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People often wonder if it is even possible to take apart a Bonzy Home recliner before they even try. If so, can the typical person accomplish this on their own? If you wish to disassemble a recliner, we can assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

What is an Electric Recliner?

An electric recliner is a type of chair that consists of a back that rises above the head and a seat that reclines as you lean back.

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The modern electric recliner is more than just a chair with a motor that may be pushed to recline the back.

Electric recliners typically include leather or suede for the seat and back, which stains easily. As a result of its high level of convenience and coziness, they are frequently found in living rooms.

How to Disassemble a Bonzy Home Recliner

It doesn’t take much effort to take apart a bonzy recliner for the home. To accomplish this, simply follow our detailed instructions below.

We’d like to point out, nevertheless, that there’s a chance disassembling your chair will nullify the guarantee. Contacting the company’s customer service department is the best way to get definitive answers.

All the same, here are the measures you need to take:

  1. To begin disassembling the Bonzy Home recliner, you first need to release the locking levers. To do so, simply tilt the recliner forward and then lift the back of the upholstery strip.
  2. First, you’ll need to unlatch the locking levers on your Bonzy Home recliner. Recliner backs can be reclined by first tilting them forward, and then by lifting the fabric strip at the back.
  3. Finding the recliner’s rear locking levers is the next step. Examine the recliner’s frames to find the locking lever on its side. You can find this at the point where your back meets your arm. It’s likely that the metal level will be angled downward.
  4. Raise this locking lever to unlatch the chair back and recline. To release the recliner’s back, loosen the lever by raising it with your fingers or a flat-head screwdriver. Once the lever is released, the recliner can be returned to its upright position, and the back can be carefully removed.
  5. You can now invert the recliner, so that its base is facing you and its back is facing the ceiling. The structure of the chair may thus be easily accessed. Finding the metal brackets on both sides of the front of the recliner that attach the arm to the seat cushion is the first step. Using a flat-bladed screwdriver, unscrew all of the screws from each bracket by rotating it in a clockwise manner. Put the fasteners aside for the time being.
  6. Separate each bracket from the armrests of the recliner by pulling it outward and toward the chair’s center. The recliner’s back can be put in its original position now. Raise the front of the seat cushion and swing it up as far as possible.
  7. Locate the bolts attaching the back of the seat cushion to the recliner’s arm, then turn them counterclockwise using an adjustable table wrench to remove the cushion. Put the nuts and bolts somewhere out of the way.
  8. The recliner’s seat cushion can be removed now, without disturbing the foundation. Put this aside as well for later use.
  9. The understructure of the recliner may be viewed by turning it over on its back. Each arm of the recliner is attached to the frame with two bolts. Use an adjustable wrench turned counterclockwise to loosen and remove these bolts. Keep these fasteners in a secure location.
  10. Get a hold of the arm of the chair and pull it straight up to an upright position. Do the same thing with your opposite arm. Do not put your arms in danger.

How to Make the Reassembly Process Easier

All the pieces being exposed makes it unclear how to reassemble the recliner. Reassembling the recliner will be a breeze if you follow the steps outlined below.

  1. It is highly recommended that you document the disassembly of the recliner with as many photographs as possible. The recliner’s frame and base can be photographed by tilting back the chair’s back upholstery panel. Doing so will let you reassemble the recliner without any confusion about which piece goes where.
  2. Take pictures of each disassembly step if you aren’t sure in your mechanical ability. Using this as a guide, put it back together.
  3. Put all the nuts, washers, and bolts in their own plastic bag. If you choose, you can also utilize small containers for storing such delicate components. Once you’ve removed them from the chair, put them back into the bag or container immediately.
  4. It’s also important to store the various pieces of hardware in their own individual containers. This makes it much less of a chore to organize all the various fasteners. To avoid any confusion when reassembling, it is a good idea to name each piece as it is removed.
  5. Start reassembling by putting the recliner back where it belongs and locking the levers into place. Reinstall the removed seat carefully into its base. Gently wiggle it until you are sure it has penetrated the other side. The back of the recliner should be facing upward, so turn it forward.
  6. You should now locate the locking levers and depress each one to secure the seatback in its upright position.

Steps on Dismantling Electric Recliner

First, locate the geographical center of the picture frame. To do this, just wrap a measuring tape around the couch and note the point at which it is 50 inches from either end. Put an X there that you can see but that won’t be too obvious to everyone else who uses the furniture or upholstery in the future.

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The second step is to locate the screws, one on each side of the frame right below where it joins the back. Frames can be removed by turning them counterclockwise and lifting on one end while cautiously sliding your foot through. This will help prevent any damage to the floorboard or other furnishings that may have been caused by the buildup of moisture.

The third step is to slip over one end of the chair carefully, then pull up with your foot while sliding out the backrest. Repeat this process until the sofa’s two halves can be separated at its front, and the four legs can be unscrewed from their corner bases.

In the fourth step, you’ll take out any fasteners that are holding the seat to the back. You should now have a sofa with a recliner, a frame with four legs, and two arms at the frame’s front and back for added support. without exerting oneself physically

What Makes Electric Recliners Difficult To Disassemble?

There are a number of things that can go wrong with electric recliners. It’s because they demand more muscle power to move than other pieces of furniture, what with their weight and high backs (such as regular chairs). The construction of the electrical wires, such as routing them behind the seat or along the back of the chair, is also important.

These are some general tips for how to dismantle an electric recliner

Taking apart an electric recliner might be challenging if you’re doing it by yourself, so make sure you have a screwdriver and some strong folks on hand before you start.

Try removing the recliner’s screws from the floor.

If it doesn’t work, you may also try unscrewing them from behind or the side. Although it will be challenging, I think it’s worth trying.

When taking apart an electric chair, be careful not to touch the wires.

How to Fix a Faulty Electric Recliner Mechanism

Weak and easily damaged, the electric recliner’s mechanism is a vital but fragile component.

Many malfunctions can be traced back to excessive force being applied to one or more pieces, such as when a person tries to forcibly recline their seat back or release it from the upright to lying position using only one hand. The spring may snap or come loose from its attachment to the seat as a result of this.

You need to find the wires that have come free and reconnect them to the recliner’s mechanism.

If both ends of the wire are severed, you should replace them with new wires, one of which should be insulated to prevent further detachment from the heat of the electricity.

If you can still see the wire attached at one end, you will need to gently remove it from the other end without harming the insulation and then reattach it to a new end by heating it with a lighter or match.

Make sure the cables on the electric recliner are firmly attached once you have repaired them.

How to Clean Electric Recliner

Using a vacuum cleaner with the right attachments is the most effective method for cleaning an electric chair.

However, if you need to clean the chair as well, you can do it with the following: dish detergent or soap (dishwashing liquid), water in a spray bottle, white vinegar in another spray bottle, baking soda, and a scouring brush.

First, dampen the entire chair with water, then use dish detergent or soap to remove any stubborn stains (dishwashing liquid).

Vinegar and baking soda can be used to erase even the most stubborn stains.

After removing the embedded grime, dry the surface with a clean cloth. It seems like you had the chair all cleaned up and ready to go.

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You may be intimidated by the prospect of learning how to disassemble a Bonzy Home recliner, but we promise that with our detailed instructions in hand, you’ll be able to do it in no time. When putting things back together, it will help immensely if you have a thorough understanding of where each component belongs.