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We’ve all experienced the frustration of sleeping on a bed that makes annoying noises throughout the night. It’s stressful and uncomfortable to have a bed that makes noises, but the good news is that there are simple ways to fix this problem. Here are some easy ways to quiet a noisy bed.

1. Find the Source

Without first identifying the source of the noise, fixing a squeaky bed will be impossible. The box spring, the frame, the foundation, or the mattress could all be the source of the noise.

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Your Mattress

If you have a latex or memory foam mattress, the bed itself is not the cause of the squeaking. The risk of noise is increased in innerspring and hybrid mattresses because of the presence of coils.

Mattresses with innerspring or hybrid technology should be set directly on the floor, without a frame or base. Get down on the floor and move around to see if you can hear anything.

It’s probably not your mattress if nothing happens. The most practical answer to a noisy bed is to get a new mattress. You should examine whether your warranty covers noise issues, but chances are it won’t.

Your Box Spring

Unfortunately, the springs in some box springs can be noisy. A box spring may contain hundreds of individual coils, each of which has the potential to clink against its neighbor. Consequently, if your box spring doesn’t have coils, that’s probably not the issue, as fewer and fewer of them do these days.

If you suspect that the coils in your box spring are to blame for the noise, you should get a new one.

Your Bed Frame or Foundation

Bed frames and foundations that make noise usually have parts that are rubbing against one another or were assembled incorrectly. It could be the result of your mattress’s foundation or box spring rubbing against the bed’s frame, or it could be the result of the bed’s legs dragging across the floor.

Take the mattress off the bed and give the structure a light jolt to see if any noise is made. If that’s the case, the issue likely lies with your framework.

2. Tighten the Bolts and Joints

An extremely prevalent source of bed noise is the numerous bolts and joints used in the construction of bed frames and foundations. To reduce noise, it is a good idea to start by adjusting the screws.

Tighten all of the bed’s bolts with a tool or screwdriver. Use a washer between the bolt and the frame if you are unable to get a snug enough grip to fully tighten the bolt.

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If repeating the previous test for noise shows that tightening the screws did not assist, then proceed to the next section.

3. Lubricate the Bolts and Joints

After retightening the bolts and joints on your bed frame, if there is still squeaking, try greasing the joints.

Use WD-40 or a comparable silicone lubricant to spray the connecting points of the frame. Squeaks can be reduced with only one layer, but you may need to reapply WD-40 every few months to keep things quiet.

Instead of silicone lubricants, you can use candle wax, paraffin, or beeswax to grease the moving parts. However, this procedure may require multiple wax applications before it is completely successful.

4. Add Cushions to the Frame

If the bolts and screws in your bed frame aren’t making noise, then the squeaks could be coming from the frame rubbing against the floor, the mattress, or the slats. The problem can be fixed by adding padding to reduce the impact of the surfaces’ friction.

Place thin fabric materials between the mattress and the frame, or the box spring and the frame, to reduce friction and noise. Socks, t-shirts, sheets, cork, or kitchen towels can be used as padding before the mattress or box spring is replaced on the bed’s frame.

One possible cause of the noise made by your bed frame is its contact with the floor. Put furniture pads under the bed’s legs if that’s the case.

If your bed is shaky because of uneven legs, you can stabilize it by placing furniture pads under the shorter legs.

The wooden slats on your bed frame or foundation may be scraping against the perimeter of the bed. Wrap some socks, an old shirt, or some towels around each end of a slat to counteract this.

5. Replace Your Furniture

No one likes to have to buy new pricey furniture, but if your mattress is giving you trouble, it could be time to upgrade. It’s preferable to save up for new furniture and a new mattress to get rid of those annoying noises, but we understand that this may be difficult.

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How do I stop my bunkie board from squeaking?

Bunkie boards are a form of bed base made from thin sheets of wood or plywood. Friction between the bunkie board and your mattress or the bunkie board and the corners of your bed frame are the most likely sources of squeaking, given that bunkie boards lack coils.

Thin t-shirts, towels, cork, or socks can be placed between the bunkie board and the mattress to reduce the possibility of noise being caused by the two surfaces rubbing against one another.

T-shirts, towels, cork, or socks can be used to insulate the bunkie board from the bed frame if this is the case.

Do wood or metal bed frames squeak more?

Because wood-on-wood friction is less prone to make noise, a wooden bed frame often squeaks less than a metal frame. Against the flip side, the sound of metal on metal is considerably louder. As an added bonus, wooden fasteners are less likely to generate noise because they can be tightened more than metal ones.

Are beds supposed to squeak?

A squeaky bed indicates a problem, such as loose bolts or noisy coils, and should not be ignored. While a noisy bed won’t necessarily cause any harm, it can make it difficult to get to sleep.

Is it normal for a new bed to squeak?

Although brand new spring beds shouldn’t make any noise, it’s very uncommon for older ones to develop a squeaky noise.

A noisy new bed may be the result of a faulty mattress or an issue with the manufacturer’s workmanship. Mattresses that have become squeaky with age are not a fault and therefore cannot be returned under warranty.

How often should I replace my mattress and accessories?

While bed frames, foundations, and box springs typically last around 10 years, mattresses typically only last 6-8 years. After a certain amount of time, the parts lose their structural integrity, they may squeak, and they may no longer provide adequate support, all of which means that you should look into replacing your sleep surface to ensure proper spinal alignment. In a similar vein, if your mattress or its accessories have started squeaking despite being less than ten years old, you should probably get a new one.


Do not let a squeaky bed keep you up at night. Beds that make noise are annoying and difficult to sleep in. In most cases, repairing a noisy bed won’t take more than a few minutes, so you may get back to sleep quickly.