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You may be surprised to learn that your La-Z-Boy Recliner’s tension may be adjusted at home.

If you’ve observed that it’s either too tough or too easy to recline your chair, there’s a way to fine-tune the tilt back tension to suit your specific preferences.

You can easily adjust the tension of your La-Z-Boy Recliner in this article and video.

Tools You’ll Need

However, here are a few instruments that will make your task much easier while adjusting the tension spring wing nuts by hand.

  • Multitool
  • Pliers
  • Flashlight

Your multi-tool or pliers can help you turn the wing nuts if they get too tight or if your hands are too tiny.

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If you’re in a dimly lit room, the flashlight will assist you see the tension springs. While you’re adjusting the springs, you may want to have someone hold the flashlight for you.

Flip Your Recliner Over

Once you have your tools, roll your La-Z-Boy Recliner over so it’s sitting on the legrest. Access to the bottom of the recliner can be gained by doing this.

On either side of your chair, you’ll find two tension springs secured by wing nuts.

As soon as you’ve determined where the tension springs are, we’ll begin adjusting them.

Adjust with Half Turns Only

Wing nuts can be tightened in the same way as a standard screw.

The tension spring will be tightened and your chair will be more difficult to push back if you turn the wing nut to the right.

To make it easier to recline your chair, turn the wing nut to the left to loosen the tension spring.

A word of caution: Only work in half-turn increments with the wing nuts. Maintaining a level playing field on both sides is essential.

Test After Each Adjustment

Flip the recliner around after each half turn adjustment to determine whether the tension is better on the other side.

Roll the recliner over and adjust it again if you need another half turn.

This procedure should be repeated until you achieve the required level of tension.

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Steps on Adjusting Tilt Back Tension on an Electric Recliner

You’ll need to locate the recliner’s adjustment knob at the chair’s front. On top of or to one side of how far back the seat is from flat against the backrest (typically it will have a “Tilt-Back” label), but below where your feet go up, it should be situated.

In order to tighten the knob, turn it in a counter-clockwise direction. Make it harder to recline and easier to stay sat by making the chair more difficult to recline

To make it easier to lean back but more difficult to stay upright, turn your chair’s backrest counterclockwise.

FAQ: My recliner has lost its tilt-back tension!

Resolving this issue is a simple and quick process.

Step 1: Take off the back cover of the recliner (usually by pulling it off or detaching with clasps).

Step 2: Find the mechanism that connects the tilt adjustment knob to the visible arm of the chair. This is normally a pulley system that connects the footrest of the chair to the position of the seat’s back during reclining.

Step 3: Discover how it’s attached and make the appropriate adjustments (turning clockwise tightens, counterclockwise loosens).

Step 4: When you’re finished, return the cover to its original location.

What Cause Electric Recliner Tension to Loosen?

The loosening of an electric recliner’s tension can be caused by a variety of factors.

It’s common for people to modify how they use their chair after a while, so they may have leaned back differently in the past or sat forward more recently and this has altered the amount of slack in the system.

The level of tension can be affected by the weather. If the weather is hot and humid, there will be more slack in the mechanism.

When people neglect to tighten or loosen their chair, this can result in a lessening of the strain on your back.

How to Prevent Wear and Tear on a Recliner

It’s possible to extend the life of your chair by following a few simple rules of thumb.

Prior to recline, make sure the back of your chair is pressed against an armrest or couch to prevent it from scooting away from its intended location.

Don’t lean back in your chair too far. When you recline with your feet really off the ground, you put additional strain on the chair’s construction, which might shorten its lifespan.

Try using a throw pillow or lumbar cushion for extra support when leaning back and make sure they don’t overhang the arm of the chair.

Throw pillows or lumbar cushions can provide additional support when reclining, but make sure they don’t dangle over the arm of your chair.

To tighten the pressure on the attachment points of non-electric recliners, use screws or washers.

To ensure that your chair stays in the exact position you choose, some trial and error is required. While leaning or sitting up, make sure that the back and armrests of the chair are level with one another.

What Causes Electric Recliner Tension to Tighten?

An electric recliner’s tension might tighten for a variety of reasons.

You may not realize how tight your chair is adjusted, and this causes you to pull on it too hard, resulting in less slack for your back.

Depending on the weather, the system may have more or less slack. Cold and dry weather means less slack than when the weather is hot and humid.

One of the biggest reasons why people have problems with how tight their chair is set has to do with how often they use it. This doesn’t mean you have to use it for hours on end each day, but if you only sit in your chair a few times per week, there will be a slacker than someone who sits in theirs every night.

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How to Clean a Recliner

When it comes to the tightness of a chair, many individuals attribute it to the frequency with which they sit in it. Even if you only sit in your chair a few times a week, you’ll look lazier than someone who sits in theirs every night. This doesn’t imply you have to use it for hours on end every day.

Take a moist towel and wipe the interior of the seat cushion after removing it from the back of your chair and removing any pillows or other debris that may be within.

While this step isn’t required, it’s highly recommended if you have cats or youngsters who like to slobber on your chair. Cover the seat cushion with a second cover.