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This article will serve as a detailed guide on how to take apart a recliner from Value City. With the correct equipment and a decent amount of room to work in, you should be able to complete the job in under two hours.

To start, you must put on some old clothes or cover your carpeting with a tarp to protect it from any stray screws or nails that may be leftover after the project is completed. It is also very important that you use safety goggles at all times when working with power tools so as not to risk injury!

Steps on Disassembling Value City Recliner

Put on some old clothing or lay down a tarp on the floor to shield it from any loose hardware that could remain once the job is done. When working with power tools, it is critical that you always wear protective eyewear.

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Step 2: Start unscrewing the seat on both sides and continue until you can raise the back of the chair up from either side.

Finally, remove the remaining screws from both arms. Again, if you tighten them by hand before using an electric drill, removing them will be a breeze.

The fourth step is to use an electric drill to detach the steel support rod from the center of the recliner if it is there.

In the fifth and last step, all you have to do is lift on each side of your recliner and it will come right off the hinges.

What is Value City Recliner?

Value City Recliner is the brand name of a certain type of recliner chair. All budgets can find something to their liking in their pleasant, long-lasting, and low-priced offerings.

Two little wheels on either side allow you to easily transport it from one location to another.

What is a Value City Recliner Made of?

Recliners from Value City can be found in a wide variety of materials. The chair’s padding might be anything from plastic to metal to woven fabric that has been nailed into place.

However, what sets them distinct is the fact that they are all composed of low-quality materials.

Plastic is a prevalent material for Value City’s reclining furniture. These chairs often feature a metal frame with a seat that has been molded or moulded for strength and durability.

In most cases, the metal is simply extremely thin, making it far less robust than plastic.

Weaved fabric is another option for a Value City rocker recliner’s construction. Staples are driven into a canvas-like material stuffed with the substance to produce the “seat.”

These recliners from Value City are constructed entirely of plywood.

How to Deep Clean a Value City Recliner

Clean the chair with soap and water first. This will remove any dirt or dust that’s been accumulating on it over time.

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Start by washing the chair down with some soap and water. Any dust or grime that has settled on it over time will be washed away in this way.

How to Use Slipcover on Value City Recliner

Putting on a slipcover requires that the chair be entirely dry before you begin.

The next step is to place the slipcover over the top of your chair and adjust it until there are no creases or folds in the fabric. Then, use the clips that came with the slipcover to keep it in place.

Last but not least, tighten everything using the knots at the bottom.

Benefits of Owning a Value City Recliner

If you’re short on room but yet want a comfortable chair, consider the Value City Recliner.

Adjusting the chair’s recline is as simple as adjusting the lever positioned right below the seat or rotating your feet. This will allow you to find the most comfortable posture for sitting and getting up from the chair.

The armrests can be moved to the desired height and distance apart.

This is the perfect seat for watching television or a movie, as it includes convenient cup holders built right in.

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How to Care for Value City Recliner

The recliners at Value City have been made to be simple to clean.

To keep your chair looking like new, all you need is a gentle soap and water solution and a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment or long brush (particularly if you use it for pet hair).

You may get rid of the hardest dirt and grime from the fabrics you use around the house by using a solution with an enzyme cleaner on the tougher stains.

If you want to maintain the pleasant aroma of your Value City Recliner after cleaning it, you can purchase leather or vinyl conditioner.