far as beds and frames go, but you can’t help but wonder whether there’s a way to make greater use of the space under your bed than just leaving it empty? If so, we highly recommend checking out how Grillo Designs built a set of broad drawers with quality handles that roll out from under the bed and stow away again with the help of little wheels placed on the floor in place of traditional drawer tracks in a bed frame.

6. Twin storage bed built from scratch

Do you have a lot of experience with basic furniture construction and consider yourself to be a skilled woodworker? If so, we think you’ll have no trouble following Rogue Engineer’s comprehensive plan and guide for constructing a twin bed frame with built-in storage drawers.

Build your own bed with storage using bookcases - Your Projects@OBN

7. IKEA hack cubbies shelf twin storage bed

Are you still keen on the concept of constructing a twin kids’ bed with cubby storage underneath, but you’re hoping to find one that can accommodate more than one drawer insert? Perhaps all you need is a version that doesn’t call for any chopping at all. Either way, it sounds like this slightly alternative IKEA hack technique from Hey There, Home offers what you’re looking for. They even include instructions on how to attach climbing pebbles to the end to make the ascent to your bed a more exciting adventure.

8. Custom made farmhouse storage bed with drawers

Do you want to create a bespoke storage bed frame, but your carpentry skills aren’t quite as novice-friendly, and you want a bed that’s more appropriate for you than your kids? It’s possible that you’re the type of person who would like sleeping soundly on this beautiful wood farmhouse bed with its own full set of drawers. By consulting Ana White’s comprehensive instructions, you can make it yourself.

9. IKEA hack bed made from bookcases

Do you still find the notion of constructing a storage bed from IKEA hacks appealing, but you have always favored beds that sit a little lower to the ground than the cubby shelve variants you may have seen so far? If that’s the case, you might find this guide from Love & Renovations more to your liking; it explains how to build basket storage out of two bookshelves placed side by side.

10. DIY built-in wall indent storage bed

Do you happen to be fortunate enough to have at your disposal a space with a preexisting alcove that you’d like to decorate imaginatively and expeditiously? It sounds like you have a great area for a raised storage bed, maybe around twin size. Check out how Shanty 2 Chic built their own platform with tailored drawers; if you have any construction expertise at all, you’ll find that it’s easier than you might think.

11. Custom storage platform bed with high cupboards and small steps

Do you still fantasize of turning that platform bed with built-in storage and stairs into a full workstation, complete with a border that doubles as a nightstand or display shelf? We think you’ll find this next Oh Yes tutorial, which incorporates all of those components, to be just what you’ve been waiting for.

12. Storage bed from an upcycled dresser

Are you still thinking about the one of our suggestions that entailed installing a bed on top of a dresser, but you can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a variant on this that doesn’t require you to extend the top? If that’s the case, you should definitely check out how Ladybird and Fellow upcycled a much larger vintage dresser to create this version.

13. Double corner storage bed unti

Do you know you’ll have to build a second identical raised platform bed with stairs and drawers underneath if you build one for your child? You would be better to follow the detailed instructions for duplicating this corner unit design that was recently featured on The Pages if they are willing to share a room and sleep in closer quarters. We also appreciate how the area formed by the beds pushed together in the corner can serve as a cozy nook for some peace and quiet.

14. Low plywood storage bed

Do you want to build a bed and its accompanying storage space from scratch, despite the fact that you don’t have much experience with woodworking? Here’s a suggestion from Lowe’s that any novice can implement. Watch as they use recycled plywood and basic construction methods to create a stylish and functional platform bed complete with storage drawers.

15. Rustic wooden twin storage bed frame

A great design with a somewhat more rustic appeal, in case you’re still set on constructing an entirely new wooden bed frame from scratch but want something that will look a little less brand new and freshly done when you’re through. Do It Yourself Diva has all the details on how to make it happen on your own.

Storage / Platform Bed | Oh yes

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