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In case you’re wondering, you can either fluff my bamboo cushion by hand or in the dryer. In order to obtain the most comfortable bamboo pillow possible, we’ll simplify both procedures in this article. In addition to getting the most out of your bamboo pillow’s softness, you may utilize the following pointers to keep the shape of your pillow each time you use it.

We also have instructions on how to break in your bamboo pillow, which you can find below. It doesn’t matter what type of fill your bamboo pillow uses; it will always benefit from regular fluffing. You’ll be able to easily change the loft as a result of this.

How To Fluff Bamboo Pillow: 2 Best Ways

How to Fluff a Bamboo Pillow Two Ways + General Pillow Care - The Sleep Judge

You can also find instructions on how to break in your bamboo pillow below. It doesn’t matter what sort of fill your bamboo cushion utilizes; it will always benefit from regular fluffing. With this, you can also easily modify the loft.

Step #1. Shaking

You can also see how to break in your bamboo pillow below to ensure it’s ready to use when it arrives. It doesn’t matter what kind of filling your bamboo pillow has; regular fluffing is always a good idea. You’ll be able to easily change the loft because of this as well.

Step #2. Punching and pushing

When you’re done shaking and flipping the pillow, you may make it fluffier by pounding it on the side. There should be no clumps of fill remaining in your pillow after you turn it over and give it a few punches. Breaking down fills that were missed earlier should be easier now.

Finally, hold the two ends of the pillow and push them together, then pull the cushion away from your body. This aids in fluffing your bamboo cushion since it promotes fill expansion and pillow ventilation. The bamboo pillow should return to its original loft after being compressed.

Fluffing Your Bamboo Pillow In The Dryer

You can fluff up your pillow by shakin’ it a few times before you go to bed. It’s also important to know how to properly dry your bamboo pillow so that it retains its shape. When you use a dryer, you’re hoping that the moisture and humidity you add to the pillow would cause it to flatten out.

In addition to drying your cushion, the dryer will help introduce air and remove clumps. The dryer method is preferred by some consumers because they can be certain that they are removing all potential allergens and germs from their pillows. Drying your new bamboo pillow in the dryer will help get rid of the off-gassing smell.

Step #1. Remove the pillowcase

Remove the pillowcase before placing the bamboo pillow in the dryer. Each product has its own set of cleaning requirements; make sure you follow the directions for each one. The material may be ruined in the dryer, and washing it may be necessary.

Step #2. Place in the dryer

Place the pillow in the dryer with at least three dryer balls after obtaining the case. Drying and eliminating static should be made easier with the use of these items. To renew the pillow, you can then tumble dry it on low heat for 10 minutes or more.

The pillow will be aerated and clump-free when it has been dried, and you can then remove it from the pillowcase. Put the pillow back in its case and, if necessary, re-inflate it by hand. Please shake it a few times to fluff up your bamboo pillow.

How To Break In Your Bamboo Pillow

Breaking in bamboo pillows properly is an essential part of the process. When your pillow is flat, you can fluff it to bring it back to its original shape. You should let the pillow air out for at least 24 hours after receiving it so that the chemicals in the foam can be released.

After that, give your pillow a good shake to loosen the fill and knead to separate the foam clumps that have developed. If you’d want to distribute the fill in your bamboo cushion, you can do so by squeezing it a few times. It’s then time to follow the instructions on how to fluff it in the dryer.

How to Fluff a New Bamboo Pillow

When you buy a bamboo cushion for the first time, it will arrive compressed and flat. To fluff a fresh pillow, some makers include directions; others do not.

The easiest way to clean your bamboo pillow is to follow the directions that came with it, so be sure to check those out before you begin cleaning your cushion.

There are a few extra steps to fluff this one because it is a new one.

Take out the cushion from its package and look for any plastic covering that could still be attached. First things first! This is also a good time to check for any shipping-related flaws or damage.

For online purchases, double-check the seller’s sizing information and that you received the correct cushion.

To fluff the bamboo cushion, you first need to make sure that it meets all of the requirements listed above.

Fluff a New Bamboo Pillow in a Dryer

To fluff a bamboo pillow as quickly as possible, use a clothes dryer. Polyester or shredded memory foam pillows will not work with this! When it comes to solid memory foam pillows, they can’t be fluffed or put in the dryer.

It only takes a few minutes to fluff a bamboo cushion in the dryer. When finished, you’ll notice a noticeable difference in the pillow’s size, and it will have fully inflated to its optimum height.

Drying Time:

  • In 3 minutes, you can make a standard-sized bamboo pillow.
  • For King and Queen Sized Bamboo Pillows, it takes only 5 minutes.

Setting the Heat:

  • The Lowest Setting Possible

Fluff a New Bamboo Pillow Without a Dryer

The dryer should not be used to fluff every bamboo pillow. It’s best to fluff by hand anything with a huge zipper, ruffles, or any other parts that could become tangled in the dryer. If you’re unsure about anything, see the product’s care instructions.

The same results can be achieved by fluffing a new bamboo cushion without the use of a dryer, but the process is much more time consuming.

In order to prevent wasting your time returning it, you will still need to remove the box and inspect it for flaws before doing so. The fluffing can begin as soon as you’re confident in the product’s quality and size.

It’s simple to fluff a new bamboo pillow. All you’ll need are your hands and a little time to spare.

To begin, shake the pillow from the center outward and inward with one hand. This will aid in the expansion of the pillow-stuffing and facilitate the passage of air between the fillings.

As a last step, squash the cushion between your hands and back and forth a few times.

Allow it to expand for 1-2 hours in a cool, dark room away from direct sunlight after repeating this procedure for 3-5 minutes. Sleep on it immediately or wait a full 24 hours for the loft to fully expand.

Amount of time needed:

  • A Minimum of 1-2 Hours Prior to Use
  • For the Best Results, Allow 24 Hours.


Using a dryer or not, there are two simple ways to fluff a new bamboo pillow.

If you’re not sure which approach is best for your pillow, see the care directions first. However, both will yield the same results.

Bamboo Pillows Explained: The Basics

The cover of a bamboo pillow is made from high-quality bamboo fibers. A hypoallergenic sleeping surface, superior temperature regulation, and a super-soft feel are all provided by a bamboo case.

Memory foam or another type of foam, either shredded or in one piece, is commonly used in the stuffing of bamboo pillows. There are advantages to using shredded memory foam. The problem is that it has a propensity to harden and become lumpy with time. So, if you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my bamboo cushion lumpy?” you need not be concerned. You can easily fix these problems by boosting the firmness of your mattress.

It may take some time to fluffing the shredded memory foam stuffing, but it is also more permeable, adaptable, and better at temperature control than a solid piece of foam, making it an excellent choice for mattresses. For those who sleep in a variety of positions that require different levels of support and loft, we believe the extra effort is worthwhile.

How Long Does It Take for a Bamboo Pillow to Expand?

There may be some lumps of stuffing that need to be separated and the cushion needs time to fully expand when you receive a new bamboo pillow. The first step to getting rid of lumps in your new pillow is to shake it around a bit. You can always unzip the bamboo casing and divide the filling by hand if additional motion is required.

Is it necessary to cover a bamboo pillow with a pillowcase? Once your new bamboo pillow has fully decompressed, you can remove it from the packaging and use it.

2 Easy Ways of Fluffing Bamboo Pillows

Here are two simple ways to fluff a bamboo pillow and make it softer, now that we’ve covered the essentials.

1. Fluffing Your Pillow by Hand

Many of us already take a few seconds to fluff our pillows before going to bed in order to have the most restful sleep possible. The dense and hefty shredded memory foam filling of some bamboo pillows necessitates additional fluffing.

Hand Fluffing Care Instructions:

a. Shake and flip your bamboo pillow.

Toss your pillow around a few times while shaking it. If there are any huge clumps of memory foam material, this will split them up and spread the material more evenly. The airflow in the pillow will also benefit from this. Any moisture that has accumulated over the night will be removed by the improved air circulation.

b. Punch the surface of your pillow.

Punch the sides of your pillow with light to medium pressure to break up any clumps and fluff up the memory foam within. When you move the mattress, it moves the memory foam shreds inside and rotates them in a way that prolongs their usefulness. Punches and karate chops both accomplish the same thing, but punches use more force. Otherwise, the memory foam may be torn or damaged. Remind yourself that you are only fluffing your bamboo cushion, and nothing more.

c. Push and pull the sides of your pillow like an accordion.

Keep your hands on the short sides of your pillow while you sleep. As though you were playing the accordion, gently press and pull into the middle and back out, mimicking the action. A higher loft can be achieved by repeating this operation several times while holding the longer ends of your pillow in the same position. Adding a last stage to the process of making bamboo pillows increases airflow, allowing the material to expand to its fullest extent.

2. Fluffing Your Pillows With the Dryer

For fresh bamboo pillows or cushions that can’t be decompressed by hand, the dryer is your best option. When it comes to heat and rapid motion, memory foam pillows can be rather fragile, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully. Put your pillow in the dryer, but don’t let it dry on any old heat setting. If there is any water or moisture in the shredded foam, this machine can remove it totally.

Dryer Fluffing Care Instructions:

a. Remove the bamboo cover from your pillow.

Remove the cushion filling’s bamboo cover to begin. The bamboo cover can be machine washed and dried on a gentle and low heat cycle, but be sure to clean the shell and memory foam filling separately.

b. Place your pillow inside the dryer.

Throw it in the dryer with the memory foam. In order to get the most out of your dryer, it is best to use more than one dryer ball. You can use clean tennis balls as a substitute for dryer balls if you don’t have any on hand. It is best to avoid using a tennis ball that has been used by your pet as a chew toy because it may contain bacteria and an unpleasant odor.

c. Dry your pillow on low heat.

Devote 20-30 minutes to drying the memory foam pillow filling in a low-heat setting or delicate mode. Memory foam may be fluffed and restored to its former shape and loft with the help of the dryer’s heat and the bounce of the balls. Static electricity buildup in your pillow’s memory foam filling can be reduced by using dryer balls.

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d. Complete the process by hand fluffing your pillow.

Remove the dryer or tennis balls, as well as your pillow, from the machine. After removing the bamboo cover, gently hand-fluff the memory foam to get the desired fullness and filling location before replacing the cover. At this point, the hand fluffing methods we’ve suggested are ideal.

Reducing Unwanted Smells on Your Pillows

In addition to boosting fluff, drying your pillow can help reduce the memory foam’s off-gassing odor. Any other bad scent that has grown over time can be eliminated by properly drying the cloth. In order to get the best results, you may also spin your pillow stuffing in the dryer with scented sheets or a tiny cloth infused with a few drops of essential oil. We recommend using lavender or sage scents to help you relax and fall asleep.

Keeping Your Bamboo Pillows Clean

Because of how delicate memory foam becomes when wet, it is typically not recommended that you wash your pillow in the washing machine. If you want to extend the life of your bamboo pillows, there are a few different ways to keep them clean and fresh.

Placing your pillow in the sun for several hours is one option. If there are any germs or dust mites in the material, they will be killed by the high heat. The moisture in the foam will be removed, and mold and mildew growth will be prevented. However, if you reside in an area with a lot of humidity, this procedure should be avoided.

In other cases, extensive cleaning or an altogether new method of washing is required for these cushions. Your pillow may need baking soda, a vacuum, or other remedies to get it back to fresh.

Bamboo Pillows Replacement and Additional Filling

Ordering new filler is always an option, especially if your bamboo case is in good shape. For those who want to further personalize their pillows by increasing its loft, most manufacturers provide additional filling. A replacement can be purchased if any of the memory foam shreds in your pillow begin to wear away and the dryer does not prove to be beneficial. It’s possible that a nice fluff or additional stuffing could soften your bamboo pillow.

How Often Should One Fluff Their Shredded Memory Foam Pillows?

As a general rule, when your bamboo cushion starts to feel uncomfortable, it’s time to give it a good fluff. It’s fairly uncommon for loft alterations to go unnoticed until you wake up feeling stiff or confined. Our recommendation is to gently fluffing your pillow each night by tossing it around. The stuffing will be uniformly spread and in a pleasant shape if you do it frequently before settling in. Most of us have a pre-sleep ritual of puffing up our pillows. Because of this, a little more effort to fluff it up should not be a problem.

A bamboo pillow that has never been properly fluffed poses a unique set of challenges.

To understand why your bamboo pillow is so flat or lumpy, you’ll need to do a more complete investigation. You can easily re-fluff your bamboo cushion in the dryer if any of these situations occur.

A Fluffy Bamboo Pillow Awaits

When it comes to fluffing your favorite bamboo pillow, there are a few things you can do before you buy a new one. You can try hand fluffing, using the dryer, adding fragrant dryer sheets or essential oils, and cleaning your pillow, as advised, to reclaim that blissful pleasure.

All that’s left is to put your freshly gained fluff-a-bamboo-pillow skills to use. Why my bamboo pillow is so firm? – it’s time to find out. You ensure a good night’s sleep, make sure to fluff your pillow tonight.

Why Is Your Bamboo Pillow Flat And Squashed?

Shredded memory foam is used to fill bamboo cushions. The ability to compress memory foam is one of its best advantages.

It’s common for bamboo pillows to be sent in rolled or compressed form. When they initially arrive, they appear flat and squished. The majority of pillows should puff up on their own after being taken out of their box, however some may need a little extra help.

For best results, fluff your bamboo pillows after each usage to prevent them from losing their form.

How do you refresh a bamboo pillow?

To gently break in your bamboo pillow, toss in 4-5 dryer balls. If you don’t have dryer balls, tennis balls or clean socks rolled into tight balls can work. For a ten-minute drying time, place the pillow in a low-heat drier. Keep in mind that excessive heat can harm your pillow.

How long does it take for a bamboo pillow to fluff up?

The Fluffing of Bamboo Pillows Is Now Available! The pillows can be fluffed in less than five minutes. In many ways, it can be accomplished.

Why is my bamboo pillow so hard?

In order to dry the pillow, it should be covered in water but not completely drenched. Rinse the pillow as many times as necessary to ensure that there is no soap residue left on the surface. Keep in mind that the bamboo fabric gets softer and softer with each washing.

How do you soften a bamboo pillow?

Using 4-5 dryer balls is an essential part of the process of breaking in your bamboo pillow. Tennis balls or clean socks can be substituted if you don’t have them on hand. For around ten minutes, dry the pillow throw on low heat in the dryer. Overheating your pillow will almost certainly damage it.

How do you fluff a foam pillow?

It’s important to crush them together a few times to get them to fluff up appropriately. It’s also possible to fluff them by simultaneously slamming their sides with your hands.

How do you plump a bamboo pillow?

Your Bamboo Pillow Can Be Plumped in the Dryer! Removing the Bamboo Casing is Step 1. Remove the insert from a majority of bamboo pillowcases and you’ll find the pillow filling. Insert Dryer Balls into Pillow to Dry. Step 3: Allow for a low-heat tumble dry. Removing and hand plumping are steps 4 and 5.

Can you dry bamboo pillows in the dryer?

You can easily re-puff a bamboo cushion if it has lost its shape and fluff. It’s as simple as putting it in a dryer and letting it run for a few minutes on low or delicate.

Do memory foam pillows go flat?

Reviewers Suggest These 4 Non-Flapping Pillows. Mattresses made of memory foam contour to your head and neck while still giving support. Memory foam pillows are also available with fillings that can be adjusted to meet your specific preferences for fluff, firmness, and shape.

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How long do bamboo pillows last?

Bamboo pillows normally last about two years if they are used often. Repeated use will cause pillows to sag and lose their structural integrity. To ensure that your neck is adequately supported while you sleep, you should change your pillows on a regular basis.

Are you supposed to put a pillowcase on a bamboo pillow?

As a standard pillow case is removable, the pillow case can be washed as needed. Alternatively, you can cover the hypoallergenic pillowcase with a standard pillowcase.

How often should you change a bamboo pillow?

Every two to three years is a good rule of thumb for replacing bamboo pillows. You should replace your down pillows every two years. Every 18 months to two years is the recommended interval for replacing down alternative pillows.

How do you Unclump a pillow?

When you squeeze the pillow, you’ll discover clumps. Gently massage the outer fabric with your fingertips to disperse the clumps. In addition to breaking up individual clumps, it’s a good idea to fluff the pillows by pushing the sides together.

Are bamboo pillows good for your neck?

When the shoulders and neck curves are properly aligned, the bamboo pillow promotes healthy sleep postures. Asthma, allergies, snoring, neck and shoulder pain, and breathing issues can all be alleviated by using this mattress because it is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

Are bamboo pillows soft or hard?

Bamboo pillows may be better at keeping a sleeper’s head cool and dry compared to other textiles used to produce pillows. Bamboo fibers are breathable and static-free. Natural anti-static and anti-cling properties of bamboo fibers are well-known. Soft and lustrous, like cashmere or silk, they can also be made into fabric.

How do you puff up a vacuum sealed pillow?

To expedite shipping, your cushion is vacuum-sealed. Take out your pillow and let it sit out for 24 hours till it achieves its maximum density. I remove the pillow from its packaging and plastic bag and let it fluff up on its own… Over time, it appears to decompress a little.

Will washing pillows fluff them?

Put your pillow in the dryer with a clean, dry bath towel when the wash is done. In reality, overdrying the pillow doesn’t cause any harm, but it does waste energy. Because you don’t want the pillow to dry out in the open air. The rotation of the dryer drum fluffs the pillow as it dries.


To dry your pillow, place it in the dryer with a clean and dry bath towel. Overdrying doesn’t actually harm the pillow, but it does waste energy. Air drying the pillow is not recommended. As it dries, the pillow becomes fluffier thanks to the rotation of the dryer drum.

When you receive your bamboo pillow, you can use the same approaches. After using your bamboo pillow for some time, it will become more comfortable and supportive. In order to supply these, it must have an evenly distributed fill and a high loft.