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Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of professional hotel bed making? We polled the world’s best housekeeping directors to find out what it takes to bring the hotel to your own bedside.

There’s nothing like a peaceful night’s sleep in a comfortable hotel bed. The high-quality bedding, the best pillows, crisp and clean white sheets, and the signature “hotel tuck” that makes you feel as snug as a bug in a rug—it’s all part of the experience. If you’ve been dreaming of recreating a luxurious hotel-style bed at home, you’re in luck. We have the inside scoop on how to create a bed like a five-star facility, from the sorts of bedding used by the best hotels to the specific touches that will make your night in bed unforgettable.


Sleeping soundly in a hotel bed is like nothing else in the world. The hotel tuck, in which guests are tucked under clean, crisp sheets and made to feel as cozy as a bug in a rug, is a characteristic feature of luxury hotels. If you’ve ever wanted a bed like the ones at five-star hotels but couldn’t afford to stay there, you’re in luck. How to create a bed like a five-star facility, including the sorts of bedding used by top hotels and the specific touches that will make your night in bed memorable, is something we’ve learned from the people who really work in these establishments.

9 Easy Ways To Make Your Bed Look & Feel Like A Hotel Bed! – The Urban Guide


Yes, fitted sheets may make changing beds that little bit easier, but if you’re looking to get a hotel-quality bed, it’s time to say goodbye. Housekeeping Manager of The Plaza Hotel in New York City, Gabriella Wong, tells woman&home, “Surprisingly, it is fairly usual for hotels to utilize flat sheets rather than fitted sheets.” The first step in making the bed is to spread a flat sheet over the top of the mattress.

Gabriella advises that, in order to replicate a hotel bed at home, you should pull and stretch the sheets as tight as possible. They use a method called hospital corners, she explains. To use a gift-wrapping analogy, “this is the process of tucking in the sheets under the mattress.”

How to make a bed like a hotel with hospital corners:

  1. To begin, tuck the ends and sides of the flat sheet under the mattress (leave the corners hanging out).
  2. To make a 45 degree angle, raise one edge of the sheet.
  3. Then, using as little fabric as possible, pull and tuck the hanging cloth as tightly as possible.


The process of putting on a duvet cover might be so time-consuming that you end up hating your duvet and pondering sleeping naked for a week. Duvet covers are more than just an accessory, despite what you might think. In addition to protecting your duvet from dirt and prolonging its life, these bedding accessories are made with your skin’s health and comfort in mind. The corners of a duvet cover are commonly used by hotel housekeepers as guides to ensure that the cover is placed over the duvet as neatly as possible.

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“Turn the clean duvet cover inside out and hold each corner while the duvet is on the bed. Executive Housekeeper Catherine Devlin of London’s Holmes Hotel recommends “taking two corners of the duvet and shaking the duvet cover out the correct manner” (opens in new tab). Before smoothing out the duvet, make sure the top two corners are at the head of the bed and the bottom corners and sides are tucked in.


Perfectly smooth sheets can be obtained without using an iron. That’s the secret, right? There was a mist on the water. Adabel Carlos, Director of Housekeeping at Chicago’s The Gwen, a Luxury Collection Hotel(opens in new tab), says that while wrinkle release spray can be used to keep linens looking fresh, water in a spray bottle can do the trick just as well. Simply spray on your linens after you’ve pulled them taut to eliminate creases.

Wafting the duvet, like in the parachute game at recess, is another trick recommended by Emily Morgan of York’s Clementine’s Hotel(opens in new tab). “Waft the duvet up and over the sheet and spread across the bed,” she instructs, “making sure the duvet is even across the sides.”


Consider getting a bigger set of bedding if you want to sleep snugly. Manager Sophie Colston of the Greenbank Hotel in Cornwall recommends using a super king-sized duvet on a king-sized bed. As a result, our guests will have more room to tuck themselves in and relax.


Use your arm as a guide to create a neat, even tuck in your duvet. You may make a tidy fold in the bedclothes by placing your arm on the bed and making a karate chop motion that goes about two feet through the fabric. You’ll end up with neat, uniform folds on both sides of the bed and just the right amount of room for your pillows.

Pillows should then be stacked and plumped. Keep the fluffiness by cutting softly.


White hotel bedding is the industry standard since it is classic and easy to clean. If you want your bed to look like the ones in five-star hotels, you don’t have to paint the walls and buy an all-white set of sheets, says Jeanie Mottley, director of operations at the Wave Resort in New Jersey (opens in new tab). If you want to create a soothing atmosphere, it’s best to stick to colors, patterns, and textures that evoke serenity. It’s usually nice to have some neutrals around to assist amplify this effect,” she explains.

When looking to recreate the sumptuous atmosphere of a five-star hotel in the comfort of your own home, Joseph Del Guidice, Senior Vice President of PM Hotel Group(opens in new tab), suggests splurging on a high-quality mattress, pillows, and linens. He notes that you may achieve a more hotel-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home by investing in “enhanced linens with more cotton and higher thread counts, thick mattress toppers for increased comfort, and upgraded pillows.”

How many threads exactly does it have?

“Bed linen is the pièce de resistance,” says Mark Hardy, General Manager at The Cavendish Hotel(opens in new tab), London. The standard thread count for luxury hotel sheets is between 250 and 300.


The Cavendish Hotel General Manager Mark Hardy states that the hotel’s bedding is the hotel’s “piece de resistance” (opens in new tab). Luxury hotels often employ linens with a thread count of between 250 and 300.

Wearing your softest pajamas, putting on your most comfortable slippers, and cuddling up with a warm throw will all contribute to a more restful night’s sleep, but you can also set the mood with soft lighting and calming aromas (lavender is a favorite) before you turn in. Make advantage of high-quality candlelight, aromatic mists, and oil diffusers.

9 Easy Ways To Make Your Bed Look & Feel Like A Hotel Bed! – The Urban Guide

How to Make a Hotel-Quality Bed at Home, According to Kemar Russie, Executive Housekeeper at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island(opens in new tab)

  • In order to replicate the soothing atmosphere of a five-star hotel room in your own bedroom, it is essential to maintain a clean, clutter-free space.
  • When trying to wind down for the night, “consider adding extra atmosphere by spraying a fragrant pillow spray or room mist.”


With that, today’s article comes to a close.

How to make a bed in a hotel style is now a question of the past. To sum up, you can now utilize this as a starting point.