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If so, it’s getting close to that season. Does the chill creep into your bones when you leave for the day’s job or as you return from it in the evening? If this is the case, it’s time to dig or buy an electric blanket that warms your bones, body, and soul. Using an electric burner and a soft blanket, this is a wonderful design that provides all the benefits of both. How can you ask for anything more?

Electric blankets are favored by many over other types of heating during the winter months because of the ease of use and little maintenance they give. It’s another alternative that many find appealing because it doesn’t raise your monthly electric bill as much as other heating methods. An electric bedspread won’t warm the air or internal pipes, therefore it shouldn’t be used in place of your main heating source. Any type of electric linen simply warms the fabric, not the person lying on it.

To be more specific, how does an electric blanket operate? Find out for yourself by reading on!

What is an Electric Blanket?

It’s a blanket that’s hefty and solid, but it has an integrated wiring system that produces warmth and heat via coil wires. To regulate the temperature, you simply plug the blanket into an electrical outlet. Polyester and acrylic are the most common materials used to make electrified linens. This combination is fire-resistant, but it’s also dense enough to trap and hold in heat.

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The majority of well-known manufacturers offer at least three heat settings — low, medium, and high – on their blankets. It is possible that electric bedspreads for two persons will have independently adjustable heat settings on either side.

The temperature can be adjusted with the push of a button on a remote control linked to the heater.

Exactly How Does an Electric Blanket Work?

Protected by plastic heat-resistant coating, an electric cover delivers a constant supply of heat while consuming 120V of electricity when it is activated or plugged into an electrical outlet. The heated wires can be used either before or during sleep, depending on your preference for temperature regulation. The usage of electric linen for heating the bed may be preferred by certain people, while others like to use it all night long.

For each brand and design, there are large end-of-blanket connectors used to transfer energy from your outlets to the wires within the blanket. Before cleaning or washing, these connectors must be physically disconnected from the blanket. Keeping the connector towards the end of the bed or at the foot of the blanket is the safest bet while using it. You may rest easy knowing that the blanket won’t get detached from its power source or overheat during the night because of sleep-related actions, such as plugging and unplugging connectors.

It is now possible to buy electric bedspreads with thermostats and temperature sensors that read the combination of body heat and electric heat to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Overheating and possible fire concerns can be prevented by shutting off certain models. As soon as the blanket gets to a specified internal temperature, these devices will automatically turn it off. There are certain types that let you to set a timer for the blanket to turn on and off, making it even safer to use an electric linen.

Carbon-fiber cables are used in newer models to offer greater safety while maintaining constant temperatures. Heated seats are also constructed with carbon-fiber wires by the majority of automobile manufacturers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electric Blanket

The use of electric bedspreads and throws might have benefits and drawbacks, just like any other product. There are a few advantages to using an electric blanket, such as:

Electric blankets have some drawbacks, such as the following:

Types of Electric Blankets

If sleeping with a thick blanket bothers you, or if you prefer a thin layer of fabric on your skin, an electric bedspread in a different style can be the better choice. The following types of electric linens are available:


Due to its similarity to a summer duvet, the duvet or over blanket is the most prevalent type of electric cover. Colors and designs are available, and they provide the warmth of a duvet and the thickness of a comforter.


Underneath the fitted (bottom) sheet, this sort of electric linen is positioned on top of the mattress. A good rule of thumb is that they are thin enough so that your fitted sheet will still fit, yet thick enough to keep you warm throughout the night. A heated mattress pad is very similar to this.


When it’s cold outside, you can use this sort of electric linen as a conventional decorative or thin throw, but it also has an inside wiring system to keep you warm.

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All Over Warmth

The electric current that powers heated blankets travels through the material. The intelligent technology in Sunbeam Heated Bedding responds to the ambient temperature of the room as well as the temperature of the user’s body. You can program your controller to produce a specified level of warmth for a specific period of time, but the warming device will automatically adjust to changing temperatures.

ThermoFine® technology, which is used in all Sunbeam Heated Bedding, enables this easy heating. By monitoring temperature changes, the technology assures even and comprehensive heating. Saving money on your energy and electricity bills is made possible by the technology’s precision heating.

Combing Through the Controls

Different blankets have different controls, depending on the model. There are heated blankets that have dual controls that allow two people to sleep beneath the same blanket with different settings, while others have only one control that you can use to preheat or alter your blanket. After a set amount of time, the blanket will automatically turn itself off, making it easier to get some rest.

The heat settings on many blankets can range from ten to twenty degrees, depending on the model. With ThermoFine® technology, blankets don’t have to be limited to a single temperature setting.

You can fine-tune the temperature of your heated blanket with the help of your remote.

The Benefits of Your Blanket

Your heated blanket offers a range of interesting characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. In addition, every Sunbeam Heated Bedding can be washed and dried. Velvet plush, fleece, RoyalMink, and LoftTec are some of the many materials available for blankets, all of which add to the overall warmth.

To get the most out of your heated blanket, be sure to follow these simple maintenance instructions.

How to Wash an Electric Blanket


You may want to invest in a new or improved electric blanket now that you understand how it works and how it keeps you warm in the winter. Business Insider has compiled a list of today’s most popular electric blankets. This detailed article provides information on a variety of blankets to meet your specific requirements and financial constraints.

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